IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports

Information is for all state level committees and electronically filed county/local committees. Searches from 2003-2007 will result in partial information returned. Click here to see what information for which years is searchable. To see full reports click here.

The data is updated nightly at midnight. The most recent changes may not yet be available. Some information is data-entered and may contain errors that have not yet been identified and corrected. Please notify us immediately if an error is detected.
Search results display the most recent 3,000 records.

Fill in the information that you want to collect. Limited information will return broader search results such as: "Print" instead of "Print Company of Iowa" to see all transactions involving the name "Print." If searching for specific contributor or recipient enter the specific committee name and/or committee number, candidate last name, individual last name, or name of the company. To see ALL results for any of the options below, leave the section blank. Click here for additional search tips.

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