IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
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View campaign information by using search filters.

New Searchable Datasets

View committee information, contributions and expenditures, export data by using search filters.

Statements of Organization/Statements of Dissolution

Statements of Organization (registering commmittee) and Statements of Dissolution (dissolving committee) filed July 1, 2007 and later for state parties, state PACs, candidates for state office, or a judge standing for retention.

Address/Committee List

Lists of incumbents, committee id numbers, candidates, election results, and addresses.

Fundraising Totals

Quickly compare one committee's fundraising to other committees and view fundraising trends.


Board actions to correct minor or technical campaign reporting issues.


View delinquent filers and Board hearings.

State Reports by Date

Reports by date for state parties, state PACs, and candidates for state office, or a judge standing for retention.

State Reports by Name

Reports by name for state parties, state PACS, candidates for state office, and judge standing for retention.

County and Local Reports

Reports for County, City, School, and other political subdivision committees and all ballot issue committees.

Verified Statements of Registration

Contributions in excess of $50 to Iowa committees from federal and out-of-state committees.

One-Time Contributions

One-time contributions made by permanent organizations to Iowa committees.

Independent Expenditures

Independent expenditures made by organizations (forming independent expenditure committees) or individuals not done in coordination with candidates, PACs, or political parties.