IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
17th District State Central Committee_8721_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
21st Century Freedom PAC_8468_VSR.pdf 20.5 KB
21st Century Majority Fund_8652_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
21st Century PAC_8495_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
32BJ United American Dream Fund_8756_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
3M Company PAC_8877_VSR.pdf 6.5 KB
3M Company Political Action Committee- 3M PAC_8047_VSR.pdf 36.9 KB
Aaron's Inc. Political Action Committee_8779_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Abby for Iowa_8898_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
Absolute Energy PAC_8560_VSR.pdf 169.8 KB
Action Committee For Ethanol PAC (ACE PAC)_8323_VSR.pdf 8.7 KB
Advance America Cash Advance Centers, Inc PAC_8515_VSR.pdf 30.4 KB
AEGON USA, LLC-Transamerica Corporation PAC_8223_VSR.pdf 15.4 KB
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc Good Goverment Committee_8492_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
AFSCME PEOPLE_8019_VSR.pdf 73.8 KB
AG PAC_8658_VSR.pdf 21.5 KB
Ag Processing Inc. Political Action Committee_8225_VSR.pdf 35.4 KB
AIA State Individual PAC_8196_VSR.pdf 10.0 KB
Alcoa Inc. Employees' Voluntary State and Federal Political _8691_VSR.pdf 9.7 KB
All America PAC_8466_VSR.pdf 81.3 KB
All Children Matter_8204_VSR.pdf 34.4 KB
Allianz Life Firemans Fund PAC_8393_VSR.pdf 9.1 KB
Allstate Insurance Company PAC_8474_VSR.pdf 55.5 KB
Altria Group, Inc. Political Action Committee (AltriaPAC)_8426_VSR.pdf 57.8 KB
Aluminum Association PAC_8859_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Amaizing Energy PAC_8571_VSR.pdf 178.2 KB
America Works State and Local_8837_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
American Assn of Nurse Anesthetists CRNA-PAC_8400_VSR.pdf 9.2 KB
American Association for Justice - AAJ PAC_8556_VSR.pdf 6.6 KB
American Council of Life Insurers PAC_8185_VSR.pdf 30.8 KB
American Enterprise Mutual Holding Company PAC_8463_VSR.pdf 18.4 KB
American Federation for Children Action Fund_8618_VSR.pdf 19.9 KB
American Federation of Teachers Comm. on Political Ed_8286_VSR.pdf 33.2 KB
American Federation of Teachers Committee on Political Educa_8286_VSR.pdf 7.0 KB
American Federation of Teachers New Mexico Committee_8168_VSR.pdf 26.4 KB
American Future Fund Political Action_8824_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
American Health Care Association Political Action Committee_8673_VSR.pdf 8.7 KB
American Income Life Political Action Committee_8702_VSR.pdf 9.9 KB
American Kennel Club Political Action Committee_8643_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
American Medical Association PAC_8229_VSR.pdf 35.0 KB
American Physical Therapy Association PAC_8539_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
American Postal Workers Union PAC_8292_VSR.pdf 33.2 KB
American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political A_8429_VSR.pdf 45.4 KB
American Society of Anesthesiologists PAC_8366_VSR.pdf 7.3 KB
American Solutions PAC_8605_VSR.pdf 43.4 KB
American Water Works Company Inc. Employee Federal PAC_8768_VSR.pdf 6.9 KB
American Wind Energy Association WINDPAC_8615_VSR.pdf 5.9 KB
America's Foundation_8579_VSR.pdf 5.0 KB
America's Health Insurance Plans PAC (AHIP)_8227_VSR.pdf 39.5 KB
Amy for America_8838_VSR.pdf 10.7 KB
Anesthesia Service Medical Group Advocacy Fund_8903_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Anthem, Inc. Political Action Committee (Anthem PAC)_8720_VSR.pdf 84.8 KB
Archer Daniels Midland Company - ADM PAC_8313_VSR.pdf 72.5 KB
Arconic Inc. Employees Voluntary Political Action Committee_8691_VSR.pdf 16.6 KB
Arizona Democratic Party _8882_VSR.pdf 4.3 KB
Asian American Action Fund_8510_VSR.pdf 33.9 KB
Asian American Forward_8899_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Association of Progressive Rental Organizations Political Ac_8764_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA PAC)_8080_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Assurant Inc_8526_VSR.pdf 34.7 KB
AT&T Inc. Federal Political Action Committee (AT&T Federal P_8000_VSR.pdf 68.3 KB
AT&T Inc.-WarnerMedia LLC Federal Political Action Committee_8000_VSR.pdf 71.5 KB
AutoZone, Inc. Committee for better Government_8701_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Bank of America Corporation State and Federal PAC_8370_VSR.pdf 54.9 KB
Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPAC)_8421_VSR.pdf 9.6 KB
Battle Born PAC_8083_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Baxter Healthcare Corporation PAC_8524_VSR.pdf 20.7 KB
Bayer U.S. LLC Political Action Committee_8782_VSR.pdf 21.4 KB
Beto for America_8839_VSR.pdf 7.9 KB
Biden for President_8863_VSR.pdf 7.7 KB
Big Sky Values PAC_8794_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Big Sky Values_8892_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Bingham McCutchen LLP PAC_8617_VSR.pdf 20.5 KB
Black Hills Corporation PAC_8473_VSR.pdf 176.1 KB
Bluegrass Committee_8462_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC (BNSF RAILPAC)_8084_VSR.pdf 109.5 KB
Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation Political Action Commit_8791_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
BOSPAC_8587_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Boswell for Congress_8642_VSR.pdf 6.4 KB
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers PAC_8099_VSR.pdf 20.6 KB
Bridge Structural & Ornamental Ironworkers Local 111 PAC_8262_VSR.pdf 73.5 KB
Bridge_Structural_Ornamental_Ironworkers_Local_111_for_Scott_County.pdf 1.6 MB
BridgePoint Education, Inc PAC_8597_VSR.pdf 45.0 KB
Bringing Leadership Back PAC_8645_VSR.pdf 6.1 KB
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Employee Political Advocacy Fund fo_8820_VSR.pdf 9.4 KB
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company PAC (BMS PAC)_8820_VSR.pdf 13.5 KB
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen PAC Fund_8053_VSR.pdf 50.8 KB
Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen_8203_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck PAC_8563_VSR.pdf 5.0 KB
BUILD-PAC of the National Association of Home Builders_8428_VSR.pdf 12.9 KB
Bulldog Victory PAC_8736_VSR.pdf 12.1 KB
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. RailPAC_8084_VSR.pdf 44.8 KB
Business Industry PAC_8542_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Caesars Entertainment PAC_8356_VSR.pdf 113.9 KB
Campaign For Our Country_8582_VSR.pdf 3.8 KB
Campaign_of_One_10_12_04.pdf 92.1 KB
Campaign_of_One_machacek_10_20_04.pdf 90.6 KB
Capital One Financial Corp. Assoc. Political Fund_8687_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Caremark PAC_8467_VSR.pdf 20.7 KB
Carpenters District Council of Kansas City_8457_VSR.pdf 88.0 KB
Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee_8299_VSR.pdf 6.3 KB
Celgene Corporation Political Action Committee_8729_VSR.pdf 19.7 KB
Centene Corporation Political Action Committee (Centene PAC)_8860_VSR.pdf 14.5 KB
CentenePAC_8675_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Central Iowa Energy PAC_8554_VSR.pdf 9.9 KB
CenturyLink Employees' PAC_8647_VSR.pdf 73.2 KB
Cerner Corporation PAC_8507_VSR.pdf 39.0 KB
Cerner PAC_8887_VSR.pdf 5.9 KB
CF Industries Employees' Good Government Fund_8193_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc PAC_8549_VSR.pdf 13.5 KB
Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters PAC_8519_VSR.pdf 64.9 KB
Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Political Action Comm_8795_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Cigna Corporation Employee Political Action Committee_8110_VSR.pdf 18.6 KB
CIGNA Corporation Political Action Committee_8110_VSR.pdf 13.8 KB
Cindy Axne for Congress_8847_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
Cingular Wireless LLC Employee PAC_8068_VSR.pdf 11.6 KB
Citigroup Inc. PAC - State_8061_VSR.pdf 54.2 KB
Citizen Action for Political Education_8799_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Citizens for Biden_8155_VSR.pdf 33.7 KB
Citizens for Hope, Responsibility, Independent Service PAC_8006_VSR.pdf 8.9 KB
Citizens for Prosperity in America Today PAC_8649_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Citizens United Political Victory Fund_8576_VSR.pdf 7.3 KB
Coca-Cola Enterprises Emp Nonpartisan Com for Good Govt_8045_VSR.pdf 19.6 KB
Coca-Cola Nonpartisan PAC for Good Government_8663_VSR.pdf 14.0 KB
Collective Impact PAC_8881_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
Committee For A Democratic Majority_8277_VSR.pdf 14.3 KB
Communications Workers of America Working Voices_8732_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Communications Workers of America-COPE (CWA)_8228_VSR.pdf 23.9 KB
Community Healthcare Political Committee_8774_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Congressional Majority Committee_8481_VSR.pdf 9.0 KB
Conservative Principles PAC_8260_VSR.pdf 17.9 KB
Constitutional Conservatives Fund_8648_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Copart PAC_8781_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Corteva, Inc. Employees PAC (Corteva Agriscience PAC)_8852_VSR.pdf 21.8 KB
Cory 2020_8850_VSR.pdf 11.3 KB
Coventry Health Care Inc. First Health Group Corp PAC_8669_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Cozen O'Connor Political Action Committee_8752_VSR.pdf 5.4 KB
CRH Americas Inc. PAC_8806_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
CropLife America Political Action Committee_8372_VSR.pdf 11.2 KB
CUNA Mutual Holding Company Political Action Committee_8016_VSR.pdf 17.0 KB
CVS Health PAC_8467_VSR.pdf 71.1 KB
DAGA Individual PAC_8891_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
Deere & Company PAC (John Deere PAC)_8027_VSR.pdf 22.8 KB
Deere PAC - WI_8727_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
Defend America PAC_8550_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Delta Air Lines PAC_8590_VSR.pdf 18.1 KB
Dem Leg Camp Com_8873_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
Demcoratic Attorneys General Association - Ohio_8598_VSR.pdf 21.1 KB
Democracy Believers PAC_8499_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Democracy for America_8437_VSR.pdf 24.9 KB
Democratic Action_8670_VSR.pdf 6.6 KB
Democratic Association of Secretaries of State - Ohio_8620_VSR.pdf 21.2 KB
Democratic Association of Secretaries of State - Vermont_8700_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Democratic Association of Secretaries of State_8818_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Democratic Attorneys General Association - Michigan_8619_VSR.pdf 21.1 KB
Democratic Governors Association- Montana_8670_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Democratic Governors Association Victory Fund_8670_VSR.pdf 6.6 KB
Democratic Governors Association_8583_VSR.pdf 22.6 KB
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee_8231_VSR.pdf 19.7 KB
Democratic Lieutenant Govenors Association - Texas_8603_VSR.pdf 18.1 KB
Democratic Midterm Victory Fund_8809_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
DGA Victory Fund_8788_VSR.pdf 6.2 KB
Diageo North America Inc. Employees Political Part. Cmte_8657_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
DLA Piper Political Action Committee_8581_VSR.pdf 3.9 KB
DLCC Indiana_8735_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
DLCC Victory Fund_8734_VSR.pdf 12.2 KB
DMFI PAC_8855_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Dorsey Political Fund_8396_VSR.pdf 15.0 KB
Dr Mark Klein Exploratory Committee_8122_VSR.pdf 36.1 KB
Dr Pepper Snapple Group PAC_8611_VSR.pdf 9.5 KB
DRIVE -(Democrat, Republican Independent Voter Education)_8005_VSR.pdf 127.2 KB
DRIVE_8005__Waller_Contribution__05-14-04__scanned.pdf 86.4 KB
DRIVE_8005_Linn_County_04_05.pdf 436.7 KB
DRIVE_8005_Maybanks_08_09_05.pdf 83.6 KB
DRIVE_8005_Polk_County.pdf 702.3 KB
DRIVE_for_Scott_County.pdf 210.3 KB
Dupont Good Government Fund_8052_VSR.pdf 202.4 KB
Eagle Forum PAC_8622_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Echostar Corporation and DISH Network Corporation PAC_8602_VSR.pdf 19.9 KB
EDS PAC_8586_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Electrical Workers Local 145 Political Action Committee_8036_VSR.pdf 151.1 KB
Electrical_Workers_Local_145_PAC_for_Scott_County.pdf 1.3 MB
Electrical_Workers_Local_Union_145.pdf 569.1 KB
Eli Lilly & Company Political Action Commitee_8056_VSR.pdf 79.2 KB
Emily's List - Iowa_8197_VSR.pdf 28.3 KB
Employees of Raytheon Technologies Corporation PAC_8883_VSR.pdf 6.9 KB
Employers Mutual Casualty Co PAC for Responsible Fed Govt _8823_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Energy Transfer Employee Management Company PAC_8718_VSR.pdf 12.5 KB
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee_8107_VSR.pdf 38.6 KB
Equifax Inc. Political Action Committee _8861_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
Equifax PAC_8861_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
EveryDistrict Federal PAC_8875_VSR.pdf 8.8 KB
Exelon Corporation Political Action Committee (ExelonPAC)_8621_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Express Scripts Inc. Political Fund_8518_VSR.pdf 37.2 KB
Faegre Baker Daniels State - Registered Political Fund_8100_VSR.pdf 32.2 KB
Fair Fight_8857_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Fairness PAC_8828_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
Family Research Council PAC_8604_VSR.pdf 6.2 KB
Farmers Employee and Agent Political Action Committee of Neb_8641_VSR.pdf 6.1 KB
Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa PAC_8246_VSR.pdf 22.7 KB
FASPAC - Fareway Stores, Inc PAC_8338_VSR.pdf 82.9 KB
FBL Financial Group, Inc.PAC_8268_VSR.pdf 17.4 KB
--Federal Express Political Action Committee_8245_VSR.pdf 3.6 KB
Fire Fighters Interested in Registration & Education PAC (FI_8087_VSR.pdf 412.2 KB
First District Congressional Democratic Iowa Committee_8170_VSR.pdf 11.4 KB
First National PAC of Nebraska_8541_VSR.pdf 6.5 KB
First National PAC_8281_VSR.pdf 23.2 KB
First National Political Action Committee_8541_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Flippable (FED)_8864_VSR.pdf 20.4 KB
Florida Public Services Union Political Committee_8771_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
For America's Republican Majority PAC (FARMPAC)_8503_VSR.pdf 32.9 KB
Forward Together PAC_8504_VSR.pdf 35.7 KB
FPL PAC, Florida Power & Light Company Employees PAC_8002_VSR.pdf 220.8 KB
Free and Strong America PAC, Inc_8624_VSR.pdf 19.4 KB
Freedom FUnd_8650_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Friends of Barbara Hafer_8527_VSR.pdf 36.6 KB
Friends of John Delaney_8833_VSR.pdf 14.0 KB
Friends of John Kerry, Inc_8506_VSR.pdf 9.1 KB
Fund for America's Future_8031_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
Fund Her PAC_8866_VSR.pdf 6.5 KB
Future Now Fund - FEC_8885_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Future Now Fund - PA_8867_VSR.pdf 10.2 KB
Gay Lesbian Victory Fund_8488_VSR.pdf 8.7 KB
Genentech Inc. Political Action Committee_8853_VSR.pdf 15.7 KB
General Growth Properties, Inc. PAC_8634_VSR.pdf 6.2 KB
General Motors Company Political Action Committee_8638_VSR.pdf 46.1 KB
Giddy Up PAC_8822_VSR.pdf 6.6 KB
Giffords PAC_8813_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics Allied Workers PE League_8164_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
GlaxoSmithKline LLC PAC (fka SmithKline Beecham PAC)_8242_VSR.pdf 124.3 KB
GlaxoSmithKline LLC PAC (GSK PAC)_8242_VSR.pdf 127.0 KB
Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited Political Action Com_8728_VSR.pdf 6.6 KB
Golden Grain Energy LLC Political Action Committee_8480_VSR.pdf 109.0 KB
Good Government for America Committee_8423_VSR.pdf 9.0 KB
Google Inc. NetPAC_8684_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Grassroots Democrats_8425_VSR.pdf 14.0 KB
GrayRobinson, P.A., Political Action Committee_8693_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Great River Area Labor Federation PAC_8020_VSR.pdf 115.5 KB
Green Plains Inc. PAC_8870_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Greenberg Traurig, PA PAC_8607_VSR.pdf 21.6 KB
Grocery Manufacturers Association PAC_8676_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Guardian Industries Corp. State PAC_8306_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
H&R Block Inc. Political Action Committee_8686_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Haley's PAC_8568_VSR.pdf 5.0 KB
Hanger Orthopedic Group _8521_VSR.pdf 45.7 KB
Harrah's Entertainment Inc. PAC_8356_VSR.pdf 59.1 KB
Hawkeye PAC, The_8442_VSR.pdf 105.7 KB
HCR Manor Care PAC_8536_VSR.pdf 13.2 KB
HDR, Inc. Employee Owners PAC_8008_VSR.pdf 18.7 KB
HDR, Inc. PAC_8008_VSR.pdf 15.6 KB
Health Underwriters PAC (HUPAC)_8599_VSR.pdf 21.0 KB
Heartland Regional Council of Carpenters PAC_8077_VSR.pdf 105.8 KB
Heartland Regional PAC_8821_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Heartland Values PAC_8637_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Heartland_Regional_Council_for_Citizens_for_a_Better_Cedar_Rapids_05_20_2005.pdf 94.7 KB
Heartland_Regional_Council_Linn_County.pdf 312.1 KB
Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee_8512_VSR.pdf 39.6 KB
Hillary for America_8714_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
HillPAC_8381_VSR.pdf 12.2 KB
Hitting Home PAC_8807_VSR.pdf 4.3 KB
HNTB Holdings LTD PAC_8538_VSR.pdf 12.6 KB
HSBC North America PAC (H-PAC) _8194_VSR.pdf 67.3 KB
Huck PAC_8532_VSR.pdf 14.5 KB
Human Rights Campaign PAC_8835_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
Human Rights Campaign Political Action Committee_8633_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
Humane USA PAC_8342_VSR.pdf 11.6 KB
I.U.O.E. Local 150 Federal PAC_8662_VSR.pdf 7.6 KB
Iberdrola USA PAC_8706_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
IBEW_8026_Johnson_County.pdf 434.2 KB
IBEW_PAC_8026_Linn_County.pdf 2.0 MB
Idaho Conservative Growth Fund_8862_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
iHeartMedia, Inc. - Clear Channel Outdoor PAC_8719_VSR.pdf 5.4 KB
Illinois Laborers' Legislative Committee_8180_VSR.pdf 6.5 KB
Illinois Tool Works Better Government Committee_8074_VSR.pdf 7.1 KB
Indian American Impact Fund_8803_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
ING Americas Insurance Holdings, Inc. PAC_8411_VSR.pdf 43.9 KB
Integrys Energy Group Federal PAC_8570_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
IntercontinentalExchange, Inc PAC_8564_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators & Allie_8664_VSR.pdf 15.3 KB
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers_8387_VSR.pdf 10.6 KB
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) PAC _8026_VSR.pdf 349.7 KB
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #22_8493_VSR.pdf 17.7 KB
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC IBEW_8026_VSR.pdf 446.8 KB
International Franchise Association Franchising Political Ac_8679_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
International Longshoremen's Assoc. AFL-CIO (ILA-COPE)_8315_VSR.pdf 30.8 KB
International Paper Political Action Committee_8609_VSR.pdf 10.8 KB
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 Local A_8178_VSR.pdf 99.5 KB
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades PAC (IUPAT)_8128_VSR.pdf 15.4 KB
International_Union_Painters_PAC_Polk_County.pdf 236.9 KB
Internatonal Association of Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied_8664_VSR.pdf 7.0 KB
Intuit 21st Century Leadership Fund_8688_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Iowa Corn Growers Association Federal PAC_8416_VSR.pdf 166.6 KB
Iowa Freedom Fund_8639_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
Iowa Presidential Watch PAC_8129_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Iowa Priorities Action Committee (IowaPAC)_8427_VSR.pdf 44.0 KB
Iowa Renewable Energy PAC_8558_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Iowa Renewable Fuels Association PAC - IRFA _8537_VSR.pdf 62.5 KB
Iowa voter info_8901_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Iowa_Priorities_PAC _10_31_05.pdf 91.1 KB
IowaPAC_Hensley_Contribution_04_16_2005.pdf 111.2 KB
I-PAC_8566_VSR.pdf 13.1 KB
IPSCO Enterprises, Inc. PAC_8375_VSR.pdf 11.4 KB
Irish American Democrats_8523_VSR.pdf 35.2 KB
Iron Workers Local Union 21- Legislative Fund_8137_VSR.pdf 21.2 KB
Ironworkers District Council of Chicago & Vicinity_8189_VSR.pdf 6.5 KB
Ironworkers Political Action League_8091_VSR.pdf 9.7 KB
Ironworkers_District_Chicago_fredenburg_09_20_05.pdf 111.7 KB
ITC Holdings Corp PAC - Michigan_8548_VSR.pdf 95.8 KB
ITC Holdings Corp PAC_8548_VSR.pdf 210.3 KB
Its My Party PAC_8511_VSR.pdf 8.8 KB
J.B. Moss Voice of the Electorate_8578_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Jean A Carnahan Political Action Committee_8482_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Jim Rout for County Mayor Campaign_8546_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund_8708_VSR.pdf 6.3 KB
Jobs, Freedom, and Security PAC_8708_VSR.pdf 10.7 KB
Jobs, Opportunity and New Ideas PAC_8709_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
John kerry For Senate_8777_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Joint Council 32 DRIVE_8509_VSR.pdf 12.0 KB
Julián for the Future_8845_VSR.pdf 7.4 KB
Kamala Harris for Senate_8800_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Kamala Harris for the People_8848_VSR.pdf 7.6 KB
Keeping Americas Promise_8470_VSR.pdf 18.5 KB
Keeping_America's_Promise_Shields_10_06_05.pdf 89.4 KB
Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. PAC_8611_VSR.pdf 10.7 KB
Kidney Care Council PAC_8522_VSR.pdf 36.3 KB
Koch Industries, Inc PAC_8431_VSR.pdf 112.3 KB
Koch Industries, Inc. Political Action Committee (KOCHPAC)_8431_VSR.pdf 121.6 KB
Kraft Foods Group Inc (Kraftpac)_8535_VSR.pdf 17.9 KB
Kutak Rock LLP PAC_8544_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
Laborers' 309 Political Action Committee_8177_VSR.pdf 72.6 KB
Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) PAC_8573_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Laborers International Union of North America Local 165_8004_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Laborers Political League - Education Fund_8114_VSR.pdf 9.6 KB
Laborers_309_8177_Linn_County.pdf 134.1 KB
Laborers_309_PAC_8177_for_Scott_County.pdf 810.4 KB
Lafarge Cement PAC_8341_VSR.pdf 41.4 KB
Lafarge North America Inc. Political Action Committee _8660_VSR.pdf 6.8 KB
Land O Lakes, Inc. Agriliance LLC PAC_8297_VSR.pdf 9.2 KB
Landry's Restaurants PAC_8682_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Lender Processing Services, Inc. Political Action Committee_8683_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Let America Vote PAC_8798_VSR.pdf 24.8 KB
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company PAC_8217_VSR.pdf 23.0 KB
Liberty Political Action Committee_8627_VSR.pdf 31.1 KB
LifePoint Health PAC - The PAC of LifePoint Corporate Servic_8856_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Lincoln County GOP_8195_VSR.pdf 33.6 KB
Lincolnway Energy PAC_8545_VSR.pdf 93.2 KB
LIUNA Building America_8749_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
LIUNA PAC_8573_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
LKQ Corporation Employee Good Government Fund_8699_VSR.pdf 6.8 KB
Local 150 - I.U.O.E. Local Area PAC_8178_VSR.pdf 40.7 KB
Local 18 PAC (Operative Plasterers & Cement Workers)_8350_VSR.pdf 37.2 KB
Local 509 Service Employees Int'l Union Comm on Pol Ed, MA W_8783_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Local_150_10_28_04.pdf 93.2 KB
Local_150_for_Fredenburg_for_Alderman_09_13_05.pdf 98.3 KB
Local_18_PAC_for_Scott_County.pdf 350.4 KB
Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP_8064_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Loebsack for Congress_8841_VSR.pdf 7.0 KB
Louis Dreyfus Corporation PAC_8595_VSR.pdf 18.0 KB
Lowe's Companies, Inc. Political Action Committee_8733_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
LSCP PAC_8552_VSR.pdf 138.2 KB
Lumen Technologies, Inc. Political Action Committee_8647_VSR.pdf 77.2 KB
Lyondell Chemical Co. PAC (Lyondell PAC)_8343_VSR.pdf 10.5 KB
--Lyondell Chemical Co. PAC (Lyondell PAC)_8343_VSR.pdf 9.9 KB
Machinists Non-Partisan Political League_8131_VSR.pdf 59.4 KB
Magellan Health, Inc Employee Committee for Good Government_8051_VSR.pdf 62.4 KB
Magellan Midstream Holdings GP, LLC Political Action Committ_8672_VSR.pdf 9.1 KB
Majority in Congress_8007_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Majority Initiative to Keep Electing Republicans Fund _8405_VSR.pdf 37.8 KB
Managed Care with Heart Co._8893_VSR.pdf 7.8 KB
Marijuana Policy Project_8731_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Masimo Corporation PAC_8712_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Maximus, Inc PAC_8390_VSR.pdf 6.1 KB
McDermott Will & Emery LLP Political Action Committee_8685_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
McGuire Woods Federal PAC_8569_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
MDU Resources Group Good Government Fund_8044_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Medco Health Solutions PAC_8438_VSR.pdf 48.3 KB
Mediacom Communications Corporation PAC_8596_VSR.pdf 13.0 KB
MedImmune Biologics, Inc. Employee Political Awareness Commi_8475_VSR.pdf 26.0 KB
Merck & Co., Inc. Employees Political Action Committee_8304_VSR.pdf 86.7 KB
Merck & Company, Inc. PAC_8304_VSR.pdf 84.9 KB
MICHELE PAC - Many Individuals_8613_VSR.pdf 8.1 KB
Michigan Democratic State Central Committee_8878_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Microsoft Corporation PAC_8357_VSR.pdf 107.1 KB
Microsoft Corporation Stakeholders Voluntary PAC - MSVPAC_8357_VSR.pdf 107.4 KB
Midnight Sun PAC_8490_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Midwest Grain Processors PAC_8508_VSR.pdf 241.3 KB
Midwest Region Laborers Political Education League_8344_VSR.pdf 9.3 KB
Midwest Region Laborers' Political League - MRLPL_8874_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
Millwright Local Union 2158 PAC_8048_VSR.pdf 63.9 KB
Millwright_8048_Linn_County.pdf 368.7 KB
Millwright_8048_Maybanks_07_01_05.pdf 136.4 KB
Millwright_Local_Union_2158_PAC_for_Scott_County.pdf 499.7 KB
Mississippi Democratic Party - Non-Federal_8880_VSR.pdf 5.4 KB
Monsanto Citizenship Fund_8028_VSR.pdf 245.0 KB
Motorists Mutual Insurance Company Civic Fund_8707_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Motorola Solutions, Inc. PAC_8551_VSR.pdf 47.5 KB Political Action_8814_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
Mowrer for Iowa_8757_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Mutual of Omaha Companies PAC_8310_VSR.pdf 3.9 KB
Nancy Pelosi for Congress_8789_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC_8724_VSR.pdf 7.3 KB
National Association for Gun Rights PAC_8715_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies Political_8667_VSR.pdf 15.6 KB
National Democratic Redistricting PAC_8895_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
National Elevator Constructors PAC_8594_VSR.pdf 20.7 KB
National Nurses United for Patient Protection_8786_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
National Right to Work _8517_VSR.pdf 31.4 KB
National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. Political Action C_8876_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
National UAW PAC_8574_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Political Action Committ_8636_VSR.pdf 93.7 KB
NE GPLDC PAC_8793_VSR.pdf 6.5 KB
NEA Fund for Children and Public Ed._8830_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
NEA Fund for Children and Public Education Non-Federal Itemi_8058_VSR.pdf 12.3 KB
Nebraska Great Plains District Council PAC (NE GPLPC)_8612_VSR.pdf 20.4 KB
New Democracy Fund_8896_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
New Leadership for America_8001_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
New Republican Majority Fund_8295_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
New Vision America Fund_8501_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
NextEra Energy, Inc. Political Action Committee_8002_VSR.pdf 109.1 KB
NextGen Climate Action Committee_8704_VSR.pdf 14.7 KB
Ninth Decade Fund_8368_VSR.pdf 11.6 KB
North Central Illinois Laborers' District Council Political _8730_VSR.pdf 6.9 KB
North Central Illinois Laborers' PAC_8450_VSR.pdf 7.0 KB
North Central States Carpenter PAC_8632_VSR.pdf 135.6 KB
Novartis_8651_VSR.pdf 14.1 KB
Novolex Holdings, Inc. Responsible Government Fund_8805_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
NRA Political Victory Fund_8032_VSR.pdf 52.2 KB
NuStarpac_8575_VSR.pdf 4.8 KB
O' Say Can You See PAC_8697_VSR.pdf 17.0 KB
Ocean Spray PAC_8584_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Oldcastle Materials PAC_8608_VSR.pdf 21.0 KB
Omaha & Southwest Iowa Building & Construction Trades Counc_8182_VSR.pdf 9.3 KB
Omaha and SW Iowa Building and Trades _8792_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
O'Malley for President_8831_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
One Vote At A Time Nonfederal_8869_VSR.pdf 12.5 KB
OneMain Holdings Inc. PAC_8858_VSR.pdf 6.9 KB
Opportunity & Renewal PAC_8804_VSR.pdf 15.8 KB
Opportunity First_8802_VSR.pdf 6.1 KB
organizationAmerican Income Life Political Action Committee_8702_DR3.pdf 2.9 KB
organizationFor America's Republican Majority PAC (FARMPAC)_8503_DR3.pdf 2.9 KB
organizationMedImmune Biologics, Inc. Employee Political Awareness Commi_8475_DR3.pdf 3.0 KB
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP Federal PAC_8716_VSR.pdf 14.9 KB
ORRINPAC (Campaign for Americas Future)_8514_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Our Revolution PAC_8884_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Patriot PAC_8533_VSR.pdf 35.6 KB
Patriot Voice PAC_8668_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
PCI PAC Property Casualty Insurers Association of America_8429_VSR.pdf 26.9 KB
PCPMG Consulting LLC PAC Account_8846_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
Penn National Gaming, Inc PAC_8015_VSR.pdf 47.8 KB
Pennsylvania Keystone Political Action Committee_8629_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
People For the American Way (PFAW) Action Fund_8827_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
PEOPLE_Frank_Cownie_Inkind_Contribution_11-3-03.pdf 101.7 KB
Pepsico, Inc. Concerned Citizens Fund_8275_VSR.pdf 20.6 KB
Pete for America, Inc._8842_VSR.pdf 20.9 KB
Pfizer PAC_8140_VSR.pdf 207.4 KB
Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. PAC_8694_VSR.pdf 31.5 KB
Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc. PAC, dba Planned Parenth_8816_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
Planned Parenthood Votes_8705_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
Plumbers Local Union No.16 Cope Fund_8096_VSR.pdf 8.1 KB
Plymouth Energy LLC PAC_8614_VSR.pdf 26.0 KB
POET PAC_8640_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Political Education Fund of the Building and Construction Tr_8106_VSR.pdf 29.1 KB
PPG Better Government Team_8534_VSR.pdf 37.4 KB
Prairie Political Action Committee_8557_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Premium Standard Farms, Inc Better Government _8494_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Principal Life Insurance Company PAC (PRINPAC)_8251_VSR.pdf 359.4 KB
Principal Life Insurance Company State and Federal Political_8836_VSR.pdf 29.6 KB
Principal S PAC_8836_VSR.pdf 46.8 KB
Professionals Political Action Committee (P-PAC)_8008_VSR.pdf 4.3 KB
Professionals_PAC_Polk_County.pdf 221.9 KB
Progressive Change Campaign Committee_8763_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Progressive Patriots Fund_8500_VSR.pdf 15.2 KB
Progressive Turnout Project_8894_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
Progressive Voters of America_8840_VSR.pdf 5.8 KB
Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political _8429_VSR.pdf 42.9 KB
Prosperity Action, Inc._8677_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Prudential Financial PAC_8513_VSR.pdf 38.9 KB
Prudential PAC_8186_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality_8019_VSR.pdf 64.9 KB
Public_Employees_8019_Linn_County.pdf 304.2 KB
Purdue Pharma Inc PAC_8497_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Quad City Federation of Labor PAC_8020_VSR.pdf 95.1 KB
Quad County Corn Processors Cooperative PAC_8659_VSR.pdf 36.5 KB
Quad_City_8020_Linn_County.pdf 193.3 KB
Quad_City_Federation_of_Labor_PAC_8020_for_Scott_County.pdf 1.4 MB
Quad_City_Muscatine_County.pdf 214.5 KB
Qwest Employee Political Action Committee_8236_VSR.pdf 151.6 KB
Rain and Hail Insurance Society Political Action Committee_8212_VSR.pdf 10.1 KB
Ready for Hillary PAC_8703_VSR.pdf 6.3 KB
Reclaim America PAC_8737_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Red White and Blue Fund_8666_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Reed for Congress_8577_VSR.pdf 3.8 KB
Regions Financial COGA_8455_VSR.pdf 11.5 KB
Regions_COGA_03_07_05.pdf 91.2 KB
Reinventing A New Direction - RANDPAC_8665_VSR.pdf 7.8 KB
Remedy Pac_8762_VSR.pdf 8.4 KB
Renewable Energy Group, Inc Political Action Committee (REG _8689_VSR.pdf 55.0 KB
Rent-A-Center Good Government Political Action Committee _8772_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
Rent-A-Center, Inc Good Government PAC_8567_VSR.pdf 6.4 KB
Republican Issues Campaign (RICPAC)_8486_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Republican Leadership Council - Federal PAC_8561_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Republican State Leadership Committee_8540_VSR.pdf 26.3 KB
Restore America PAC_8496_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Retail, Wholesale & Dept. Store Union Comm. on Pol. Ed._8078_VSR.pdf 24.4 KB
Retail_Wholesale_&_Dept_Store_Shields_for_Cedar_Rapids_08_30_05.pdf 103.1 KB
Reynolds American Inc. Political Action Committee; RAI PAC _8156_VSR.pdf 21.3 KB
RGA Oklahoma 2010 PAC_8623_VSR.pdf 25.7 KB
RGA Right Direction PAC_8681_VSR.pdf 12.5 KB
RGA Wisconsin 2010 PAC_8601_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Richardson for Governor_8337_VSR.pdf 8.7 KB
Rick Dickinson for Congress_8498_VSR.pdf 11.1 KB
RickPAC_8698_VSR.pdf 6.8 KB
Roche Diagnostics Corporation PAC (Roche DxPAC)_8010_VSR.pdf 59.7 KB
Roche Inc Good Government Committee_8010_VSR.pdf 55.5 KB
Rockwell Collins, Inc Good Government Committee_8555_VSR.pdf 7.6 KB
Romney for President, Inc_8525_VSR.pdf 34.9 KB
RUSHMORE PAC_8671_VSR.pdf 6.0 KB
Sammons Enterprises, Inc. Political Action Committee_8440_VSR.pdf 11.9 KB
San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee_8829_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
Sandhills PAC_8444_VSR.pdf 11.6 KB
Sanofi US Services Inc. Employees' PAC_8377_VSR.pdf 17.4 KB
Sarah PAC_8592_VSR.pdf 22.5 KB
Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association of Ame_8656_VSR.pdf 5.5 KB
Schering-Plough Better Government Fund_8483_VSR.pdf 11.6 KB
Second District Of Iowa Democratic Central Committee_8543_VSR.pdf 33.7 KB
Secretary of State Project - Michigan_8616_VSR.pdf 6.2 KB
SEIU California State Council Political Committee_8796_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW PAC_8743_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
SEIU Healthcare Minn_8759_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
SEIU Healthcare PA COPE_8741_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin_8784_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
SEIU Illinois Council PAC_8751_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
SEIU Local 2015 State PAC_8753_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
SEIU Local 49 COPE Fund_8775_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
SEIU Local 500 DC PAC_8750_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
SEIU Local 6 PAC_8742_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
SEIU Local 73 Bi-Partisan PAC_8761_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
SEIU MD-DC State Council_8785_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
SEIU Minn State Council Political Fund_8760_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
SEIU Ohio State Joint Council PCE_8746_VSR.pdf 4.6 KB
Service Employees international Union 775 Quality Care Commi_8754_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Service Employees International Union Local 1000 Candidate P_8770_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Service Employees International Union Local 121RN PAC_8745_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Service Employees International Union Local 521 CandidatePAC_8776_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Work_8747_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
Service Employees International Union WA State Council PAC_8739_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Service Employees Intl Union Cmte. on Political Education. (_8022_VSR.pdf 31.2 KB
Service Employees Local No. 1 Political Education Committee_8748_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
SF Properties LLC Federal Political Action Committee AKA Sch_8625_VSR.pdf 18.1 KB
Sheet Metal Workers International Association_8097_VSR.pdf 6.7 KB
Siemens Corporation PAC_8572_VSR.pdf 5.0 KB
Siouxland Energy & Livestock Cooperative PAC_8478_VSR.pdf 134.3 KB
Skilled Healthcare Group Inc. PAC_8588_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
SMART TD PAC_8888_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
SMART-TD PAC_8025_VSR.pdf 159.4 KB
Smithfield Foods, Inc. PAC_8384_VSR.pdf 83.6 KB
SmithKline Beecham PAC (GlaxoSmithKline)_8242_VSR.pdf 70.6 KB
Southwest Airlines Co. Freedom Fund_8678_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC- SIRE PAC_8610_VSR.pdf 81.3 KB
Sprint Corporation Political Action Committee_8692_VSR.pdf 9.4 KB
Stand for America PAC_8889_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Stanley Consultants, Inc PAC_8120_VSR.pdf 15.2 KB
State Employee Rights Campaign Committee_8562_VSR.pdf 1.5 KB
Steamfitters & Plumbers L.U. 464 COPE Fund_8339_VSR.pdf 12.8 KB
Steve Bullock for President_8843_VSR.pdf 11.5 KB
Storm Chasers PAC_8489_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Straight Talk America_8476_VSR.pdf 27.1 KB
STV Engineers, Inc PAC_8181_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Surburban School Emp Local 284 Pol Act Fund_8758_VSR.pdf 5.1 KB
Susan B Anthony List Candidate Fund_8580_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund_8810_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Swalwell for Congress_8790_VSR.pdf 6.6 KB
Syngenta Corporation Employee PAC_8363_VSR.pdf 75.0 KB
Target Citizens Political Forum_8419_VSR.pdf 9.1 KB
Taxpayers for Safe Government Committee_8529_VSR.pdf 35.7 KB
Taxpayers Unlimited_8167_VSR.pdf 34.4 KB
Taylor for Congress_8868_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
Teamsters Local 120 Political Action Committee (120PAC)_8528_VSR.pdf 16.7 KB
Teamsters Local No 371 D.R.I.V.E. PAC_8258_VSR.pdf 13.5 KB
Teamsters_Local_321_DRIVE_for_Miller_09_11_05.pdf 115.1 KB
Tenet Healthcare Corporation PAC_8585_VSR.pdf 4.1 KB
Tenn PAC_8469_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc PAC _8593_VSR.pdf 21.1 KB
The Alamo PAC_8655_VSR.pdf 4.0 KB
The American Congress of OB-GYNs PAC_8797_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
The Bank of New York PAC_8397_VSR.pdf 11.0 KB
The Caterpillar Inc. Employee Political Action Committee_8817_VSR.pdf 4.3 KB
The Coca-Cola Company Nonpartisan Committee For Good Governm_8769_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
The Collective PAC_8900_VSR.pdf 5.3 KB
The Commonwealth PAC- Michigan_8646_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers Political Action_8902_VSR.pdf 4.3 KB
The Hawkeye PAC_8442_VSR.pdf 147.5 KB
The Majority Rules PAC_8738_VSR.pdf 12.6 KB
The National MENTOR Holdings, Inc. Fund_8879_VSR.pdf 7.5 KB
The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Action C_8787_VSR.pdf 9.5 KB
The People PAC_8886_VSR.pdf 5.2 KB
The People's Seat Political Action Committee, Inc_8680_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
The Senate Victory Fund_8653_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
TOMPAC (To Organize A Majority PAC)_8711_VSR.pdf 4.4 KB
Transamerica Corporation PAC_8223_VSR.pdf 18.6 KB
Tri_City_Bldg_Trades_PAC_8098_for_Scott_County.pdf 1005.4 KB
Tri_City_Building_09_22_04.pdf 93.9 KB
Tri-City Building Trades Political Action Committee_8098_VSR.pdf 60.8 KB
Trinity Industries Employee PAC (TX)_8565_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Trinity Industries Employees PAC - SF_8334_VSR.pdf 28.6 KB
Trinity Industries Employees PAC _8334_VSR.pdf 6.3 KB
TSVC, Inc. Political Action Committee (Terracon PAC)_8635_VSR.pdf 8.7 KB
UAW - VCAP (National UAW Political Action Committee)_8116_VSR.pdf 12.8 KB
UAW V-CAP_8717_VSR.pdf 10.3 KB
UE Local 1111 PAC (United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers_8589_VSR.pdf 18.0 KB
UFCW Region Council No. 6 Northern Plains_8379_VSR.pdf 22.8 KB
Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government_8035_VSR.pdf 187.0 KB
Union_Planters Unite_for_kids_09_22_04.pdf 113.9 KB
Unite Our States_8103_VSR.pdf 45.9 KB
United Association of Journeymen Apprentices_8033_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
United Association Political Education Committee_8183_VSR.pdf 10.8 KB
United Domestic Workers of America Action Fund_8851_VSR.pdf 4.5 KB
United Food & Commercial Workers Active Ballot Club_8038_VSR.pdf 104.2 KB
United Parcel Service, Inc Political Action Committee (UPS)_8348_VSR.pdf 5.7 KB
United Steelworkers of America District 11 PAC_8328_VSR.pdf 23.6 KB
United Transportation Union PAC_8025_VSR.pdf 140.9 KB
United_Food_Workers_for_Scott_County.pdf 157.6 KB
UnitedHealth Group Inc, PAC (United for Health)_8477_VSR.pdf 14.6 KB
UnitedHealth Group Inc, PAC (UnitedHealth Group PAC)_8477_VSR.pdf 33.3 KB
UPS Political Action Committee_8348_VSR.pdf 3.5 KB
US Bancorp Political Participation Program_8312_VSR.pdf 18.4 KB
US Cellular Corp. Political Action Committee_8287_VSR.pdf 57.1 KB
USINPAC Leadership Forum_8479_VSR.pdf 38.8 KB
UST Executives, Administrators & Managers PAC_8190_VSR.pdf 42.6 KB
Valero Energy Corporation PAC_8600_VSR.pdf 16.1 KB
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated Political Action Committ_8773_VSR.pdf 12.0 KB
VGM Group, Inc. PAC_8766_VSR.pdf 5.9 KB
VGM Management LTD PAC (VGMPAC)_8491_VSR.pdf 19.2 KB
Volunteer PAC (VOLPAC)_8445_VSR.pdf 41.3 KB
Volunteer Political Action Committee_09-16-04_Contribution.pdf 91.9 KB
Vote Tripling PAC_8897_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB PAC_8009_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Wal PAC_8201_VSR.pdf 67.5 KB
Walgreen Co PAC (WalgreensPAC)_8520_VSR.pdf 36.1 KB
Walgreen Co PAC_8520_VSR.pdf 32.8 KB
Walmart Inc. PAC for Repsonsible Government_8201_VSR.pdf 84.0 KB
Warren for President, Inc._8844_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Waste Management, Inc. Employees' Better Govt Fund_8073_VSR.pdf 119.7 KB
We lead - Women Engaged in Leadership, Education and Action_8104_VSR.pdf 8.6 KB
Wells Fargo and Company Employee PAC_8108_VSR.pdf 135.8 KB
Wendy's-Arby's Group Inc PAC_8069_VSR.pdf 37.9 KB
West Central Cooperative PAC_8487_VSR.pdf 54.9 KB
Western Dubuque Biodiesel PAC_8553_VSR.pdf 94.3 KB
Western Iowa Energy LLC PAC_8531_VSR.pdf 88.3 KB
Western Union Political Action Committee_8591_VSR.pdf 21.2 KB
Westfield Federal Employee PAC_8502_VSR.pdf 8.5 KB
Whirlpool Corporation PAC_8505_VSR.pdf 6.1 KB
Win Back Your State_8697_VSR.pdf 21.9 KB
Windstream Corporation Political Action Committee_8630_VSR.pdf 21.0 KB
Wisconsin Teamsters Joint Council 39_8530_VSR.pdf 33.8 KB
Working for Working Americans - Federal_8812_VSR.pdf 4.2 KB
Wyeth Good Government Fund_8398_VSR.pdf 22.9 KB
Xerox Corporation Political Action Committee (XPAC)_8696_VSR.pdf 5.6 KB
Young for Iowa, Inc._8690_VSR.pdf 5.4 KB
Zeneca Inc. Political Action Committee_8710_VSR.pdf 7.0 KB