IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Abbott, Sally_Sally Abbott for District 67_2598
Abdouch, Sarah_Abdouch for House_2553
Abdul-Samad, Ako_Citizens for Ako Abdul-Samad_1604
Abela, Simon_abela4Iowans_2614
Adcock, Chris_Votes for Adcock_2561
Anderson, Marti_Marti Anderson for Iowa_1967
Anderson, Shawna_Shawna Anderson for Iowa_2565
Andrews, Christian_Andrews for Iowa House_2415
Andrews, Eddie_Eddie Andrews For Iowa_2538
Bacon, Robert_Friends of Rob Bacon_1842
Baxter, Terry_Terry Baxter for Iowa House_2215
Bearinger, Bruce_Bearinger for House_2082
Behn, chad_Chad Behn For Senate_2548
Bennett, Elizabeth_Iowans for Liz Bennett_2120
Bergan, Michael_Bergan for Iowa House_2382
Best, Brian_Brian Best for House_2139
Blackcloud, Christina_Blackcloud for Iowa House_2540
Bloomingdale, Jane_Vote Bloomingdale_2312
Bodeker, Ruby_Ruby Bodeker for Iowa_2535
Boden, Brooke_Brooke Boden for Iowa House_2518
Bohannan, Christina_Bohannan for Iowa_2527
Bossman, Jacob_Friends of Jacob Bossman_2241
Boulton, Nate_Boulton for Senate_2233
Brackett, Kelcey_Kelcey Brackett for Iowa House 91_2536
Bradley, Steven_Candy Bradley_2511
Brase, Chris_Committee to Elect Chris Brase_2006
Breckenridge, Wesley_Wes Breckenridge for State Representative_2234
Brink, Holly_Citizens for Holly Brink_2426
Brown, Waylon_Waylon Brown for State Senate_2237
Brown-Powers, Timi_Timi Brown-Powers for Iowa_2163
Bush, Dennis_Iowans For Dennis Bush_2559
Bushaw, Travis_Travis Bushaw for Iowa_2605
Cahill, Susan_Sue Cahill for Iowa House_2555
Chapman, Jacob_Chapman For Senate_1961
Chase, Everett_Chase for Iowa_2579
Chelgren, Mark_Chelgren for Iowa Senate_1923
Chilton, Pauline_Chilton for Iowa_2381
Cirksena, Scott_The Committee to elect Scott Cirksena_2568
Cisneros, Mark_Cisneros For Iowa_2129
Clark, Craig_Clark for Iowa_2596
Clayton, charles_clayton for Iowa House_2620
Coen, Jon_Citizens for Jon Coen_2567
Cohoon, Dennis_Cohoon for Representative_376
Costello, Mark_Costello for Iowa Senate_2014
Courtney, Thomas_Courtney for State Senate Committee_1344
Creasman, Jan_Creasman for House 2020_2457
Davis, Kimberly_Davis for Iowa House_2404
Dawson, Daniel_Dan Dawson for State Senate_2256
Degner, David_Degner For Iowa_2414
Derry, Karin_Karin Derry for Iowa_2368
Deyoe, David_Deyoe for House_1686
Dockendorff, Sandy_Sandy Dockendorff for Iowa House_2580
Dolecheck, Cecil_Dolecheck for Representative_990
Donahue, Molly_Donahue for Statehouse_2274
Dozark, Garrett_Garrett Dozark for State Senate_2520
Drew, Ryan_Committee to Elect Ryan Drew_2329
Driscoll, Dawn_Dawn Driscoll for State Senate_2516
Dunwell, Jon_Friends of Jon Dunwell_2521
Dyer, Joshua_Dyer For Iowa Senate_2585
EDLER, JEFF_Jeff Edler for State Senate_2270
Egli, Pamela_Pam Egli for Senate_2525
Ehlert, Tracy_Tracy Ehlert for Iowa House_2367
Eliason, James_Eliason for IA HD11_2588
Evans, Dennis_Dennis Evans for State House_2595
Evans, Kevin_K Lynn Evans Campaign Committee_2556
Fager, Jeff_Jeff Fager for State House_2573
Fisher, Dean_Dean Fisher for House_1962
Foens, Scott_Foens For Iowa House_2347
Forbes, John_Forbes for Iowa House_2055
Friend, Jack_Friend for Iowa House_2575
Froyum, Carissa_Froyum for House_2519
Fry, N. Joel_Fry for Iowa House_1849
Gaines, Ruth_Ruth Ann Gaines for State Representative_1924
Gaskill, Mary_Gaskill for State Representative_1376
Gavin, Tricia_Tricia Gavin for Senate_2506
Gerhold, Tom_Gerhold for Iowa_2471
Giddens, Eric_Eric Giddens for Iowa_2501
Gigaroa, Ernest_Committee to Elect Ernest Gigaroa_2617
Gjerde, Eric_Eric Gjerde For Iowa_2349
Glasson, Cathy_Cathy Glasson for Governor_5174
Gleason, Marie_Gleason for Iowa_2377
Gobble, Garrett_Gobble for Iowa House_2515
Goodwin, Tim_Goodwin4Senate_2562
Gorman, Steven_Gorman for Iowa_2238
Gorman, Steven_Gorman for Iowa_40038
Graber, Martin_Martin Graber for Iowa House_2618
Grassley, Patrick_Citizens for Pat Grassley_1605
Green, Eric_Eric Green for Iowa Senate - District 48, 2020_2616
Green, Jesse_Citizens for Jesse Green_2572
Grover, Jodi_Jodi Grover for Iowa_2607
Gustafson, Stan_Gustafson for Iowa House_2137
Guth, Dennis_Guth for Senate_1963
Hall, Chris_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hammouda, Kamal_Kamal Hammouda for Iowa house_2546
Hanley, Sean_Friends of Sean Hanley_2545
Hansen, Heath_Heath Hansen for Iowa_2502
Hansen, Steve_Steve Hansen for Iowa House_2539
Hein, Lee_Hein for State House_1886
Henderson, Robert_HENDERSON FOR HOUSE_2570
High, Phil_High for House_2586
Hite, Dustin_Hite for State House_2413
Holt, Steven_Holt For House_2116
Howard, Ryan_Ryan Howard for Iowa_2551
Huddleston, Sara_Sara Huddleston for Iowa_2608
Hunter, Bruce_Committee to Elect Bruce Hunter_1488
Huseman, Dan_The Daniel A. Huseman Election Committee_881
Ingels, Chad_Ingels for Iowa House_2554
Isenhart, Chuck_Isenhart Campaign for the Common Good_1722
Jacobsen, Jon_Jacobsen for Iowa House_2362
Jacoby, David_Jacoby for House_1491
James, Lindsay_Friends of Lindsay James_2356
Jeneary, Thomas_Jeneary for House District 5 Committee_2469
Jensen, Debra_The committee to elect Debra Jensen_2461
Jochum, Pam_People for Pam Jochum_731
Johnson, Björn_Björn Johnson for Iowa HD4_2552
Johnson, Craig_Johnson for Iowa_2159
Johnson, ToyA_ToyA Johnson 4 Iowa_2623
Jones, Megan_Jones for Iowa_1964
Judge, Kenan_Kenan Judge for Iowans_2402
Kakert, Jennifer_Committee to Elect Jennifer Kakert_2597
Kaufmann, Robert_Kaufmann for State House_2047
Kean, Jessica_Jessica Kean for Iowa_2332
Kelley, Shaun_Committee to Elect Shaun Kelley_2621
Kerr, David_David Kerr State House_2330
Kiss, Glenn_Committee To Elect Glenn Kiss_2592
Klein, Jarad_Klein for Statehouse_1705
Klimesh, Michael_Friends For Klimesh_2604
Koenig, Karen_Karen Koenig for HR 54_2583
Koether, Kayla_Kayla Koether for Iowa_2409
Konfrst, Jennifer_Jennifer Konfrst for Iowa_2231
Kressig, Bob_Kressig for Iowa House 59_1504
Kurth, Monica_Monica Kurth for Iowa House_2345
KURTZ, JEFFREY_Kurtz for Iowa_2437
Landon, John_Friends for Landon_1991
Latham, Shannon_Latham for Iowa_2383
Lensing, Vicki_Lensing for House District #85_1260
Lofgren, Mark_Team Lofgren_2224
Lohse, Brian_Friends For Brian Lohse_2497
Lorenzen, Dave_Lorenzen for Iowa House_2542
Lundby, Daniel_Lundby for Iowa House_1969
LUNDGREN, SHANNON_Lundgren for House_2294
Malone, Gregory_Greg Malone for IA Dist. 33_2498
Marquardt, Ryan_Citizens for Marquardt_2361
Martin, Rhonda_Friends of Rhonda Martin_2504
mascher, mary_Committee to Elect Mascher_863
Matejka, Myra_Matejka for Iowa_2613
Mathis, Liz_Mathis for State Senate_1979
Matson, Heather_Heather Matson for Iowa House_2225
McClintock, Clinton_McClintock for Iowa_2581
McConkey, Charlie_Charlie McConkey for State Representataive_2134
McHugh, Mark_McHugh For Iowa_2524
McKean, Andy_McKean For Iowa House_2280
Meyer, Ann_Ann Meyer for Statehouse_2352
Meyer, Brian_Citizens For Brian Meyer_2124
Miller, Nicholas_Miller for Iowa_2503
Miller, Phillip_Phil Miller for Iowa House_2365
Mitchell, Joseph_Taxpayers for Mitchell_2453
Mohr, Gary_Gary Mohr for State House_2252
Mommsen, Norlin_Citizens for Mommsen_2194
Moore, Tom_Moore for State Representative_2244
Morrison, Ryan_Morrison for IA House 2020_2594
Nielsen, Amy_Amy Nielsen for Iowa_2271
Noble, Dustin_Noble for House_2044
Nordman, Carter_Carter Nordman for Iowa_2601
Norris, Joseph_Norris for Iowa Senate_2606
Northey, William_Northey for Iowa Agriculture_5123
Oldson, Jo_Oldson for State Representative_1326
Olson, Rick_Committee to Elect Rick Olson To House of Representatives_1560
Osmundson, Anne_Osmundson for Iowa_2494
Ourth, Scott_Scott Ourth for State Representative_1831
Paschen, Cynthia_Paschen for Senate_2615
Paustian, Ross_Paustian for State House_1708
Pellant, Jennifer_Pellant for Iowa House_2523
Petersen, Clinton_CJ Petersen for Iowa_2569
Petersen, Janet_Petersen for State Senate_1206
Phillips, Andrea_Andrea Phillips for Iowa_2278
Phillips, Royce_Friends of Royce Phillips_2131
Podgorniak, Jane_Jane Podgorniak for Iowa House District 51_2587
Prichard, Todd_Iowans For Prichard_2109
Pulkrabek, Lonny_Lonny Pulkrabek for House_2560
Puntenney, Keith_Keith D Puntenney IA Senate Dist 24_2612
Quinn, Ryan_Quinn for Iowa_2622
Rasmussen, Todd_Rasmussen for Iowa_2547
Reed, Angela_Reed for House 56_2589
Reed, Tony_Tony Reed for Iowa House_2564
Reichman, Jeffrey_Reichman for Senate_2563
Rinker, Matthew_Matt Rinker for State Senate_2558
Rogers, Luis_Rogers for House_2526
Roorda, Lance_Roorda for Iowa_2531
Rozenboom, Kenneth_Rozenboom for Senate_2003
Running-Marquardt, Kirsten_Iowans for Kirsten Running-Marquardt_1847
Salmon, Sandy_Friends of Sandy Salmon_1878
Scharper, Deborah_Deb Scharper for Iowa_2593
schultes, carmella_Schultes for Iowa_2619
Schuster, Ivy_Ivy Schuster for Iowa_2532
Sewell, Aaron_Iowans For Sewell_2584
Sexton, Mike_Citizens for Sexton_2155
Shipley, Jeffrey_Jeff Shipley's Committee for Peace and Prosperity_2496
Short, Ijeoma_Friends of Joma Short_2529
Sieck, David_Citizens for Sieck_2223
Siegrist, Brent_Siegrist for Iowa House_2600
Sinclair, Amy_Sinclair for Iowa_2002
Slings, Lori_Lori Slings For House_2591
Smith, Bennett_Bennett Smith for Iowa House_2543
Smith, Jennifer_Jennifer Smith for Iowa_2514
Smith, Mark_Mark Smith for Iowa House_1247
Smith, RasTafari_Ras Smith State Representative_2306
Smith, RasTafari_Ras Smith State Representative_5196
Smith, Sarah_Sarah Smith for HD76_2549
Sorensen, Ray_Sorensen For Iowa_2408
spencer, selden_spencer for iowa house_1861
Staed, Art_Committee to Elect Art Staed_1586
Steckman, Sharon_Citizens for Sharon Steckman_1747
Stone, Henry_Stone for House_2534
Stotts, Shelly_Stotts 4 House 47_2578
Sunde, Kristin_Kristin Sunde for Iowa House_2396
Swan, Sonya_Empower Iowa with Sonya Swan_2571
Tapscott, Matt_Tapscott for Iowa Senate_2517
Taylor, Jeff_Jeff Taylor for State Senate_2541
Taylor, Richard_Rich Taylor Campaign Fund_2001
Thede, Phyllis_Thede for Iowa_1688
Thompson, Phil_Phil Thompson for Iowa_2448
Thorup, Jonathan_Thorup for Iowa_2484
Trone Garriott, Sarah_Sarah Trone Garriott for Iowa_2508
Varley, Warren_Varley for Iowa_2407
Vondran, Mike_Iowans for Mike Vondran_2510
Warth, Kevin_Warth for Iowa_2522
Weaver, David_David Weaver for Iowa_2397
Wessel-Kroeschell, Beth_Citizens for Wessel-Kroeschell_1526
Westrich, Cherielynn_Westrich for Iowa_2451
Wheeler, Skyler_Wheeler for Representative_2262
Wilburn, Ross_Iowans for Ross Wilburn_2509
Williams, Craig_Williams for Iowa_2537
Williams, David_Williams for Iowa House_2425
Wills, John_Wills for Iowa_2165
Winckler, Cindy_Winckler for State House_1229
Windschitl, Matt_Win With Windschitl_1639
Wolfe, Mary_Mary Wolfe Campaign_1866
Worthan, Gary_Worthan for Iowa House_1697
Youngblut, Harold_Youngblut for Iowa Inc_2530
Zaun, Brad_Zaun for Iowa Senate_1521
Zeskey, Ryan_Ryan Zeskey for Iowa_2599
Zumbach, Daniel_Dan Zumbach for Senate_1972