IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Abdul-Samad, Ako_Citizens for Ako Abdul-Samad_1604
Allen, Chaz_Chaz Allen 4 Senate_2188
Allison, Tiffany_Friends of Tiffany Allison_2449
Amos, Martin_Martin Amos for Iowa House_2442
Anderson, Marti_Marti Anderson for Iowa_1967
Andrews, Christian_Andrews for Iowa House_2415
Bacon, Robert_Friends of Rob Bacon_1842
Balduchi, Kent_Kent Balduchi For Iowa House_2374
Bales, Brian_Brian Bales for Iowa Senate_2470
Baltimore, Chip_Baltimore for Iowa House_1864
Batt, Donald_Committee to Elect Don Batt for Iowa House_2485
Battaglia, Marco_Committee to Elect Marco Battaglia_5188
Baxter, Terry_Terry Baxter for Iowa House_2215
Bearinger, Bruce_Bearinger for House_2082
Bennett, Elizabeth_Iowans for Liz Bennett_2120
Benson, Mindy_Benson for Iowa House_2433
Bergan, Michael_Bergan for Iowa House_2382
Bergman, Anna_Friends of Anna Bergman_2427
Bergman, Annastasia_Friends of Anna Bergman_2427
Bertrand, Rick_Team Bertrand_1755
Best, Brian_Brian Best for House_2139
Bisignano, Tony_Bisignano for Senate Account_2115
Bloomingdale, Jane_Vote Bloomingdale_2312
Boal, Michael_Boal for Iowa_2436
Bolkcom, Joe_Joe Bolkcom for Iowa Senate_1120
Bossman, Jacob_Friends of Jacob Bossman_2241
Boulton, Nate_Boulton for Iowa_5171
Bowman, Tod_Friends of Tod Bowman_1874
Breckenridge, Wesley_Wes Breckenridge for State Representative_2234
Brenner, Vicky_Vicky Brenner for Iowa_2363
Brink, Brenda_Brenda Brink for State House_2375
Brink, Holly_Citizens for Holly Brink_2426
Brown-Powers, Timi_Timi Brown-Powers for Iowa_2163
broyhill, shaun_Friends for Broyhill_2423
Canady, Noah_Canady for Iowa_2418
Carlin, Jim_Carlin for Iowa Senate_2260
Carlson, Gary_Committee to Elect Gary Carlson_2133
Cavanagh, Brad_Cavanagh For Iowa_2355
Celsi, Claire_Claire Celsi for Iowa_2240
Charlier, William_Bill Charlier for Iowa Legislature_2334
Chelgren, Mark_Chelgren for Iowa Senate_1923
Chilton, Pauline_Chilton for Iowa_2381
Christoffersen, Matt_Citizens for Christoffersen_2266
Cisneros, Mark_Cisneros For Iowa_2129
Clemens, Jodi_Jodi Clemens for Iowa_2348
Cohoon, Dennis_Cohoon for Representative_376
Corbett, Ronald_Corbett for Governor_5178
Cournoyer, Chris_Cournoyer for Senate_2379
Cownie, Peter_Cownie for Statehouse_1711
Creasman, Jan_Creasman for House 2018_2457
Cullen, Pat_Pat Cullen for Iowa House_2450
Daubitz, Teresa_Daubitz for Iowa House_2428
Davis, Kimberly_Davis for Iowa House_2404
Dawson, Dave_Dawson for Iowa Senate_2412
Dedor, Richard_Dedor for Iowa_2346
Degner, David_Degner For Iowa_2414
Dejear, Deidre_DeJear for Iowa_5179
DeJong, Rita_Rita DeJong for Iowa House_2389
Denison, Paula_Paula Denison for House District 75_2300
Derry, Karin_Karin Derry for Iowa_2368
Deyoe, David_Deyoe for House_1686
Dirth, Eric_Committee to Elect Eric Dirth_2395
Dix, Bill_Friends for Dix_1846
Dolecheck, Cecil_Dolecheck for Representative_990
Donahue, Molly_Donahue for Statehouse_2274
Dotzler, William_Citizens to Elect Bill Dotzler_1040
Drew, Ryan_Committee to Elect Ryan Drew_2329
Egan, Lori_Lori Egan for Iowa House_2359
Egley, Ann_Egley for Iowa House_2405
Ehlert, Tracy_Tracy Ehlert for Iowa House_2367
Evans, Dennis_Dennis Evans for Iowa House_2447
Fett, Nancy_Fett For Iowa_2392
Fields, Ann_Ann Fields For Iowa House_2446
Fisher, Dean_Dean Fisher for House_1962
Fitzgerald, Michael_Iowans for Fitzgerald_5006
Foens, Scott_Foens For Iowa House_2347
Forbes, John_Forbes for Iowa House_2055
Foster, Richard_Foster For Iowa 2018_2481
Freese, Tracy_Tracy Freese for Iowa Senate_2371
Fry, N. Joel_Fry for Iowa House_1849
Gaesser, Ray_Ray Gaesser for Iowa Agriculture_5187
Gaines, Ruth_Ruth Ann Gaines for State Representative_1924
Gannon, Timothy_Gannon for Iowa_5190
Gansen, Leo_gansenforiowahouse_2385
Garrett, Julian_Garrett for Statehouse Committee_1654
Gaskill, Mary_Gaskill for State Representative_1376
Gassman, Theodore_Gassman for House_2005
George, John_George for Liberty_2328
Gerhold, Tom_Gerhold for Iowa_2471
Gingerich, Corey_Committee to Elect Corey Gingerich_2466
Gjerde, Eric_Eric Gjerde For Iowa_2349
Glasson, Cathy_Cathy Glasson for Governor_5174
Gleason, Marie_Gleason for Senate_2377
Goodwin, Tim_Goodwin4Iowa_2443
Gorman, Steven_Gorman for Iowa_2238
Grassel, Travis_Grassel For Iowa_2463
Grassley, Patrick_Citizens for Pat Grassley_1605
Gregg, Adam_Adam Gregg for Iowa_5176
Gruber, Nathan_Nate Gruber for Iowa_2354
Guilford, Doris_Doris Guilford For Iowa_2207
Gustafson, Amber_Amber Gustafson for Iowa_2378
Gustafson, Gregg_Gustafson For Iowa_2462
Gustafson, Stan_Gustafson for Iowa House_2137
Hagenow, Christopher_Hagenow for Iowa House_1737
Hall, Chris_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hanusa, Mary Ann_Iowans for Mary Ann Hanusa_1922
Hart, Rita_Rita R. Hart for State Senate_2009
Hayes, Edward_Hayes4IASenate_2439
Heddens, Lisa_Committee to Elect Lisa Heddens_1339
Hein, Lee_Hein for State House_1886
Henderson, Robert_HENDERSON FOR IOWA HOUSE_2319
Higdon, Richard_IA House Higdon Campaign_2239
Highfill, Jake_Friends for Jake Highfill_2030
Hillyard, Lanny_Hillyard for Iowa House_2429
Hinson, Ashley_Ashley Hinson for House_2245
Hird, Peter_Hird for Iowa House_2243
Hite, Dustin_Hite for State House_2413
Hoefling, Tom_Tom Hoefling for Iowa House_2456
Hogg, Robert_Citizens for Rob Hogg_1347
Holt, Steven_Holt For House_2116
Holz, Chuck_Holz for House District 5 Committee_2235
Hora, Heather_Hora for Senate_2455
Hovland, Barbara_Hovland For House_2293
Howell, Ann_Howell For House_2475
Hubbell, Fred_Hubbell for Governor_5172
Hughes, LeAnn_Hughes for Iowa_2452
Hunter, Bruce_Committee to Elect Bruce Hunter_1488
Huseman, Dan_The Daniel A. Huseman Election Committee_881
Isenhart, Charles_Isenhart Campaign for the Common Good_1722
Jacobsen, Jon_Jacobsen for Iowa House_2362
Jacoby, David_Jacoby for House_1491
James, Lindsay_Friends of Lindsay James_2356
Janssen, Jeff_Friends of Jeff Janssen_2465
Jeneary, Thomas_Jeneary for House District 5 Committee_2469
Jensen, Debra_The committee to elect Debra Jensen_2461
Johnson, David_Johnson 4 Senate 1_1115
Jones, Megan_Jones for Iowa_1964
Judge, Kenan_Kenan Judge for Iowans_2402
Kacena, Timothy_Citizens for Timothy Kacena_2301
Kaufmann, Robert_Kaufmann for State House_2047
Kean, Jessica_Jessica Kean for Iowa_2332
Kearns, Jerry_Kearns for State Representative Committee_1757
Keilig Jr., Richard_Rick Keilig for State Rep District 80_2468
Keith, Samantha_Keith For Iowa House_2434
Kelleher, Andy_Kelleher for Iowa_2373
Kelley, Daniel_Dan Kelley for State Representative_1946
Kerr, David_David Kerr State House_2330
Kinney, Kevin_Kevin Kinney for State Senate_2142
Klein, Jarad_Klein for Statehouse_1705
Knutson, Lowell_Tim Knutson for Iowa House_2399
Koelker, Carrie_Koelker for Iowa Senate_2387
Koester, Kevin_Kevin Koester for House_1735
Koether, Kayla_Kayla Koether for Iowa_2409
Konfrst, Jennifer_Jennifer Konfrst for Iowa_2231
Kraayenbrink, Timothy_Kraayenbrink for Iowa Senate_2132
Kressig, Bob_Kressig for Iowa House 59_1504
Kurth, Monica_Monica Kurth for Iowa House_2345
KURTZ, JEFFREY_Kurtz for Iowa_2437
Landon, John_Friends for Landon_1991
Lang, Craig_Craig Lang for Iowa Agriculture_5184
Larson, Chuck_Committee to Elect Chuck Larson_2435
Larson, Karen_Larson for Iowa House_2424
Latham, Shannon_Latham for Iowa Senate_2383
Lensing, Vicki_Lensing for House District #85_1260
Leo, Peter_People for Peter Leo_2417
Liegois, Laura_Laura Liegois for Iowa House_2398
Linden, Ralph_Hank Linden for Iowa_2487
Link, Lucas_Link for Iowa House_2370
LUNDGREN, SHANNON_Lundgren for House_2294
Lykam, Jim_Friends of Jim Lykam_1397
Lynn, Trevor_Trevor Lynn for State House_2430
Malloy, Ed_Committee to Elect Ed Malloy_2400
Marquardt, Ryan_Citizens for Marquardt_2361
Marttila, Joan_Joan Marttila for Iowa House_2403
mascher, mary_Committee to Elect Mascher_863
Matheney, Sheila_Citizens for Matheney_2467
Matson, Heather_Heather Matson for Iowa House_2225
McClimon, Tim_Tim McClimon for House District 97_2464
McConkey, Charlie_Charlie McConkey for State Representataive_2134
McCoy McDeid, Reyma_Reyma McCoy McDeid for Iowa_2391
McDanel, Susan_Susan McDanel for State Representative_2393
McGuire, Andrea 'Andy'_McGuire For Governor_5169
McGuire, Andy_McGuire For Governor_5169
McKean, Andy_McKean For Iowa House_2280
Meyer, Ann_Ann Meyer for Statehouse_2352
Meyer, Brian_Citizens For Brian Meyer_2124
Miller, Phillip_Phil Miller for Iowa House_2365
Miller, Tom_Iowans For Miller_5064
Miller-Meeks, Mariannette_Friends for Miller-Meeks_2474
Mitchell, Joseph_Taxpayers for Mitchell_2453
Moats, Jason_Citizens for Jason Moats_2380
Mohr, Gary_Gary Mohr for State House_2252
Mommsen, Norlin_Citizens for Mommsen_2194
Montgomery, Maureen (Reenie)_Reenie for Iowa_2249
Moore, Tom_Moore for State Representative_2244
Morawitz, Robert_Committee to elect Bob Morawitz_2411
Mosiman, Mary_Mosiman for State Auditor_5154
Mowrer, James_Jim Mowrer for Iowa_5181
Naig, Mike_Mike Naig for Iowa Agriculture_5191
Neiderbach, Jon_Neiderbach for Governor_5167
Neiderbach, Jonathan_Neiderbach for Iowa_5001
Nieland, Dan_Dan Nieland for Iowa_2358
Nielsen, Amy_Amy Nielsen for Iowa_2271
Noble, Dustin_Noble for House_2044
Norris, John_Norris for the People_5175
Northey, William_Northey for Iowa Agriculture_5123
Nunn, Zach_Friends for Zach Nunn_2151
OBrien, Denise_OBrien For Iowa_2438
O'Brien, John_Families for O'Brien_2454
Odor, Ryan_Odor for Iowa House_2431
Ofenbakh, Julia_Ofenbakh for Secretary of State_5189
Oldson, Jo_Oldson for State Representative_1326
Olson, Rick_Committee to Elect Rick Olson To House of Representatives_1560
Ourth, Scott_Scott Ourth for State Representative_1831
Pate, Paul_Pate for Iowa_5158
Paustian, Ross_Paustian for State House_1708
Pendroy, Zachary_Pendroy for Statehouse_2458
Perez, James_Perez for house_2480
Pettengill, Dawn_Pettengill for Iowans_1507
Phillips, Royce_Friends of Royce Phillips_2131
Phoenix, John_John Phoenix for House_2015
Porter, Jake_Committee To Elect Jake Porter_5156
Price, Brad_Brad Price for Iowa Senate_2459
Price, Connie_Price for Iowa House_2421
Prichard, Todd_Iowans For Prichard_2109
Quirmbach, Herman_Quirmbach for Senate_1356
Ragan, Amanda_Amanda Ragan for Iowa Senate_1336
Ramsey, Sara_Ramsey Committee_2478
Rasmussen, Andrew_Andrew Rasmussen for Iowa House District 37_2460
Ray, Randy_Ray4iowa_2422
Ray, Steven_Committee to Elect Steven Ray Governor of Iowa_5182
Reed, Scott_Scott Reed for Iowa_2305
Reynolds, Kim_Kim Reynolds for Iowa_5173
Riding, Joe_Citizens for Joe Riding_1990
Rogers, Walt_Walt Rogers for Iowa_1751
Running-Marquardt, Kirsten_Iowans for Kirsten Running-Marquardt_1847
Ryan, Connie_Connie Ryan for Iowa_2410
Salmon, Sandy_Friends of Sandy Salmon_1878
Sand, Rob_Rob Sand for Iowa_5185
Schultz, Jason_Friends of Jason Schultz_1715
Sexton, Mike_Citizens for Sexton_2155
Shay, Tim_Shay For Senate_2476
Shipley, Tom_Tom Shipley for Iowa_2196
Sieck, David_Citizens for Sieck_2223
Siegwarth, Gary_Committee to elect Gary Siegwarth as Governor of Iowa_5180
Simpson, Jean_Jean Simpson for Iowa_2440
Sinclair, Victoria_Friends of Victoria Sinclair_2477
Small, Joseph_Joseph Small_2482
Smith, Jaclyn_Jackie Smith for Iowa senate_2401
Smith, Mark_Mark Smith for Iowa House_1247
Smith, RasTafari_Ras Smith State Representative_2306
Smith, Roby_Smith for Senate_1647
Snodgrass, Rebel_Rebel Snodgrass for Iowa_2291
Sorensen, Ray_Sorensen For Iowa_2408
Speer, Drew_Speer for State Representative_2308
Srinivas, Megan_Megan Srinivas for Iowa_2406
Staed, Art_Committee to Elect Art Staed_1586
Steckman, Sharon_Citizens for Sharon Steckman_1747
Stevens, Ray_Ray Stevens for Iowa House_2360
Stewart, Mary_Stewart for Senate_2372
Stokes, Steven_Steven Stokes for State Senate_2472
Stromberg, Eric_Eric Stromberg for Iowa House_2258
Sunde, Kristin_Kristin Sunde for Iowa House_2396
Sweeney, Annette_Sweeney for Senate_1776
Tackett, Lyn_Tackett Together_2065
Taylor, Todd_Todd Taylor for State Senate_957
Thede, Phyllis_Thede for Iowa_1688
Thompson, Jake_Thompson for Iowa House_2445
Thompson, Phil_Phil Thompson for Iowa_2448
Thorup, Jonathan_Thorup for Iowa_2484
Uhlenkamp, James_Uhlenkamp for Iowa_2394
Upmeyer, Linda_Upmeyer for House_1400
Van Wyk, Jon_Van Wyk For Iowa_2152
VanDerWerff, Jeff_Team VanDerWerff_2295
Varley, Warren_Varley for Iowa_2407
Waechter, Gary_Waechter for Iowa_2321
Wahls, Zacharia_Committee to Elect Zach Wahls_2386
Weaver, David_David Weaver for Iowa_2397
Weiner, Janice_Janice Weiner for Senate_2388
Wendt, Todd_Committee to Elect Todd Wendt, State Senate_2376
Wessel-Kroeschell, Beth_Citizens for Wessel-Kroeschell_1526
Westrich, Cherielynn_Westrich for Iowa_2451
Whalen, Kurt_Citizens for Whalen_2318
Wheeler, Skyler_Wheeler for Representative_2262
Whiting, Zachary_Whiting for Iowa Senate_2338
Whitver, Jack_Friends of Whitver_1953
Wilburn, Ross_Iowans for Ross Wilburn_5177
Williams, David_Williams for Iowa House_2425
Wills, John_Wills for Iowa_2165
Winckler, Cindy_Winckler for State House_1229
Windschitl, Matt_Win With Windschitl_1639
Winter, Timothy_Tim Winter for Iowa House #48_2384
Wolfe, Jesse_Wolfe for Iowa Senate_2441
Wolfe, Mary_Mary Wolfe Campaign_1866
Worthan, Gary_Worthan for Iowa House_1697
Wronkiewicz, Patrick_Wronkiewicz for Senate_2444
Zumbach, Dan_Dan Zumbach for Agriculture_5193
Zumbach, Louis_Zumbach for Iowa House_2251