IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Bacon, Robert_Friends of Rob Bacon_1842
Baltimore, Chip_Baltimore for Iowa House_1864
Baudler, Clel_Baudler for State Representative_1105
Baxter, Terry_Terry Baxter for Iowa House_2215
Bearinger, Bruce_Bearinger for House_2082
Behn, Jerry_Behn for Senate_1854
Bergan, Michael_Bergan for Iowa House_2320
Best, Brian_Brian Best for House_2139
Bloomingdale, Jane_Vote Bloomingdale_2312
Boulton, Nate_Boulton for Senate_2233
Boyle, Bob_Bob Boyle for House 2016_2317
Brase, Chris_Committee to Elect Chris Brase_2006
Breckenridge, Wesley_Wes Breckenridge for State Representative_2234
BREITBACH, MICHAEL_Friends For Breitbach_1838
Brown, Waylon_Waylon Brown for State Senate_2237
Brown-Powers, Timi_Timi Brown-Powers for Iowa_2163
Broyhill, Shaun_Shaun Broyhill for Iowa House of Representatives_2263
Carlin, Jim_Carlin for Iowa House_2260
Carlson, Gary_Committee to Elect Gary Carlson_2133
Celsi, Claire_Claire Celsi for Iowa_2240
Chapman, Jacob_Chapman For Senate_1961
Childs-Smith, Sondra_Sondra Childs-Smith for Iowa_2227
Cohoon, Dennis_Cohoon for Representative_376
Costello, Mark_Costello for Iowa Senate_2014
Cownie, Peter_Cownie for Statehouse_1711
Creasman, Jan_Creasman for House_2314
Danielson, Jeff_Danielson for Senate_1338
Dawson, Daniel_Dan Dawson for State Senate_2256
Dolecheck, Cecil_Dolecheck for Representative_990
Donahue, Molly_Donahue for Statehouse_2274
Drew, Ryan_Committee to Elect Ryan Drew_2329
EDLER, JEFF_Jeff Edler for State Senate_2270
Feenstra, Randy_Randy Feenstra Iowa Senate Committee_1777
Fisher, Dean_Dean Fisher for House_1962
Forbes, John_Forbes for Iowa House_2055
Fry, N. Joel_Fry for Iowa House_1849
Gaines, Ruth_Ruth Ann Gaines for State Representative_1924
Gassman, Theodore_Gassman for House_2005
Grassley, Patrick_Citizens for Pat Grassley_1605
Greene, Thomas_Paid for by Tom Greene State Senate 2016_2242
Gronstal, Michael_Citizens for Gronstal_1612
Gustafson, Stan_Gustafson for Iowa House_2137
Guth, Dennis_Guth for Senate_1963
Hagenow, Christopher_Hagenow for Iowa House_1737
Hager, Kristi_Kristi Hager Iowa House_2289
Hall, Chris_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hanusa, Mary Ann_Iowans for Mary Ann Hanusa_1922
Hart, Rita_Rita R. Hart for State Senate_2009
Heartsill, Greg_Heartsill for Iowa_1975
Heaton, Dave_Citizens for Heaton_930
Heddens, Lisa_Committee to Elect Lisa Heddens_1339
Heikes, Janice_Heikes for Iowa Senate_2255
Hein, Lee_Hein for State House_1886
Hejhal, Tim_Tim Hejhal for State Representative_2296
Heldt, Scott_Scott Heldt for Iowa House_2229
Henderson, Robert_HENDERSON FOR IOWA HOUSE_2319
Highfill, Jake_Friends for Jake Highfill_2030
Hikiji, Miyoko_Miyoko Hikiji for Senate_2226
Hinson, Ashley_Ashley Hinson for House_2245
Holt, Steven_Holt For House_2116
Holz, Chuck_Holz for House District 5 Committee_2235
Hovland, Barbara_Hovland For House_2293
Hunter, Bruce_Committee to Elect Bruce Hunter_1488
Huseman, Dan_The Daniel A. Huseman Election Committee_881
Isenhart, Charles_Isenhart Campaign for the Common Good_1722
Jacoby, David_Jacoby for House_1491
Jochum, Pam_People for Pam Jochum_731
Johnson, Craig_Johnson for Iowa_2159
Jones, Megan_Jones for Iowa_1964
Kacena, Timothy_Citizens for Timothy Kacena_2301
Kapucian, Tim_Kapucian for State Senate_1724
Kaufmann, Robert_Kaufmann for State House_2047
Kean, Jessica_Jessica Kean for Iowa_2332
Kearns, Jerry_Kearns for State Representative Committee_1757
Kerr, David_David Kerr State House_2330
Klein, Jarad_Klein for Statehouse_1705
Koester, Kevin_Kevin Koester for House_1735
Konfrst, Jennifer_Jennifer Konfrst for Iowa_2231
Kressig, Bob_Kressig for Iowa House 59_1504
Kroeger, Gary_Kroeger for Iowa House_2275
Krumwiede, Kenneth_Krumwiede For Iowa House_2268
Landon, John_Friends for Landon_1991
Lofgren, Mark_Team Lofgren_2224
LUNDGREN, SHANNON_Lundgren for House_2294
Lykam, Jim_Friends of Jim Lykam_1397
mascher, mary_Committee to Elect Mascher_863
Mathis, Liz_Mathis for State Senate_1979
Matson, Heather_Heather Matson for Iowa House_2225
McConkey, Charlie_Charlie McConkey for State Representataive_2134
McKean, Andy_McKean For Iowa House_2280
Meyer, Brian_Citizens For Brian Meyer_2124
Miller, Helen_Committee to Re-Elect Helen Miller_1445
Mohr, Gary_Gary Mohr for State House_2252
Mommsen, Norlin_Citizens for Mommsen_2194
Moore, Tom_Moore for State Representative_2244
Myers, Kenneth_Myers for House_2341
Nielsen, Amy_Amy Nielsen for Iowa_2271
Nunn, Zach_Friends for Zach Nunn_2151
Oldson, Jo_Oldson for State Representative_1326
Olson, Rick_Committee to Elect Rick Olson To House of Representatives_1560
Ourth, Scott_Scott Ourth for State Representative_1831
Paustian, Ross_Paustian for State House_1708
Payton, Patrick_Payton for Iowa_2141
Petersen, Janet_Petersen for State Senate_1206
Peterson, Scott_Scott Peterson for Iowa Senate_2302
Pettengill, Dawn_Pettengill for Iowans_1507
Phillips, Andrea_Andrea Phillips for Iowa_2278
Prichard, Todd_Iowans For Prichard_2109
Puntenney, Keith_Keith.Puntenney4iasenatedistrict24_2324
Reed, Scott_Scott Reed for Iowa_2305
Ritter, Patrick_Ritter for Iowa_2250
Rizer, Ken_Rizer for House_2114
Rogers, Walt_Walt Rogers for Iowa_1751
Rozenboom, Kenneth_Rozenboom for Senate_2003
Ruff, Patti_RUFF for IOWA HOUSE DIST. 56_2042
Running-Marquardt, Kirsten_Iowans for Kirsten Running-Marquardt_1847
Sadler, Bonnie_Bonnie Sadler for State Senate_2246
Salmon, Sandy_Friends of Sandy Salmon_1878
Schneider, Charles_Schneider for State Senate_2107
Schoenjahn, Brian_Citizens for Schoenjahn_1534
Segebart, Mark_Mark Segebart for Senate_2056
Seidl, Mark_Seidl for State Representative_1873
Sexton, Mike_Citizens for Sexton_2155
Sheets, Larry_Sheets For Iowa House_1974
Sieck, David_Citizens for Sieck_2223
Sinclair, Amy_Sinclair for Iowa_2002
Smith, Bryce_Bryce Smith 4 Iowa_2228
Smith, Bryce_Bryce Smith 4 Iowa_40027
Smith, Mark_Mark Smith for Iowa House_1247
Snodgrass, Rebel_Rebel Snodgrass for Iowa_2291
Sodders, Steven_Sodders for State Senate_15507
Sodders, Steven_Sodders for State Senate_1702
Sodders, Steven_Sodders for State Senate_40025
Speer, Drew_Speer for State Representative_2308
Stecher, Tom_Stecher for Iowa House_2287
Steckman, Sharon_Citizens for Sharon Steckman_1747
Taylor, Richard_Rich Taylor Campaign Fund_2001
Thede, Phyllis_Thede for Iowa_1688
Upmeyer, Linda_Upmeyer for House_1400
Whalen, Kurt_Citizens for Whalen_2318
Whitehead, Richard_Whitehead for State House_2269
Wiese, Phil_Phil Wiese for Iowa Committee_2273
Wilhelm, Mary Jo_Wilhelm for Iowa Senate_1717
Wills, John_Wills for Iowa_2165
Windschitl, Matt_Win With Windschitl_1639
Wolfe, Mary_Mary Wolfe Campaign_1866
Worthan, Gary_Worthan for Iowa House_1697
Wrage, Nathan_Wrage for State Representative_2059
Zaun, Brad_Zaun for Iowa Senate_1521
Zumbach, Daniel_Dan Zumbach for Senate_1972
Zumbach, Louis_Zumbach for Iowa House_2251