IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Acela, Joan_ACELA for HOUSE_2025
Adams, Desmund_Adams for Senate_1955
Amandus, Donna_Donna Amandus for State Senate_2034
Anderson, Marti_Marti Anderson for Iowa_1967
Baltimore, Chip_Baltimore for Iowa House_1864
Beard, John_Beard for Iowa Senate_1736
Bearinger, Bruce_Bearinger for House_2082
Behn, Jerry_Behn for Senate_1854
Black, James_Jim Black for Iowa Senate Committee_1987
Blackcloud-Garcia, Christina_Blackcloud-Garcia for Iowa House_2079
Bleam, Maison_Iowans for Bleam_2026
Bly, Rachel_Friends for Rachel Bly_1981
Bly, Rachel_Friends for Rachel Bly_40013
Brase, Chris_Committee to Elect Chris Brase_2006
Brenneman, Eric_Brenneman for Iowa_2017
Bribriesco, Maria_Maria Bribriesco for Iowa_2064
Bruner, Mary_Bruner For State Senate_2019
Burt, Allen_Allen Burt for House_2033
Byrnes, Joshua_Byrnes for Statehouse_1845
Clark, Kelsey_Kelsey Clark for State Representative_2052
Cohoon, Dennis_Cohoon for Representative_376
Cronbaugh, Sandra_Cronbaugh for House_2078
Dabeet, John_Committee to Elect John Dabeet_2050
Dabeet, John_Committee to Elect John Dabeet_40020
Danielson, Jeff_Danielson for Senate_1338
Dawson, David_Dawson For Iowa House_1875
Deyoe, David_Deyoe for House_1686
Dishman, Robert_Dishman for State House_1980
Dolecheck, Cecil_Dolecheck for Representative_990
Dunkel, Nancy_Friends of Nancy Dunkel_2028
Edmond, Bill_EDMOND FOR IOWA_2038
ericson, kevin_ericson for progress_2083
Fichter, Clint_Iowans for Fichter_2068
Forristall, Greg_Committee to Elect Greg Forristall_1680
Frakes, Mark_Committee to Elect Mark Frakes_1985
Friedrichsen, Kasey_Friedrichsen for State Representative_1984
Fry, N. Joel_Fry for Iowa House_1849
Garrett, Julian_Garrett for Statehouse Committee_1654
Gassman, Theodore_Gassman for House_2005
Grassley, Patrick_Citizens for Pat Grassley_1605
Gronstal, Michael_Citizens for Gronstal_1612
Grupp, Greg_Grupp For Iowa House_2087
Guth, Dennis_Guth for Senate_1963
Hager, Bob_Bob Hager for Iowa House_1941
Hall, Chris_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hall, Christopher_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hamerlinck, Shawn_Committee to Elect Shawn Hamerlinck_1740
Hart, Rita_Rita R. Hart for State Senate_2009
Heckroth, William_Heckroth For Iowa_1978
Hein, Lee_Hein for State House_1886
Helland, Erik_Friends of Helland_1703
Hess, Megan_Committee to Elect Hess_1964
Jech, Jane_Jane Jech for Iowa Senate_1723
Jones, Megan_Committee to Elect Hess_1964
Jorgensen, Ronald_Jorgensen for Iowa House_1855
Judge, Joseph_Judge for Iowa_1957
Judkins, Susan_Citizens for Susan Judkins_2051
Judkins, Susan_Citizens for Susan Judkins_40019
Kaufmann, Robert_Kaufmann for State House_2047
Keast, Kristin_Keast For HD95_2070
Kelley, Daniel_Dan Kelley for State Representative_1946
Kennedy-Ode, Cara_Kennedy-Ode for Iowa_1956
Kenyon, Jim_Kenyon for Iowa House_2075
Klein, Jarad_Klein for Statehouse_1705
Koester, Kevin_Kevin Koester for House_1735
Kressig, Bob_Kressig for Iowa House 59_1504
Landon, John_Friends for Landon_1991
Lykam, Jim_Friends of Jim Lykam_1397
Mardesen, Matthew_www.mardesenforsenate.com_2053
McCoy, Steve_McCoy For House 26_2057
McKibben, Larry_McKibben for Senate_2022
Miller, Linda_Concerned Citizens for Miller_1611
Mullen, Jeffrey_Mullen For Senate_1977
Murphy, Bernard_Murphy for Iowa House_2007
Murphy, Patrick_Murphy for State Representative_564
Naeve, Andrew_Naeve for State Senate_1896
Noble, Dustin_Noble for House_2044
O'Brien, Dorothy_Dorothy O'Brien for State Senate_2008
Olson, Rick_Committee to Elect Rick Olson To House of Representatives_1560
Olson, Tyler_Committee to Elect Tyler Olson_1602
Olson, Tyler_Committee to Elect Tyler Olson_5155
Ourth, Scott_Scott Ourth for State Representative_1831
Paulsen, Kraig_Paulsen for State House Committee_1318
Pettengill, Dawn_Pettengill for Iowans_1507
Phoenix, John_John Phoenix for House_2015
Randleman, Ruth_Citizens for Randleman_2049
Rayhons, Henry_Rayhons for Representative_968
Reisetter, Matt_Matt Reisetter for Iowa_1631
Riding, Joe_Citizens for Joe Riding 2012_1990
Ringgenberg, Albert_Patriots for Col Al Ringgenberg_1966
Ringgenberg, Albert_Patriots for Col Al Ringgenberg_40010
Ringgenberg, Albert_Patriots for Col Al Ringgenberg_40024
Rogers, Walt_Walt Rogers for Iowa_1751
Routh, Katie_Routh for Representative_2046
Schrad, Dick_Dick Schrad for Senate_2029
Schulte, Renee_Concerned Taxpayers for Schulte_1713
Segebart, Mark_Mark Segebart for Senate_2056
Shaw, Tom_Committee to Elect Tom Shaw_1832
Sheets, Larry_Sheets For Iowa House_1974
Smith, Jeff_Jeff Smith for Iowa House_1853
Smith, Mark_Mark Smith for Iowa House_1247
Sodders, Steven_Sodders for State Senate_1702
Staed, Art_Committee to Elect Art Staed_1586
Stutsman, Sally_Stutsman for State House_1994
Sweeney, Annette_Sweeney for State House_1776
Taylor, Jeremy_Taylor for Iowa House_1701
Tripp, Timothy_Tripp4Senate.org_2081
Ung, Matthew_Iowans for Ung_2032
Ung, Matthew_Iowans for Ung_40016
Upmeyer, Linda_Upmeyer for House_1400
Ward, Pat_Ward for Senate_1500
Willems, Nate_Citizens for Willems_1753
Wolfswinkel, Kevin_Wolfswinkel for House_2035
Zaun, Brad_Zaun for Iowa Senate_1521
Zumbach, Daniel_Dan Zumbach for Senate_1972