IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Abdul-Samad, Ako_Citizens for Ako Abdul-Samad_1604
Anderson, William_Friends of Bill Anderson_1884
Appel Staci__1603__scanned.pdf 534.6 KB
Bacon, Robert_Friends of Rob Bacon_1842
Bailey, McKinley_Bailey for State House_1665
Bangert, Susan_Bangert for State Representative_1909
Beall Daryl__1361__scanned.pdf 439.6 KB
Beardshear, Ryan_Iowans for Ryan Beardshear_1904
Beck, Darin_Darin Beck for Iowa House_1880
Blake, Darlene_Darlene Blake HD61 Committee_1931
Bolkcom, Joe_Joe Bolkcom for Iowa Senate_1120
Bowman, Tod_Friends of Tod Bowman_1874
Branstad, Terry_Governor Branstad 2010_5140
Bryan, Catherine_Team Bryan for Iowa_1899
Burgmeier, Stephen_Stephen Burgmeier for Iowa_1836
Carnahan, Sheri_CARNAHAN FOR IOWA HOUSE_1918
Cornett, James_J.R. Cornett for House District 95_1919
Culver, Chet_Chet Culver Committee_5083
Dawson, David_Dawson for Iowa House_1875
Deyoe, David_Deyoe for House_1686
Dirkx, Daniel_Dirkxhouse 51_1913
Dix, Bill_Friends for Dix_1846
Dotzler, William_Citizens to Elect Bill Dotzler_1040
Enos, Wesley_Enos for Senate_1872
Findley, Brenna_Findley for Iowa_5145
Garrett Julian__1654__amended.pdf 119.0 KB
Garrett Julian__1654__scanned.pdf 517.1 KB
Garrett, Julian_Garrett for Statehouse Committee_1654
Gartin, Timothy_Gartin for Senate_1915
Gaskill Mary__1376__scanned.pdf 280.2 KB
Gaskill, Mary_Gaskill for State Representative_1376
Gerhart, Mike_Voters for Gerhart_1900
Grassley, Patrick_Citizens for Pat Grassley_1605
Greiner, Sandra_Citizens to Elect Greiner_1885
Hall, Chris_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hall, Christopher_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hanson, Curtis_Curt Hanson for State Representative_1835
Hartsuch David__1638__scanned.pdf 409.5 KB
Hartsuch, David_Iowans For Hartsuch_1638
Heckroth, William_Heckroth for Senate_1608
Hein, Lee_Hein for State House_1886
Hogg, Robert_Citizens for Rob Hogg_1347
Huser, Geri_Huser for State Representative_987
Iverson, Stewart_Iverson For House_1881
Jamison, David_Jamison for Treasurer_5139
Jech, Jane_Jane Jech for Iowa House_1723
Kajtazovic, Anesa_Anesa Kajtazovic for Iowa House_1897
Kearns Jerry__1757__scanned.pdf 165.4 KB
Kelley, Doris_Doris Kelley for Iowa House_1641
Koester, Kevin_Kevin Koester for House_1735
Kreiman, Keith_KEITH A. KREIMAN for Senate_778
Kressig, Bob_Kressig for Iowa House District 19_1504
Marek Larry__1707__scanned.pdf 457.7 KB
Massie, Glen_MASSIE IOWA HOUSE_1869
McCarthy, Kevin_McCarthy for State Representative-McCarthy for Iowa_1385
Meyer, Kurt_Meyer for State House_1867
Miller Thomas__5064__scanned.pdf 183.1 KB
Miller, Tom_Iowans For Miller_5064
Moore, Brian_Brian S Moore for State Senate District 13_1905
Murphy Patrick__564__scanned.pdf 299.4 KB
Murphy, Patrick_Murphy for State Representative_564
Olive, Richard_Olive the Supporters of Rich for Senate_1645
Paulsen, Kraig_Paulsen for State House Committee_1318
Pearson, Kim_Kim Pearson Iowa House_1894
Pirillo, Joe_Pirillo for Senate_1933
Pottebaum, Marty_Marty Pottebaum for State Senate_1907
Quirk Brian__1255__scanned.pdf 269.5 KB
Quirk, Brian_Brian Quirk for State Representative_1255
Quirmbach, Herman_Quirmbach for Senate_1356
Raecker, Scott_Raecker for State Representative Committee_1123
Ragan, Amanda_Amanda Ragan for Iowa Senate_1336
Randall, Brian_Brian Randall For Iowa House_1940
Rasmussen Dan__1329__scanned.pdf 144.6 KB
Richards Stephen__1728__scanned.pdf 405.9 KB
Riley, Mark_Committe to Elect Mark J. Riley_1898
Riordan, Bobby_Riordan for HD2_1935
Roberts, Rod_Rod Roberts for Governor_5136
Rooff, John_John Rooff for Iowa House_1936
Rose, David_Rose for Iowa House_1914
Rudison, Clair_Rudison for Iowa Campaign_1939
Rulapaugh, Darin_Rulapaugh for House_1859
Salmon, Sandy_Friends of Sandy Salmon_1878
Sands, Thomas_Sands for State House_1467
Schmitz, Rebecca_Schmitz for Senate_1606
Shaw Tom__1832__scanned.pdf 351.4 KB
Smith Roby__1647__scanned.pdf 320.7 KB
Sorenson, Kent_Sorenson for Statehouse_1794
spencer, selden_spencer for iowa house_1861
Steckman, Sharon_Citizens for Sharon Steckman_1747
Stellmach, John_Committee To Elect John Stellmach For House District 30_1902
Sweeney, Annette_Sweeney for State House_1776
Tackett, Lyn_Tackett4Rep_1917
Taylor, Jeremy_Taylor for Iowa House_1701
Thicke, Francis_Thicke for Agriculture_5132
Upmeyer Linda__1400__scanned.pdf 337.7 KB
Upmeyer, Linda_Upmeyer for House_1400
Van Engelenhoven, Jim_Jim Van Engelenhoven Election for State Representativ_1099
Vander Plaats Robert__5131__scanned.pdf 687.2 KB
Vander Plaats, Robert_Team Vander Plaats_5131
Venable-Ridley, Carlos_Carlos Venable-Ridley Candidate for Iowa State Repre_1796
Venable-Ridley, Carlos_Carlos Venable-Ridley Candidate for Iowa State Representativ_1796
Warner II, Aaron_Warner for House_1906
Whiting, Zachary_Whiting for Iowa House_1857
Willems Nate__1753__scanned.pdf 266.0 KB
Willems, Nate_Citizens for Willems_1753