IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
4th District Republican Executive Committee_9842_closed_2017
ABATEPAC (A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education)_6237
Accessibility for All Action Fund_9890
ActBlue Iowa_9738_closed_2010
Advocates for Addiction Prevention & Treatment PAC_9733_closed_2011
African American Leadership Committee_9693_closed_2011
AFSCME Iowa Council 61 P.E.O.P.L.E._6113
All Children Matter-Iowa_9742_closed_2010
Allamakee County Republican Womens Club_9504_closed 2009
Alliant Energy Employees' Iowa PAC_9881
Alliant Energy Iowa Minnesota Governmental Action Committee_6433
Alliant Energy Iowa Political Action Committee_6433_closed_2017
AlliedGroup__6001__scanned.pdf 92.7 KB
American Fed of State County Municipal Emp 1868 Polk Co._6248
American Federation of Teachers #716 ACTION PAC_6403_closed_2009
Ameristar PAC_9768_closed_2014
Ankeny Area Democrats_9703
Asian & Latino Coalition_9871
asian and latino coalition of Iowa PAC_9917
Associated Builders & Contractors of Iowa Political Action C_6008
Aviva USA Political Action Committee_6159_closed_2014
Bankers Unite in Legislative Decisions AKA- BUILD_6056
Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company PAC_6419
Berkshire Hathaway Energy PAC_6419
Better Democracy PAC_9909
Burlington Firefighters Association Fire PAC 301_9903
Buy Local, Build Local, Employ Local_9789_closed_2010
CA 4 Iowa_9811_closed_2012
Calhoun County Republican Women__9650__DR3.pdf 40.5 KB
Capitol Region Republican Women_9628
Carpenters Local 106 Legislative Improvement Committee_6271_closed_2016
Carroll County Council of Republican Women_9512_closed_2019
Casey's PAC_6475
Cedar Rapids Physician-Hospital Organization PAC (PHO-PAC)_9694_closed_2016
Cedar Rapids Trades Council CR IC Building Trades PAC_9680
Central Iowa Building and Construction Trades CouncilPAC_6017
Central Iowa Young Republicans_9912
Citizen Whip_9702_closed_2014
Citizens for a Healthy Iowa_9877
Citizens For A Successful Council Bluffs_9889_closed_2019
Citizens for Adequate Fire Protection - Mason City FirePAC_9852
Citizens for Preservation of Racing_9663
Citizens for Progress_
Civil Servants Political Education League_6375
CJ Bio America PAC_9854
Clarke County Republican Women_9810_closed_2010
Clinton County Republican Women's Club_9521_closed_2019
Clinton Labor Congress Comm. On Political Education_6244
Coalition of Iowa Athletic Trainers_9905
College and Young Democrats of Iowa PAC_9763
Committee for Pension Reform or CPR_6347
Common Sense_9798
Communications Workers of America Local 7102 POL_6019
Communications Workers of America Local 7110 COPE Fund_9710
Community Bankers of Iowa Political Action Committee_6160
Conservative Alliance of Iowa_9834_closed_2013
Continuing the Legacy Committee_9856_closed_2015
Cornerstone Iowa Political Action Committee_9844
Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Political Action Committee_9831
County IDEA (Iowa Democratic Elected officials Association)_9891_closed_2019
Crawford County Republican Women_9522_closed_2014
Credit Union PAC_6021
CWA Council of the State of IA COPE Fund_6439
Dawn's List_6369_closed_2019
Deere & Company PAC - Iowa (Deere PAC-Iowa)_6027
Delta Dental of Iowa PAC_9764
Democratic Governors' Association - Iowa_9658_closed_2010
Democratic Women of Buchanan County_9597
Des Moines County Job Opportunity & Business PAC_9709_closed_2012
DeWitt Republican Women's Club_9524_closed_2015
Dissolved committe - Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Fo_6456_closed_1999
Dissolved- Do not use - Wells Fargo State PAC - Iowa_6109_closed_2007
Dissolved do not use IAFF FIREPAC Non-Federal_9678_closed_2002
Dissolved Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists PAC (IANA P_6425_closed_1998
Dissolved. Do not use. Clinton Labor Congress Comm. On Poli_6244_closed_2017
Dissolved...use 8038 UFCW Local 230 ABC_6310_closed_2004
Dissolved-Do not use-Wells Fargo Financial Services Inc. PAC_6106_closed_2007
District Union #431 UFCW Political Action Account_6028
DLCC Iowa_9877_closed_2018
Do not use Tester PAC_9872_closed_2019
Dog PAC_9867
Doll Family PAC_9887
Dow AgroSciences Iowa PAC_9757_closed_2018
Dubuque Federation of Labor C.O.P.E. Committee_6366_closed_2017
East Des Moines Area Democrats Political Action Committee_9862
Educational Opportunities PAC_9805
Eide Walton PAC_9918
Elite PAC_9875
Elk Run Energy PAC 9872__closed
EMILY's List -- Iowa_6406_closed_2013
Employers Mutual Casualty Co. PAC for Responsible St. Govt_6033
Engineer's Political Action Committee_6034
Everyday America Protecting our American Constitution_9812_closed_2020
Expand Cannabis Iowa_9902_closed_2018
Fairness Fund_9754
Federation of Iowa Insurers PAC_9659
First Congressional District of Iowa C.O.P.E., AFL-CIO_6127_closed_2016
for xml testing_9900_closed_2019
Franzen Altoona I-80 DR-1.pdf 81.1 KB
Franzen I-80 Partnership_9767_closed_2008
Free and Strong America PAC-Iowa_9705
Free County_9797
Freedom First PAC - Iowa_9799_closed_2011
Freedom Fund PAC_6356
Fresh Leadership For Iowa (FLI-PAC)_9864_closed_2019
Friends and Firefighters of Waterloo_9893
Friends of Argosy_9747_closed_2014
Friends of Prairie Meadows_9760_closed_2012
Friends of the 21st Century Forum PAC_9788_closed_2012
FUELIowa PAC_6351
Fund for Iowa's Future_9755_closed_2015
Golden Grain Energy State PAC_9726
GOPAC Iowa 9728.pdf 111.7 KB
Great American Candidates Association_9902
Great Plains Laborers' District Council Iowa PAC_6449
Great River Uniserv Unit Political Action Committee_6145_closed_2015
Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company PAC_9687
Grocers Political Action Committee_6042
Grow Iowa_9879_closed_2016
GuideOne Insurance State Political Action Committee_6451
Harrison County Republican Women_9610_closed_2015
Hawkeye Area Labor Council AFL-CIO Political Action Committe_6414
Hawkeye Labor Council AFL-CIO Political Action Committee_6414
Hearing Aid Society PAC_6044
Heartland Carwash Association PAC_9838
Heavy Highway Political Action Committee_6429
Henry County Republican Women_9536_closed_2016
Henry County Republican Women_9804
High School Democrats of Iowa PAC_9888_closed_2019
Home Builders Assoc. of Greater Cedar Rapids PAC_6324_closed_2016
Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines PAC_6207
Home Builders of Ames BUILD PAC 9765.pdf 126.8 KB
Home Builders of Ames BUILD PAC_9465_closed_2018
Homebuilders Association PAC_6146
Humane Society Legislative Fund of Iowa_9911
Hy-Vee, Inc. Employees' Political Action Committee_6282
I.B.E.W. Local 1362 Political Action Fund #6216_6216
IAHU PAC_9813_closed_2011
IANA (Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists PAC_6478
IBEW Local 1362 Political Action Fund 6216.pdf 15.1 KB
IFC PAC_9817
IFC PAC_9817_closed_2014
IHA PAC_6291
Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa PAC_6052
Insure-Rite PAC_9857
Iowa 4th District Republican Executive Committee_9901
Iowa Agribusiness PAC_6162
Iowa American Water Company Politcal Action Committee_9865
Iowa Apartment PAC (formerly Iowa Landlord PAC)_9688_closed_2012
Iowa Asian & Latino Coalition_9916_closed_2020
Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers-PAC_9698_closed
Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists PAC (IANA PAC)_6425_closed_1998
Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists PAC_6478
Iowa Athletic Trainers' Society (IATS)_9786 closed
Iowa Auto Recyclers PAC_6264
Iowa Automotive Recylers__6264__scanned.pdf 90.7 KB
Iowa BEV PAC #6098_6098
Iowa Beverage Association PAC (formerly Iowa Soft Drink PAC)_6163
Iowa Cable PAC_6250
Iowa Cattlemen's Association PAC__9785__DR1.pdf 86.6 KB
Iowa Cattlemen's Association PAC_9785
Iowa CCI PAC_9886
Iowa Certified Public Accountants PAC_6062
Iowa Chiropractic Society Pac_6058
Iowa City Carpenters PAC_6294
Iowa City Federation of Labor PAC Account 6418.pdf 14.5 KB
Iowa City Federation of Labor PAC Account_6418_closed_2017
Iowa City FIRE PAC_9820
Iowa Committee of Automotive Retailers (ICAR)_6059
Iowa Committee on Political Education - AFL-CIO_6060
Iowa Conservation Voters_9866
Iowa Conservative Union__9794__DR1.pdf 79.2 KB
Iowa Conservative Union_9794
Iowa Conservatives Fund_9822_closed_2014
Iowa County Republican Women_9538_closed_2014
Iowa Dental Political Action Committee_6063
Iowa Family PAC_9715
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Political Action Committee_6234
Iowa Farmers Union PAC__9718__scanned.pdf 107.4 KB
Iowa Farmers Union Political Action Committee_9718_closed_2010
Iowa Federation of Animal Owners_9724
Iowa Federation of Young Republicans_9913
Iowa Fifth District- DR-1 Amended.pdf 75.7 KB
Iowa First Foundation PAC_9792_closed_2016
Iowa Friends of Rural Electrification-IAEC PAC_6064
Iowa Funeral Directors Assn. PAC_6066
Iowa Grassroots PAC_9878_closed_2018
Iowa Green Party_9691
Iowa Growth PAC_9818
Iowa Gun Owners Political Action Committee (IGO PAC)_9801_closed_2019
Iowa Health PAC_6067
Iowa Heart Center PAC_9689_closed_2018
Iowa Independent Bankers PAC 6160.pdf 15.2 KB
Iowa Independent Bankers Political Action Committee_6160
Iowa Industry Political Action Committee or IIPAC_6069
Iowa Insurance Institute PAC_6435
Iowa Keystone Political Action Committee_9807_closed_2012
Iowa Land Title Association PAC or ILTA PAC_9655
Iowa Latino PAC_6487
Iowa LAWPAC 6070.pdf 108.8 KB
Iowa Lawpac_6070
Iowa Letter Carriers Committee on Political Educ.(ILC-COPE)_9654
Iowa Libertarian Legislature Fund_9690_closed_2008
Iowa Life Insurance Industry PAC_0
Iowa Life Insurance Industry PAC_6071_closed_2002
Iowa Lumbermens PAC_6215
Iowa Medical Leadership PAC__9784__scanned.pdf 84.8 KB
Iowa Medical Leadership PAC_9784
Iowa Medical PAC__6073__DR-1.pdf 89.9 KB
Iowa Metro Automobile Dealers PAC__9706__DR3.pdf 530.8 KB
Iowa Mortgage Association PAC_9701
Iowa NECA PAC_9732
Iowa Nurses Association Political Action Committee_6075_closed_2011
Iowa Ophthalmology P.A.C._6279
Iowa Ophthalmology PAC 6279.pdf 15.4 KB
Iowa Optometric Association_6118
Iowa Osteopathic Political Action Committee_6076
Iowa PA - PAC_9752
Iowa PA PAC__DR1__9752__scanned.pdf 81.5 KB
Iowa PAC for Life_9823
Iowa PAC_
Iowa People's PAC_9883
Iowa Pet Alliance PAC_9867
Iowa Pharmacy PAC_6077
Iowa Physical Therapy PAC 6078.pdf 15.1 KB
Iowa Physical Therapy PAC_6078
Iowa Physicians Making A Difference Political Action Committ_9825_closed_2013
Iowa Podiatry PAC 6079.pdf 136.7 KB
Iowa Podiatry Political Action Committee_6079
Iowa Political Action for Candidate Election_6080
Iowa Poultry PAC__9783__scanned.pdf 73.8 KB
Iowa Poultry PAC_9783
Iowa Pride PAC_9874_closed_2020
Iowa Professional Fire Fighters PAC #9790.pdf 99.1 KB
Iowa Professional Fire Fighters PAC_9790
Iowa Pro-Life Action PAC_9843_closed_2019
Iowa Propane Gas Political Action Committee_9847
Iowa Providers PAC_6488
Iowa Psychiatric Society PAC 9762.pdf 116.9 KB
Iowa Psychiatric Society PAC_9762_closed_2017
Iowa Quarter Horse Racing PAC_9751
Iowa Realtors PAC_6125
Iowa Rental Property Owners PAC_9835
Iowa Restaurant Association Political Action Committee_6400
Iowa Retail Political Action Committee_6404
Iowa Right to Life State PAC_6262
Iowa Rural Water State PAC_6430
Iowa Sierra Club Political Committee 9735.pdf 14.9 KB
Iowa Sierra Club Political Committee_9735_closed_2013
Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee_6484
Iowa Staff Union-National Staff Organization PAC_6177
Iowa State Building & Trades Council PEC_6085
Iowa State Council of Machinist Political Fund_6095
Iowa State Education Assn. PAC or ISEA PAC_6086
Iowa State U.A.W. PAC_6084
Iowa Telecom Political Action Committee (ITPAC)_6486
Iowa Telecommunications Assoc - PAC_6087
Iowa Trails and Bike PAC_9876
Iowa Turkey Federation PAC_9743
Iowa Values_9910
Iowa Veterans Coalition_9873
Iowa Veterans' Victory Fund__9770__DR1 amended.pdf 103.3 KB
Iowa Veterans' Victory Fund_9770_closed_2014
Iowa Veterinary Political Action Committee, Inc. (I-Vet PAC)_6378
Iowa Volunteer Firefighters PAC_9849
Iowa Women for Progressive Change_9880
IowaFathers PAC_9750_closed_2012
Iowans 4 Higher Education_9836
Iowans For A Skilled Workforce_9736
Iowans for Freedom PAC__9778__scanned.pdf 171.9 KB
Iowans for Freedom PAC_9778_closed_2014
Iowans for Low Taxes_9800_closed_2011
Iowans for Lower Taxes_9800
Iowans for Right To Work PAC or IARTW PAC_9771_closed_2015
Iowans for Right to Work__9771__scanned.pdf 85.8 KB
Iowans for Safe Cycling and Trails_9876
Iowans for Tax Relief PAC (formerly Taxpayers United)_6155
Iowa's Community Bankers Political Action Committee I_6126_closed_2007
IowaVeterns'VictoryFund__9770__scanned.pdf 93.2 KB
Iron Workers Local 67 PAC_6148
I-Vet PAC or Iowa Veterinary Political Action Committee, Inc_6378
iVote Fund_9855_closed_2016
IWDA PAC 9761.pdf 115.5 KB
IWDA__DR1__9761__scanned.pdf 81.2 KB
Jefferson County Republican Women__9540__DR1.pdf 79.7 KB
Jefferson County Republican Women_9540_closed_2019
JGPFF Local 4835 PAC Fund_9906
Johnson County Republican Women_9541_closed_2014
Johnston Area Democrats_9885
JONI PAC Iowa_9870
Justice for All PAC__DR1__scanned.pdf 91.9 KB
Justice For All Political Action Committee_6046
Justice For Justin
Justice For Justin_SFA
Krause Gentle Corporation PAC_6485
Kum & Go PAC, Inc._6485
Laborer's Local #340_9766_closed_2013
Laborer's Local 340__9766.pdf 132.3 KB
Laborers' Local 43 PAC_9892
Laborers Local 430 Political Fund_9772_closed_2012
Laborers' Local Union #566 PAC_9758_closed_2013
Laborers' Local Union #566_DR-1_9758.pdf 90.2 KB
Laborers PAC__DR1__scanned.pdf 83.3 KB
Laborers' PAC_6236
Laborers Political League Local #43_6476_closed_2016
Laborers Political League Local #43_DR1_scanned.pdf 89.6 KB
Libertarian Party of Iowa 9545.pdf 14.7 KB
Libertarian Party of Iowa_9545
Libertarian Party of Johnson County_9649_closed_2011
Libertarian Party_9545
Liberty Iowa PAC_9829
Life for All PAC__9779__scanned.pdf 184.9 KB
Life for All PAC_9779
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP DR1__9791__scanned.pdf 85.6 KB
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP DR3__9791__scanned.pdf 32.5 KB
Linn Area Biz PAC__DR1__scanned.pdf 590.5 KB
Linn Area BizPAC_9749_closed_2018
Linn County Republican Women__9613__DR1.pdf 99.1 KB
Linn County Republican Women_9613_closed_2010
Linn Eagles_9637
Linn Phoenix Club_9645
Local #4 Fire PAC_6314
Local No. 1142 UFCW Political Fund_9673_closed_2010
Local Union No 347 IBEW PAC Fund_9716
LS2group PAC_9845
Mahaska County Democratic Women_9808_closed_2015
Manufactured Housing Political Action Committee #6096_6096
Marshall County Republican Women_9555_closed_2018
Master Builders of Iowa P.A.C._6323
Measured Politics Iowa_9898
Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa PAC_9704
Medical Cannabis PAC_9895
Meredith Corporation Employees Fund for Better Government_6099_closed_2016
MidAmerican Energy Company Effective Government Committee_6082
MidAmerican Energy Company Executive PAC_6419
MidAmerican Energy Company PAC_6082
Midwest PAC_9748
Midwest Rural Partnership_9833_closed_2015
Midwest Victory PAC_9908
Montgomery County Republican Women_9559
Muscatine Firefighters Assn. Fire PAC Local #608_9780
Muscatine Firefighters Assn. Fire PAC Local #608__9780__scanned.pdf 88.6 KB
Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa PAC_9796
National Federation of Independent Business Iowa Political A_6218
National Federation of Independent Business Iowa SAFE Trust 6218.pdf 15.2 KB
National Federation of Independent Business Iowa SAFE Trust_6218
National Federation of Independent Business Iowa SAFE__6218__DR-1.pdf 81.3 KB
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. Iowa PAC (Formerly Allied)_6001_closed_2011
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co__DR1__scanned.pdf 91.0 KB
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Iowa PAC (Formally Allie_6001
Newton Fire Fighters Fire PAC 1457_9858
No PSOs_9919
North Iowa Nine Labor Council Political Education Fund_9869_closed_2016
Northwest Des Moines Democrats_9884
Northwest Iowa Labor Council COPE Fund_6144
Northwest Iowa Republicans_9696_closed_2006
OAAI, PAC_9675
One Vote at a Time Iowa_9897_closed_2019
Operating Engineers Local 234 Political Fund_6089
Ottumwa Association of Professional Firefighters Local 395 P_9851
OUTCOMES MTM PAC_9828_closed_2015
PAC 17 Davenport Assn of Professional Fire Fighters 9695.pdf 14.9 KB
PAC 17 Davenport Assn of Professional Fire Fighters_9695
PACEG Committee (Political Action Comm. for Effect. Govt)_6112
Panther PAC_9863_closed_2019
PeaceMakers Political Action Committee 9759.pdf 15.1 KB
PeaceMakers Political Action Committee_9759_closed_2012
Peninsula Gaming Employee PAC__9774__scanned.pdf 87.8 KB
Peninsula Gaming Employee PAC_9774
Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores of Iowa (PMCI) PAC_6351
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa PAC_6356
Planned Parenthood Voters of Iowa PAC_6356
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union #25 PAC_6432
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union #33_6334
Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 125 Political Education Fund_9672
Police Officers For Good Government_9723
Political Action - Iowa Dealers #6116_6116
Political Action - Iowa Dealers 6116.pdf 15.2 KB
Political Action-Iowa Dealers__6116__scanned.pdf 80.9 KB
Polk County Republican Women's Club_9628
Postcards to Iowa Voters_9896
Postcards to Iowa Voters_SFA
Prim Care Policital Action Committee_9830
Prolife Action Council_6121_closed_2018
Public Safety Initiative_9714
Purse PAC_9781
Qwest Iowa Political Action Committee_6107_closed_2011
Rainbow Equality PAC__DR1__9753__scanned.pdf 78.9 KB
Rainbow Equality PAC_9753_closed_2014
RDH PAC (Registered Dental Hygienists PAC_6477
RDH PAC DR-1__6477__scanned.pdf 92.0 KB
Reba's Boat Committee_0
Republican Women of Madison County__9551__DR1.pdf 77.3 KB
Republican Women of Madison County_9551_closed_2014
Republicans for Conservative Values_9894
RGA Iowa PAC_9776_closed_2011
Right Direction
Right Direction_SFA
Rights For The Non-Custodial Parent_9793
Roquette America, Inc. PAC_6384_closed_2014
RPAC Iowa - REALTORS Political Action Committee_6125
Save Dog Racing PAC_9860_closed_2015
Scott County Republican Women__9602__scanned.pdf 241.2 KB
Scott County Republican Women_9602
SEIU (Service Employees Intl Union) Local 199 COPE Fund_6492
SEIU Local 199 Voter Education Fund_9773
SEIU Political Education and Action Iowa Fund_9700_closed_2014
Senate 10 Progressives_9861_closed_2016
Sheet Metal Contractors of Iowa, Inc. PAC_6277
Sioux City Home Builders PAC_6131
Sioux City Police Officers Association Political Action Comm_9802_closed_2011
Sioux City Professional Firefighters Association Local #7_9819
South Central Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO Citzenship_6133
South Central Iowa Federation of Labor DR-1__6133__scanned.pdf 101.2 KB
Southeastern Iowa Building Trade Council PAC_9850
Southern Iowa Labor Council Committee on Political Educ._6110_closed_2016
Southwest Iowa PAC_9841_closed_2020
State Police Officers Council- PAC Fund 6272.pdf 15.2 KB
State Police Officers Council- PAC Fund_6272
State Police Officers Council_DR1_updated.pdf 75.7 KB
Support Our MCI Workers PAC_9921
Taylor County Democratic Women's Club_9574_closed_2018
Taylor County Democratic Women's Club_9574_DR1.pdf 878.0 KB
Team Iowa PAC__9775__scanned.pdf 81.7 KB
Team Iowa PAC_9775_closed_2017
Teamsters Local 238 PAC_9915_closed_2019
Teamsters Local 554 Iowa - D.R.I.V.E._6331
Teamsters Local 90 D.R.I.V.E._9846
TechPAC (formerly SITIPAC)_9664
Tester PAC_9872_closed_2019
The 49_9727_closed_2014
The Commonwealth PAC-Iowa_9705_closed_2014
The Family Leader PAC_9715
The Lincoln Club PAC__9626__DR-3.pdf 34.5 KB
The Lincoln Club_9626
The Spartan Pac_9872
Transgender Voter Network_SFA
Triple B Farms_9839_closed_2013
Truck PAC Iowa (formerly Motor Carriers PAC)_6101
Truck PAC Iowa 6101.pdf 15.5 KB
Truckstops of Iowa PAC_9832
Twenty-First Century Forum PAC_9848
UFCW ABC Education-Political Fund_9806_closed_2016
UFCW Local 230 Political Action Committee_9824_closed_2014
UH Concerned Citizens 2015_SFA
Union Council AFL-CIO Political Education Fund_9725_closed_2016
United Barber Schools Political Action Committee_9686_closed_2014
United Committee for Veteran Excellence_9873
United Food & Commercial Workers Iowa Active Ballot Club_9787
United Staff Union of Iowa Political Action Fund_9681
United Steelworkers Local 105 PAC_9907_closed_2019
United Steelworkers of America Local 310 Cope Account_6139
United Union of Roofers Pol Ed and Leg Fund of Iowa_9699
UnitedHealth Group, Inc. PAC of Iowa_9777_closed_2013
UnitedHealth GroupINC__9777__scanned.pdf 86.6 KB
UnitedHealthGroupIncPACofIowa__9777__scanned.pdf 85.2 KB
Urbandale AREA Democrats_9920
Urbandale Democrats_9882
USW PAC Local 11-604__6440__DR3.pdf 38.6 KB
Veritas Political Action Committee_9804
VERIZON Iowa State Good Govt Club_6038_closed_2012
VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC Iowa (VOICESPAC)_9826_closed_2013
Wapello County Republican Women's Club_9581_closed_2012
War Eagle Society PAC_9803_closed_2016
Washington County Republican Women_9809_closed_2014
WDM Professional Fire Fighters L3586 PAC_9814
WDMFD L3586 FirePAC_9814
Wellmark, Inc. PAC or WellPAC_6498
West Des Moines Democrats_9868
Western Iowa Labor Federation COPE Fund_6144
Windstream Iowa PAC_6486_closed_2010
Winnebago County Republican Women__9640__scanned.pdf 91.4 KB
Winnebago County Republican Women_9640
WinnebagoCo RepublicanWomen__9640__scanned.pdf 73.5 KB
Women for a Stronger America_9722
Wright Country Republican Women__9795__DR1.pdf 90.5 KB
Wright Country Republican Women__9795__DR3.pdf 34.0 KB