IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Abdouch, Sarah_Abdouch for House_2553
Abdouch, Sarah_Abdouch for State House_2473
Abdul-Samad, Ako_Citizens for Ako Abdul-Samad_1604
Abolt, Abolt for Senate_1810_closed_2010
Acela, Joan_ACELA for HOUSE_2025_closed_2012
Acela, Joan_Acela for House_2150
Acela, Joan_Committee to Elect Joan Acela for Iowa House_1851_closed_2010
Adams Jr, Michael_Adams for Iowa Senaate_1927_closed_2010
Adams, Desmund_Adams for Senate_1955
Adams, Desmund_Citizens for Desmund Adams_1955_closed_2013
Adams, Steven_Adams-12_2220_closed_2016
Adcock, Chris_Iowa Votes for Adcock_2561
Addy, Jim_Jim Addy for Iowa House District 33_2276_closed_2016
Alarcon-Flory, Perla_Perla Alarcon-Flory for Iowa House_2261
Alcazar, Matthew_Alcazar for State Representative_1908_closed_2013
Allen, Chaz_Chaz Allen 4 Senate_2188_closed_2019
Allen, Jaime_Jaime Allen for Senate_2351_closed_2019
Allison, Charles__5118__closed__2008.pdf 44.0 KB
Allison, Tiffany_Friends of Tiffany Allison_2449
Alons, Dwayne_Alons for Representative Committee_1104_closed_2014
Amandus, Donna_Donna Amandus for State Senate_2034_closed_2012
Ambrose, Ray_Elect Ambrose_1926_closed_2013
Amos, Martin_Martin Amos for Iowa House_2442_closed_2018
Amos, Nancy_Nancy Amos for Iowa senate_2499
Anderson, Andy_Citizens for Andy Anderson_1609_closed_2014
Anderson, Bob_Bob Anderson For State Senate_2126_closed_2014
Anderson, Brad_Anderson for Iowa_5152
Anderson, Marti_Marti Anderson for Iowa_1967
Anderson, Patrick_Patrick Anderson for Justice_5195_closed_2019
Anderson, Richard_Citizens for Anderson_1494_closed_2013
Anderson, Shawna_Shawna Anderson for Iowa_2565
Anderson, William_Friends of Bill Anderson_1884
Andrews, Christian_Andrews for Iowa House_2415
Andrews, Christian_Andrews for Iowa_2415
Andrews, Eddie_Eddie Andrews For Iowa_2538
Angelo, Jeff_Angelo for Senate_964_closed_2008
Anhalt, Gary_Anhalt 4 CR_2140_closed_2015
Appel, Staci_Appel for Iowa_1603
Appel, Staci_Appel for Senate_1603
Aragon, Alvin_Alvin Aragon for Iowa_2582
Arneson, Dirk_Dirk Arneson for Iowa_2500_closed_2020
Arnold, Richard_Arnold For House_681_closed_2013
Arthur, Roger_FRIENDS FOR ROGER ARTHUR_1883_closed_2013
Arthur, Troy_Troy Arthur for Iowa House_2195_closed_2014
Askew, John_(Do Not Use)_5101_closed_2006
Askew, John_Askew for Agriculture_5151_closed_2013
Avenarius, Tom_Avenarius for House District 32_1660_closed_2012
Bacon, Robert_Friends of Rob Bacon_1842
Bailey, McKinley_Bailey for State House_1665_closed_2010
Balduchi, Kent_Kent Balduchi For Iowa House_2374_closed_2019
Bales, Brian_Bales for Iowa State Senate_2470
Bales, Brian_Brian Bales for Iowa Senate_2470_closed_2019
Bales, Brian_Brian Bales for Iowa State Senate_2470
Ballalatak, Deb_Go Team Ballalatak for IOWA_2216_closed_2014
Ballard, Matthew_Ballard for State Representative_1759_closed_2015
Baltimore, Chip_Baltimore for Iowa House_1864_closed_2020
Bangert, Susan_Bangert for State Representative_1909_closed_2011
Bangert, Susan_Bangert for State Senate_2313_closed_2017
Baresel, Cayla_Cayla Baresel for StateRepresentative_1773_closed_2009
Barnes, Andrew_Barnes for Iowa Senate_2299_closed_2017
Barnett, David_1816_closed_2010
Barth, Wendy_Wendy Barth for Governor_5129_closed_2008
Bartz, Merlin_Citizens for Good Government - Dissolved_5090_closed_1998
Bartz, Merlin_Citizens For Good Government_318
Batchelor, Carla_Carla Batchelor for Iowa_1892_closed_2013
Batt, Donald_Committee to Elect Don Batt for Iowa House_2485_closed_2018
Battaglia, Marco_Committee to Elect Marco Battaglia_5188
Baudler, Clel_Baudler for State Representative_1105_closed_2018
Baxter, Terry_Terry Baxter for Iowa House_2215
Beall, Daryl_People for Beall_1361_closed_2015
Beard, John_Beard for Iowa Senate_1736_closed_2013
Bearden, Chris Bearden for State Representative_1789_closed_2010
Beardshear, Ryan_Iowans for Ryan Beardshear_1904_closed_2013
Bearinger, Bruce_Bearinger for House_2082
Beck, Darin_Darin Beck for Iowa House_1880_closed_2012
Behn, chad_Chad Behn For Senate_2548
Behn, Jerry_Behn for Senate_1854
Bell, Paul_Paul Bell for State Representative_765_closed_2011
Bell, Paul_Paul Bell for State Representative_765_closed_2019
Belt, Scott_Committee to Elect Scott A. Belt_1656
Bennett, Elizabeth_Iowans for Liz Bennett_2120
Benson, Mindy_Benson for Iowa House_2433
Bergan, Michael_Bergan for Iowa House_2320_closed_2017
Bergan, Michael_Bergan for Iowa House_2382
Bergman, Anna_Friends of Anna Bergman_2427
Bergman, Annastasia_Friends of Anna Bergman_2427
Bern, Ronda_Bern for State House_2203
Bernholtz, Donald_Don Bernholtz for Iowa House_1921_closed_2010
berry, deborah_Berry for Iowa House of Representatives_1393_closed_2018
Bertrand, Rick_Team Bertrand_1755_closed_2018
Besick, Randy_vote Besick_1882_closed_2010
Best, Brian_Brian Best for House_2139
Best, Frank_Best for the Statehouse_1758
Biede, Matthew_Biede4Senate_2060_closed_2012
Billings, Roger_R. Billings for State House_1839_closed_2010
Bisignano, Tony_Bisignano for Senate 2014_2115
Bisignano, Tony_Bisignano for Senate Account_2115
Black, Dennis_Dennis Black for State Senate_7_closed_2016
Black, James_Jim Black for Iowa Senate Committee_1987_closed_2012
Blackcloud, Christina_Blackcloud for Iowa House_2540
Blackcloud-Garcia, Christina_Blackcloud-Garcia for Iowa House_2079
Blackcloud-Garcia, Christina_Blackcloud-Garcia for Iowa House_2079_closed_2012
Blake, Darlene_Darlene Blake HD61 Committee_1931_closed_2012
Blake, Nathan_Blake for Iowa_2127
Blanchard, Barbara__1646__closed_2007.pdf 35.5 KB
Bleam, Maison_Iowans for Bleam_2026_closed_2013
Bloomingdale, Jane_Vote Bloomingdale for Iowa House_2312
Bloomingdale, Jane_Vote Bloomingdale_2312
Blouin, Blouin for Governor_5117_closed_2008
Blue, John_Committee to Elect John Blue_2177_closed_2016
Blue, John_John Blue Committee to Elect John Blue_2177
Bly, Rachel_Friends for Rachel Bly_1981
Boal, Boal for Iowa House_1147_closed_2008
Boal, Michael_Boal for Iowa_2436
Bodeker, Ruby_Ruby Bodeker for Iowa_2535
Boden, Brooke_Brooke Boden for Iowa House_2518
Boedeker, Dennis_Boedeker for State House_2176_closed_2015
Boettger, Nancy_Nancy Boettger for State Senate Committee_890_closed_2016
Bohannan, Christina_Bohannan for Iowa_2527
Bolin, Joan__5096__Closed__2009.pdf 36.9 KB
Bolkcom, Joe_Joe Bolkcom for Iowa Senate_1120
Bollard, Jim_Citizens for Bollard_2214
Bolluyt, Karen_Citizens for Bolluyt_1374
Bolton, Nathan_Nathan Bolton for Iowa_2162
Bomgaars, Steven_Steven K Bomgaars for State Representative_1988_closed_2017
Bornhoft, Galen -Barney-_Bornhoft for Iowa House_2088_closed_2016
Bossman, Jacob_Friends of Jacob Bossman_2241
Boulton, Nate_Boulton for Iowa_5171_closed_2019
Boulton, Nate_Boulton for Senate_2233
Bourn, Bradley_Bourn for Senate_2085_closed_2014
Bowman, Tod_Friends of Tod Bowman_1874
Boyle, Bob_Bob Boyle for House 2016_2317_closed_2017
Brackett, Jessica_Vote Brackett_2277
Brackett, Kelcey_Kelcey Brackett for Iowa House 91_2536
Braden, Braden for Senate_1725_closed_2008
Bradley, Steven_Bradley for Iowa House_2512
Bradley, Steven_Candy Bradley_2511
Branco, Patti_Patti Branco for Iowa House_2043_closed_2013
Brandenburg, Brandenburg for Iowa Senate_1764_closed_2008
Brandenburg, Mark_Brandenburg for Iowa House_1889
Brandenburg, Mark_Brandenburg for Iowa House_2136
Branhagen, Darrel_Citizens for Branhagen_2164_closed_2019
Branstad, Terry_Governor Branstad 2010_5140
Branstad, Terry_Governor Branstad Committee_5140_closed_2018
Brantz, Don_Committee To Elect Don Brantz_2219
Brase, Chris_Committee to Elect Chris Brase_2006
Breckenridge, Wesley_Wes Breckenridge for State Representative_2234
BREITBACH, MICHAEL_Friends For Breitbach_1838
Brenneman, Eric_Brenneman for Iowa_2017_closed_2013
Brenner, Vicky_Vicky Brenner for Iowa_2363_closed_2019
Brett H. Nelson_SFA
Bribriesco, Maria_Maria Bribriesco for Iowa_2064_closed_2016
Bridges, Garland_Citizens for Garland Bridges_2089_closed_2014
Brink, Brenda_Brenda Brink for State House_2375_closed_2019
Brink, Holly_Citizens for Holly Brink_2426
Brown, Ben_Ben Brown for Iowa_2491_closed_2019
Brown, Jim_Jim Brown for IA House_1733_closed 2008
Brown, Matthew_1768_closed 2009
Brown, Michael_Brown for Iowa_2027
Brown, Waylon_Waylon Brown for State Senate_2237
Brown-Powers, Timi_Timi Brown-Powers for Iowa_2163
broyhill, shaun_Friends for Broyhill_2423_closed_2018
Broyhill, Shaun_Friends of Broyhill_2353
Broyhill, Shaun_Shaun Broyhill for Iowa House of Representatives_2263_closed_2016
Bruce Adams_SFA
Bruner, Mary_Bruner For State Senate_2019_closed_2013
Bruntz, Crystal_Bruntz for Senate_2143_closed_2017
Bryan, Catherine_Team Bryan for Iowa_1899
Budde, Jim_Friends of Budde_2209_closed_2015
Bukta, Polly_Polly Bukta Campaign Committee_975_closed_2010
Burgmeier, Stephen_Stephen Burgmeier for Iowa_1836
Burke, Jim_Citizens for Burke_1834_closed_2011
Burke, Lennie Burke for Representative_1800_closed_2008
Burt, Allen_Allen Burt for House_2033_closed_2014
Burt, Kerry_Kerry Burt for State Representative_1782_closed_2011
Bush, Dennis_Iowans For Dennis Bush_2559
Buss, Chad_Chad J Buss_2486
Bussanmas, Maxine Bussanmas for State Rep._1675_closed_2010
Byrnes, Joshua_Byrnes for Statehouse_1845
Cahill, Daniel_Cahill for Representative_2101_closed_2012
Cahill, Susan_Sue Cahill for Iowa House_2555
Calhoun, John__1617__closed_2007.pdf 30.7 KB
Calhoun, John_Calhoun for Senate_1954_closed_2011
Camerer, Russell_Camerer for State Representative_1815_closed 2009
Campbell, Dave__1335__closed__2008.pdf 39.2 KB
Canady, Noah_Canady for Iowa_2418_closed_2018
Canny, Chris_Chris Canny for Iowa House_1930_closed_2010
Carl Krambeck For State Senate_SFA
Carley, Jim_Carley for Iowa_1996_closed_2014
Carlin, Jim_Carlin for Iowa House_2260
Carlin, Jim_Carlin for Iowa Senate_2260
Carlson, Frederic_Carlson for House_2416
Carlson, Gary_Committee to Elect Gary Carlson_2133
Carnahan, Sheri_CARNAHAN FOR IOWA HOUSE_1918_closed_2013
Carroll, Danny_THE CARROLL COMMITTEE_913_closed_2010
Cavanagh, Brad_Cavanagh For Iowa_2355
Caviness, Caviness for Senate_1610_closed_2008
Celsi, Claire_Claire Celsi for Iowa_2240
Cesar, Dan_1828_closed 2008
Chambers, Royd_Chambers for Iowa House_1333_closed_2019
Chapman, Jacob_Chapman For Senate_1961
Charlier, William_Bill Charlier for Iowa Legislature_2334
Chase, Everett_Chase for Iowa_2579
Chelgren, Mark_Chelgren for Iowa Senate_1923
Childers, William_Citizens for Childers_1709_closed_2010
Childs-Smith, Sondra_Sondra Childs-Smith for Iowa_2227_closed_2018
Chilton, Pauline_Chilton for Iowa_2381
Chiodo, Ned_Chiodo for Senate_2153_closed_2014
Christoffersen, Matt_Citizens for Christoffersen_2266
Christoffersen, MATTHEW_Citizens for Christoffersen_2266
Cirksena, Scott_The Committee to elect Scott Cirksena_2568
Cisneros, Mark_Cisneros For Iowa_2129
Clark, Kelsey_Kelsey Clark for State Representative_2052
Clemens, Jodi_Jodi Clemens for Iowa_2348
Clemens, Jodi_Jodi for Iowa_2348
Clewell, Richard_Clewell for Senate_1868
Clovis, Samuel_Iowans for Sam Clovis_5165
Clubb, Nathan_Clubb for State Representative_1934_closed_2012
Clute, Dan_1620_closed 2009
Coen, Jon_Citizens for Jon Coen_2567
Cohoon, Dennis_Cohoon for Representative_376
Comiskey, Nathan_Citizens for Nathan Ross Comiskey_1599_closed_2019
Company, Test_Friends of Test Company_4999
Condon, M. Brad_Citizens For Condon_2174_closed_2014
Connell, Gregg_Iowans for Connell_5125_closed_2014
Conner, Pamela_Committee to Elect Pam Dearden Conner_2236_closed_2016
Connolly, Michael__22__Closed__2009.pdf 41.2 KB
Connolly, Michael_Connolly For Iowa House_2013
Cook, Brian_Cook 4 Iowa_2093
Cooper, Dennis_Cooper for State Representative_1785_closed_2010
Cooper, Eric_Free Citizens for Cooper_closed 2009
Corbett, Ronald_Corbett for Governor_5178
Corbin, Joe_Corbin For Iowa_2106_closed_2013
Cornett, James_J.R. Cornett for House District 95_1919_closed_2010
Costello, Mark_Costello for Iowa House_2014
Costello, Mark_Costello for Iowa Senate_2014
Courard-Hauri, David_Citizens for Courard-Hauri_2156_closed_2015
Cournoyer, Chris_Cournoyer for Senate_2379
Courtney, Thomas_Courtney for State Senate Committee_1344
Cownie, Peter_Cownie for Statehouse_1711
Creasman, Jan_Citizens for Creasman_1765_closed_2012
Creasman, Jan_Creasman for House 2018_2457
Creasman, Jan_Creasman for House_2314_closed_2017
Cronbaugh, Sandra_Cronbaugh for House_2078_closed_2014
Crowley, Cory__1510__closed 2008.pdf 38.8 KB
Cullen, Pat_Pat Cullen for Iowa House_2450
Culver, Chet_Chet Culver Committee_5083
Dabeet, John_Committee to Elect John Dabeet_2050
Damon Hopkins for Iowa_SFA
Dandekar, Swati_Swati Dandekar Campaign Committee_1324_closed_2011
Danielson, Jeff_Danielson for Senate_1338
Danielson, Jeff_Danielson Works for US_1338_closed_2019
Daubitz, Teresa_Daubitz for Iowa House_2428_closed_2019
Davenport, Josh_Citizens for Josh Davenport_2036_closed_2013
Davidson, Clarke_Clarke Davidson_DR-SFA 2012
Davis, Grant_Davis for Iowa_2566
Davis, Jeremy_Davis For Senate_2117
Davis, Jeremy_Davis For State Treasurer_5194_closed_2019
Davis, John_Davis for State Legislature_2325_closed_2019
Davis, Kimberly_Davis for Iowa House_2404
Davitt, Mark_Davitt for House_1395
davitt, mark_Davitt for Iowa_1395
Davitt, Mark_Davitt for Senate_1395
Davitt, Mark_Davitt for Senate_1395_closed_2015
Dawson, Daniel_Dan Dawson for State Senate_2256
Dawson, Dave_Dawson for Iowa Senate_2412_closed_2019
Dawson, David_Dawson For Iowa House_1875_closed_2016
Dearden, Dick_Dearden for State Senate Committee_840_closed_2016
DeBoef, Betty_Betty DeBoef Committee_1237_closed_2012
Dedor, Richard_Dedor for Iowa_2346_closed_2018
Degner, David_Degner For Iowa_2414
Deichmann, Pamila_Committee to Elect Pam Deichmann_2138_closed_2015
DeJear, Deidre_DeJear for Iowa_5179
DeJong, Rita_Rita DeJong for Iowa House_2389_closed_2019
Delzell, Jason_Delzell for Iowa_2327_closed_2018
Demichelis Jr., James_Demichelis for State Representative_1818_closed_2010
Democrats & Independents for Best_SFA
Den Ouden Committee_SFA
Denison, Paula_Paula Denison for House District 75_2300
Denison, Paula_Polly Denison for House 75_2300
DenOuden, Christian_DenOuden for Iowa Legislature_2298_closed_2016
DenOuden, Christian_DenOuden for State House_2298
Derry, Karin_Karin Derry for Iowa_2368
DeVries, Matt_DeVries for Iowa_1986_closed_2012
DeWaard, Lois_DeWaardforIowa_2286_closed_2016
DeWaard, Lolis_DeWaardforIowa_2286
Deyoe, David_Deyoe for House_1686
Dicks, Dave_Dave Dicks for Iowa House_1951
Diehl, Fred_Diehl for House_2180
Diehl, Fred_Diehl for State Representative_2180_closed_2016
Dietz, Shawn_Dietz for Iowa_2145_closed_2016
Dirkx, Daniel_Dirkxhouse 51_1913
Dirth, Eric_Committee to Elect Eric Dirth_2395_closed_2018
Dishman, Robert_Dishman for State House_1980_closed_2014
Disney, Larry_Disney for Iowa House_1805
Disney, Larry_Disney For Iowa House_816_closed_1999
Dix, Bill_Friends for Dix_1846
Dix, Bill_Friends for Dix_1846_closed_2018
Dlouhy, Daniel_Dlouhy for Iowa_2217_closed_2017
Dockendorff, Sandy_Sandy Dockendorff for Iowa House_2580
Doland, Mark_Doland for Senate_1997_closed_2012
Dolecheck, Cecil_Dolecheck for Representative_990
Donahue, Molly_Donahue for Statehouse_2274
Donahue, Molly_MEDonahue For Rep._2274
Dopf, Bob__5127__closed.pdf 38.7 KB
Doris Fritz for Iowa_SFA
Dotzler, William_Citizens to Elect Bill Dotzler_1040
Doyle, Donald__31__closed_2008.pdf 38.3 KB
Dozark, Garrett_Garrett Dozark for State Senate_2520
Drahozal, Steven_Drahozal for House_2110
Drake, Jack_Jack Drake for State Representative_727_closed_2016
Dreeszen, Paula_Dreeszen For Iowa_2264_closed_2016
Drew, Ryan_Committee to Elect Ryan Drew_2329
Driscoll, Dawn_Dawn Driscoll for State Senate_2516
Drury, John_Drury for Iowa Senate_1567_closed_2011
Duffy IV, Martin_Friends of Martin H. Duffy IV_2310_closed_2018
Duncan, Carrie_CARRIE DUNCAN FOR IOWA HD 84_2331
Duncan, Deb_Friends of Deb Duncan_2304
Duncan, Deb_Friends of Duncan_2304
Dunkel, Nancy_Friends of Nancy Dunkel_2028_closed_2017
Dunwell, Jon_Friends of Jon Dunwell_2521
Durbin, Eric_Eric Durbin for Iowa_2166_closed_2014
Dvorsky, Robert_Committee to Elect Robert E. Dvorsky_290_closed_2019
Dyer, Joshua_Dyer For Iowa Senate_2585
Eaton, Josh_Eaton for Representative_1712_closed_2009
EDLER, JEFF_Jeff Edler for State Senate_2270
Edmond, Bill_EDMOND FOR IOWA_2038_closed_2019
Edwards, David_Dave Edwards for Iowa Senate_2062_closed_2015
Edwards, Richard_Rick Edwards for Iowa House_2187_closed_2015
Egan, Lori_Lori Egan for Iowa House_2359_closed_2020
Egley, Ann_Egley for Iowa House_2405
Egli, Pamela_Pam Egli for Senate_2525
Egly, Taylor_Iowans for Egly_2193_closed_2015
Ehlert, Tracy_Tracy Ehlert for Iowa House_2367
Eichhorn, George__1231__closed__2008.pdf 34.2 KB
Eichhorn, George_Iowans for Eichhorn_5147_closed_2010
Eldrenkamp, Jeannine_Vote House District 98 Jeannine Eldrenkamp_2307
Engle, Lowell_Engle For Iowa House_2212
Ennis, Tim_Tim Ennis For Iowa House_2186_closed_2017
Enos, Wesley_Enos for Senate_1872_closed_2013
Erickson, Hans_Erickson for Iowa_2179_closed_2017
ericson, kevin_ericson for progress_2083_closed_2016
Ernst, Allen_Ernst for Iowa House_2267_closed_2017
Ernst, Joni_Dissolved. Use Company-Other and Ernst for State Senate_1952_closed_2014
Ernst, Joni_Ernst for State Senate_1952_closed_2014
Evans for Iowa_SFA
Evans, Dennis_Dennis Evans for Iowa House_2447_closed_2019
Evans, John_John Evans for Iowa_2326_closed_2016
Evans, Kevin_K Lynn Evans Campaign Committee_2556
Evans, Matthew_Matthew Glen Evans for Iowa House_2279
Everly, Steven_Committee to Elect Steve Everly_2091_closed_2012
Fager, Jeff_Jeff Fager for State House_2573
Fairchild, Ann_Ann Fairchild for Iowa State District_1826_closed 2009
Fallon, Fallon for Governor_5111_closed_2009
Fedler, Marcus_Fedler for Iowa House_2315_closed_2018
Fedler, Ron_Fedler for Representative_1741_closed 2010
Feenstra, Randy_Randy Feenstra Iowa Senate Committee_1777
Fessler, Daniel_Fessler for Iowa_2122_closed_2019
Fett, Nancy_Fett For Iowa_2392_closed_2019
Fichter, Clint_Iowans for Fichter_2068_closed_2015
Ficken, Gene_Gene Ficken for State Representative_1719_closed_2012
Fields, Ann_Ann Fields For Iowa House_2446_closed_2019
Finch, Barbara__1289__closed__2008.pdf 29.5 KB
Findley, Brenna_Findley for Iowa_5145
Finkenauer, Abby_Friends of Abby Finkenauer_2111
Finn, Karyn_Finn4Iowa_2191
Firman, Steve__1391__closed 2009.pdf 32.7 KB
Fisher, Dean_Dean Fisher for House 2012_1962
Fisher, Dean_Dean Fisher for House_1962
Fitzgerald, Michael_Iowans for Fitzgerald_5006
Flaherty, Daniel_Flaherty for the House_922_closed_2019
Flaherty, Daniel_Flaherty for the House_922_DR3.pdf 53.6 KB
Flood, Ryan_Ryan Flood for Senate_2103
Flood, Ryan_Ryan Flood for Senate_2103_closed_2013
Foege, Romaine__887__closed__2010.pdf 40.4 KB
Foens, Scott_Foens For Iowa House_2347
Fong, Christian_Iowans for Christian Fong_5134_closed_2013
Forbes, John_Forbes for Iowa House_2055
Ford, Wayne_Citizens to Re-Elect Wayne Ford_1061_closed_2015
Forristall, Carol_Committee to Elect Carol Forristall_2357_closed_2018
Forristall, Greg_Committee to Elect Greg Foristall_1680
Forristall, Greg_Committee to Elect Greg Forristall_1680_closed_2017
Foster, Harry_Foster for Iowa_2197_closed_2017
Foster, Richard_Foster For Iowa 2018_2481_closed_2019
Frakes, Mark_Committee to Elect Mark Frakes_1985_closed_2012
France, Jim_Jim France 4 Senate_2192
Franzen, Franzen For House District 16_1706_closed_2009
Freese, Tracy_Tracy Freese for Iowa Senate_2371_closed_2019
Frevert, Marcella_Frevert for the House_1017_closed 2011
Frevert, Marcella_Frevert for the House_1017_closed_2019
Friedrichsen, Don__1784.pdf 104.7 KB
Friedrichsen, Don_Friedrichsen for Iowa_1784_closed_2014
Friedrichsen, Kasey_Friedrichsen for State Representative_1984_closed_2015
Friend, Jack_Friend for Iowa House_2575
Fritz, Doris_Doris Fritz For Iowa_2207
Fritzsche, Greg_Greg Fritzsche for Iowa_2182
Froyum, Carissa_Froyum for House_2519
Fry, N. Joel__1849.pdf 93.1 KB
Fry, N. Joel_Fry for Iowa House_1849
Gaesser, Ray_Ray Gaesser for Iowa Agriculture_5187_closed_2018
Gaines, Ruth_Ruth Ann Gaines for State Representative_1924
Gannon, Timothy_Gannon for Iowa_5190
Gansen, Leo_gansenforiowahouse_2385_closed_2020
Garrett, Julian_Garrett for Statehouse Committee_1654
Gartin, Timothy_Gartin for Senate_1915_closed_2016
Garvin, Nita_1814_closed 2009
Gaskill, Mary_Gaskill for State Representative_1376
Gaskill, Thurman__1095__Closed__2009.pdf 39.1 KB
Gassman, Theodore_Gassman for House_2005
Gates, Richard_Gates for Iowa_1948_closed_2011
Gavin, Tricia_Tricia Gavin for Senate_2506
Gayman, Elesha_Elesha Gayman for Iowa_1600_closed_2011
Gentry for Iowa House_SFA
Gentry, Lynne_Citizens for Gentry_1820_closed 2008
George District 72 for Iowa_SFA
George, John_George for Liberty_2328
George, Joycelyn_George District 72 for Iowa_2479
Gerhart, Mike_Voters for Gerhart_1900
Gerhold, Tom_Gerhold for Iowa_2471
Giarusso, Richard_Rick Giarusso for Iowa_2181_closed_2016
Gibson, Russell_Gibson for Iowa's future_1822_closed 2009
Giddens, Eric_Eric Giddens for Iowa_2501
Gilmore, Richard_Gilmore for Iowa Senate_2130_closed_2014
Gingerich, Corey_Committee to Elect Corey Gingerich_2466_closed_2018
Gipp, Gipp for Representative Committee_586_closed_2008
Giunta, Francis_1746_closed_2008
Givant, James_Givant For Iowa_2105_closed_2015
Gjerde, Eric_Eric Gjerde For Iowa_2349
Glasson, Cathy_Cathy Glasson for Governor_5174
Gleason, Marie_Gleason for Senate_2377
Gleason, Marie_Marie Gleason for Iowa_2377
Gobble, Garrett_Gobble for Iowa House_2515
Gochenouer, Citizens for Gochenouer_1623_closed_2008
Godby, Jared_Godby For Iowa_2148_closed_2016
Golding, Cindy_Cindy Golding for Iowa Senate_1982_closed_2018
Gonzales, Michael_Committee to Elect Mike Gonzales_2344
Goodwin, Tim_Goodwin4Iowa_2443_closed_2019
Goodwin, Tim_Goodwin4Senate_2562
Gorman for Iowa_SFA
Gorman, Steven_Gorman for Iowa_2238
Gosselink, Len_Len Gosselink for State Representative_1973_closed_2015
Graber, Danny_Danny Graber for Senate_2303_closed_2017
Graham, Shawn_Graham for House_1840_closed_2010
Granzow, Polly_Granzow for State House Committee_1381_closed_2014
Grassel, Travis_Grassel For Iowa_2463_closed_2018
Grassley, Patrick_Citizens for Pat Grassley_1605
Gray, Samuel_Gray for Iowa House_2222_closed_2018
Green, Jesse_Citizens for Jesse Green_2572
Greene, Thomas_Paid for by Tom Greene State Senate 2016_2242
Greene, Thomas_Tom Greene for State Senate_2242
Greenlee, Linda_1766_closed 2009
Greenwood, Bob_Friends for Bob Greenwood_1995_closed_2014
Gregg, Adam_Adam Gregg for Iowa_5163
Gregg, Adam_Adam Gregg for Iowa_5176
Greiner, Sandra_Citizens to Elect Greiner_1885_closed_2019
Greiner, Sandy__728__Closed__2009.pdf 34.2 KB
Greiner, Sandy_Citizens to Elect Sandy Greiner - Dissolved - See new commit_728_closed_2009
Grenko, Levi_Levi Grenko for Iowa Representative_2292_closed_2018
Grimes, Carolyn_Grimes for Iowa House_2104_closed_2013
Gronstal, Michael_Citizens for Gronstal_1612_closed_2018
Gruber, Nathan_Nate Gruber for Iowa_2354_closed_2019
Grupp, Greg_Grupp For Iowa House_2087_closed_2013
Grussing, Dave_Grussing for Representative_2149_closed_2016
Guggisberg-Coners, Heidi_Heidi Guggisberg-Coners for CB 2012_2096_closed_2012
Guilford, Doris_Doris Guilford For Iowa_2207
Gustafson, Amber_Amber Gustafson for Iowa_2378_closed_2019
Gustafson, Gregg_Gustafson For Iowa_2462
Gustafson, Stan_Gustafson for Iowa House_2137
Guth, Dennis_Guth for Senate_1963
Hadley, Michael Hadley for Senate_1804_closed_2009
Hageman, Carlin_Hageman for State House_1798_closed_2011
Hagenow, Christopher_Hagenow for Iowa House_1737
Hager, Bob_Bob Hager for Iowa House_1941_closed_2014
Hager, Kristi_Kristi Hager Iowa House_2289
Hahn, James_Committee to Elect Jim Hahn_656_closed_2012
Hall, Chris_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hall, Christopher_Hall for Iowa_1893
Hamerlinck, Shawn_Committee to Elect Shawn Hamerlinck_1740
Hammouda, Kamal_Kamal Hammouda for Iowa house_2546
Hancock, Tom_Hancock for Senate_1502
Hanley, Sean_Friends of Sean Hanley_2545
Hanlon, Matt_Iowans for Matt Hanlon for State Representative_2282
Hansen, Heath_Heath Hansen for Iowa_2502
Hansen, Steve_Steve Hansen for Iowa House_2539
Hansen, Thomas_The Committee to Elect Thomas Hansen_1659_closed 2008
Hanson, Curtis_Curt Hanson for State Representative_1835_closed_2017
Hanusa, Mary Ann__5130__closed_2008.pdf 34.1 KB
Hanusa, Mary Ann_Iowans for Mary Ann Hanusa_1922
Harder, Lee Lee Harder for Senate DR-SFA2012
Harder, Merlin_Iowan's for Lee Harder_2213_closed_2016
Hardy, Michael_Michael Hardy for State Representative_2420_closed_2018
Harm, Casey_Casey Harm for Iowa_2350_closed_2018
Harris, Travis_Harris for Iowa_2366_closed_2018
Hart, Howard__1468__closed_2007.pdf 34.5 KB
Hart, Porsha_Porsha Hart for Senate District 22_2574
Hart, Rita_Rita R. Hart for State Senate_2009_closed_2019
Hartsuch, David_Iowans For Hartsuch_1638_closed_2015
Hatch, Jack_Neighbors for Hatch_1304
Hatch, Jack_Neighbors for Hatch_5153_closed_2018
Haustein, Elect Cathy Haustein_1658_closed_2008
Hayes, Edward_Hayes4IASenate_2439
Heartsill, Greg_Heartsill for Iowa_1975
Heaton, Dave_Citizens for Heaton_930
Heavens, James__5142.pdf 98.0 KB
Heavens, James_Heavens for Iowa State Treasurer_5142_closed_2010
Heckroth, William_Heckroth For Iowa_1978_closed_2012
Heckroth, William_Heckroth for Senate_1608_closed_2011
Heddens, Lisa_Committee to Elect Lisa Heddens_1339_closed_2019
Heikes, Janice_Heikes for Iowa Senate_2255_closed_2019
Heil, Heil for Senate_1779_closed_2009
Heil, Jarret_Heil for Senate_1779_closed_2009
Hein, Lee_Hein for State House_1886
Hejhal, Tim_Tim Hejhal for State Representative_2296
Heldt, Scott_Scott Heldt for Iowa House_2229_closed_2020
Helland, Erik_Friends of Helland_1703_closed_2017
Henderson, Elliott_Henderson for State Senate_2092_closed_2015
Henderson, Robert_HENDERSON FOR HOUSE_2570
Henderson, Robert_HENDERSON FOR IOWA HOUSE_2319_closed_2019
Herring, Kenneth_herringforhouse.com_2073_closed_2013
Hertle, Terry_1769_closed 2009
Hess, Megan_Committee to Elect Hess_1964
Hieb, Lee_Hieb2014_5160
Higdon, Richard_IA House Higdon Campaign_2239
High, Phil_High for House_2586
Highfill, Jake_Friends for Jake Highfill_2030
Hikiji, Miyoko_Miyoko Hikiji for Senate_2226_closed_2017
Hill, Arthur_Art Hill for Iowa Senate Committee_2123_closed_2014
Hillyard, Lanny_Hillyard for Iowa House_2429
Himes, Dena_1720_closed 2009
Hinson, Ashley_Ashley Hinson for House_2245
Hird, Peter_Hird for Iowa House_2243_closed_2018
Hite, Dustin_Hite for State House_2413
Hodges, Charlie_Charlie Hodges for SD20_2528
Hodoly, Jane_Hodoly for House_1932_closed_2012
Hoefling, Tom_Tom Hoefling for Iowa House_2456_closed_2018
Hoefling, Tom_Tom Hoefling for Iowa_5161_closed_2015
Hoffman, Clarence_Hoffman for Iowa House_1114_closed_2009
Hogg, Robert_Citizens for Rob Hogg_1347
Holmes, Danny__963__closed__2010.pdf 34.3 KB
Holmstrom, Ralph_Friends to Elect Ralph Holmstrom_2169_closed_2018
Holt, Steven_Holt For House_2116
Holz, Chuck_Holz for House District 5 Committee_2235_closed_2020
Hoogestraat, Tom__1673__closed__2008.pdf 41.1 KB
Hopkins, Damon_Damon Hopkins for Iowa_2576
Hopkins, DeWayne_Hopkins for Iowa House_1858
Hopkins, DeWayne_Hopkins For Iowa_1843_closed 2010
Hora, Heather_Hora for Senate_2455
Horbach, Lance_Horbach for House of Representatives_1088_closed_2013
Horn, Wally_Re-election of Wally Horn Committee_57_closed_2018
Hosch, Julie__1438__Closed__2008.pdf 56.8 KB
Hoth, Andrew__1642__closed_2008.pdf 33.4 KB
House District 12 for Good Government_SFA
Houser, Hubert_People for Houser_740_closed_2014
Hovland, Barbara_Hovland For House_2293_closed_2018
Howard, Robert 1718.pdf 119.3 KB
Howard, Ryan_Ryan Howard for Iowa_2551
Howe, Joseph_Howe for House_2492
Howell, Ann_Howell For House_2475
Hoy, Tim_Hoy for House_1651
Hubbell, Fred_Hubbell for Governor_5172_closed_2019
Hubka, Laura_Laura Hubka For Iowa_2135_closed_2017
Hubler, Kurt_Kurt Hubler for State Representative_1807_closed_2011
Huckstadt, Kim_Friends of Kim Huckstadt_2198_closed_2015
Huddleston, Sara_Huddleston for Iowa_2285_closed_2017
Hughes, Gregory_Hughes For Governor_5150_closed_2012
Hughes, Josh_Josh Hughes for Iowa_2364
Hughes, LeAnn_Hughes for Iowa_2452
Huisinga, Nancy_Nancy Paule Huisinga for Iowa House_2201
Hulsizer Jr., Committee to elect Hulsizer for House_1685_closed_2008
Hulsizer Jr., Committee to elect John Hulsizer for State Senate_1824_closed_2008
Hungerford, Eric_Friends of Eric S. Hungerford_2086
Hunter, Bruce_Committee to Elect Bruce Hunter_1488
Hurst, Victoria_Friends of Victoria Sinclair_2477
Huseman, Dan_The Daniel A. Huseman Election Committee_881
Huser, Geri_Huser for State Representative_987_closed_2011
Huston, Roger_Huston for House_1863_closed_2010
Hutchins, Danuta_HUTCHINS FOR IOWA DISTRICT 52 REPRESENTATIVE_1937_closed_2010
Hutter, Joe__1486__Closed__2009.pdf 41.2 KB
Ibbotson, Jeff_Committee to Elect Jeff Ibbotson - Larry Harter Treasurer_2012_closed_2015
Ingels, Chad_Ingels for Iowa Agriculture_5186_closed_2020
Ingels, Chad_Ingels for Iowa House_2554_closed_2020
Inman, Steve__1637__closed__2008.pdf 34.7 KB
Iowans for Inghram_SFA
Iowans for Steve Smith__DR-3__scanned.pdf 40.3 KB
Ireland, Steven_Ireland for Senate_2011_closed_2012
Isenhart, Charles_Isenhart Campaign for the Common Good_1722
It's Your Money
Iverson, Stewart_Iverson For House_1881_closed_2013
Jacobs, Jacobs Committee_868_closed_2009
Jacobsen, Connie__1683__closed_2008.pdf 36.9 KB
Jacobsen, Jon_Jacobsen for Iowa House_2362
Jacoby, David_Jacoby for House_1491
James, Lindsay_Friends of Lindsay James_2356
Jamison, David_Jamison for Treasurer_5139_closed_2011
Janssen, Jeff_Friends of Jeff Janssen_2465
Jech, Jane_Jane Jech for Iowa House_1723_closed_2016
Jech, Jane_Jane Jech for Iowa Senate_1723
Jeneary, Thomas_Jeneary for House District 5 Committee_2469
Jennings, Robert_Bob Jennings Committee To Elect For State Senate_1983
Jennings, Robert_Bob Jennings Committee To Elect For State Senate_1983_closed_2013
Jensen, Debra_The committee to elect Debra Jensen_2461
Jensen, Jane_Jane C. Jensen for Iowa House_2054_closed_2012
Jochum, Pam_People for Pam Jochum_1732
Jochum, Pam_People for Pam Jochum_731
Johannsen, Jeff__1695__closed_2008.pdf 34.2 KB
Johnson, Bjorn_Björn for Iowa HD4_2552
Johnson, Bjorn_Björn Johnson for Iowa HD4_2552
Johnson, Björn_Björn Johnson for Iowa HD4_2552
Johnson, Craig_Johnson for Iowa_2159
Johnson, David_Johnson 4 Senate 1_1115
Johnson, David_Johnson for Senate District 3_1115
Johnson, David_Johnson for State House_1958_closed_2012
Johnson, David_Johnson for State House_2113_closed_2015
Johnson, James_Johnson for St Rep_1929_closed_2014
Johnson, Jamie_Johnson for Iowa House_1700_closed_2010
Johnson, Merle_Citizens for Johnson_1628_closed_2011
Johnson, William_Will Johnson for Senate_2066_closed_2015
Jones, Megan_Jones for Iowa_1964
Jordan, Gary_Committee to Elect Gary Jordan for Iowa House_1928_closed_2010
Jorgensen, Ronald_Jorgensen for Iowa House_1855_closed_2016
Joseph Howe_SFA
Judge, Joseph_Judge for Iowa_1957_closed_2015
Judge, Kenan_Kenan Judge for Iowans_2402
Judkins, Susan_Citizens for Susan Judkins_2051
Junk for Liberty_SFA
K. Lynn Evans Campaign Committee_SFA
Kacena, Timothy_Citizens for Timothy Kacena_2301
Kajtazovic, Anesa_Anesa Kajtazovic for Iowa House_1897_closed_2014
Kapucian, Tim_Kapucian for State Senate_1724
Kariya, Nicholas_1841_closed 2010
Kauffman, Reg__1649__closed_2008.pdf 35.5 KB
Kaufmann, Jeff_Jeff Kaufmann for State Representative_1497_closed_2014
Kaufmann, Robert_Kaufmann for State House_2047
Kean, Jessica_Jessica Kean for Iowa_2332_closed_2020
Kearns, Jerry_Kearns for State Representative Committee_1757
Keast, Kristin_Keast For HD95_2070_closed_2015
Keilig Jr., Richard_Rick Keilig for State Rep District 80_2468_closed_2018
Keith, Samantha_Keith For Iowa House_2434
Kelleher, Andy_Kelleher for Iowa_2373_closed_2018
Kelley, Daniel_Dan Kelley for State Representative_1946_closed_2019
Kelley, Doris_Doris Kelley for Iowa House_1641_closed_2012
Kennedy, Dan_Kennedy for Iowa House_1938
Kennedy, Dan_Kennedy for Iowa House_1938_closed_2013
Kennedy-Ode, Cara_Kennedy-Ode for Iowa_1956
Kenyon, Jim_Kenyon for Iowa House_2075_closed_2014
Kern, Paul_Paul Kern for State Representative_1891_closed_2015
Kerr, David_David Kerr State House_2330
Kerr, David_Kerr for Senate_1770_closed_2010
Ketelsen, Ryan_Committee to Elect Ryan Ketelsen_2340_closed_2017
Kettering, Steve_Kettering Campaign_699
Kettering, Steve_Kettering Campaign_699_closed_2011
Kibbie, John_Kibbie for Senate_464_closed_2013
Kilburg, Ryan_Kilburg for Iowa_2175_closed_2019
Kinder, Jerry_Committee to Elect Jerry Kinder_2204_closed_2014
Kinley, George Kinley for Senate_67_closed_2009
Kinley, George_George Kinley for Senate_67
Kinney, Kevin_Kevin Kinney for State Senate_2142
Klaassen, Kevin_Klaassen for Representative_2183_closed_2015
Klein, Jarad_Klein for Statehouse_1705
Klimesh, Michael_Michael T Klimesh For State Representative_1865_closed_2010
Klimesh, Michael_Michael T. Klimesh For State Representative_2031_closed_2012
Knauss, Loren__1578__closed_2008.pdf 31.5 KB
Knight, Justin_Justin Knight_2272
Knutson, Lowell_Tim Knutson for Iowa House_2399
Koelker, Carrie_Koelker for Iowa Senate_2387
Koenig, Karen_Karen Koenig for HR 54_2583
Koester, Kevin_Kevin Koester for House_1735
Koether, Kayla_Kayla Koether for Iowa_2409
Kohlsdorf, Eric_Iowans for Kohlsdorf_1802_closed 2009
Konfrst, Jennifer_Jennifer Konfrst for Iowa_2231
Kooiker, John_Kooiker for Representative Committee_2221_closed_2016
Koslow, Alan_Koslow for Iowa's Health_1780_closed_2015
Kraayenbrink, Timothy_Kraayenbrink for Iowa Senate_2132
Krause, Robert_Krause For Iowa_5000_closed_2014
KrauseForIowa Exploratory Committee
KrauseForIowa Exploratory Committee_SFA
Kreiman, Keith_KEITH A. KREIMAN for Senate_778_closed_2011
Kressig, Bob_Kressig for Iowa House 59_1504
Kroeger, Gary_Kroeger for Iowa House_2275
Krumwiede, Kenneth_Krumwiede For Iowa House_2268_closed_2019
Kruse, Larry_Kruse for Senate_1993_closed_2013
Krutsinger, Dustin_Committee to Elect Dustin Krutsinger for House_1944_closed_2010
Kuhn, Mark_Citizens For Kuhn_1131
Kurtenbach, Jim__1399__closed_2008.pdf 54.8 KB
Kurth, Monica_Monica Kurth for Iowa House_2345
Kurtinitis, George_Kurtinitis for Iowa House_2157
KURTZ, JEFFREY_Kurtz for Iowa_2437
Kvach, Kvach for Iowans_1664_closed_2008
Lalk, David__1359__closed__2010.pdf 39.8 KB
Landon, John_Friends for Landon_1991
Lang, Craig_Craig Lang for Iowa Agriculture_5184_closed_2018
Larson, Chuck__679__closed_2007.pdf 9.9 KB
Larson, Chuck_Committee to Elect Chuck Larson_2435_closed_2019
Larson, Karen_Larson for Iowa House_2424_closed_2019
Latham, Shannon_Latham for Iowa Senate_2383
Latham, Shannon_Latham for Iowa_2383
Laube, Keith_Keith Laube Campaign_5164_closed_2014
Lawyer, Gretchen_Citizens for Gretchen Lawyer_1748_closed_2009
Leach, Dave_Friends of Freedom for Dave Leach_1890_closed_2010
Leach, Dave_Partners of Dave Leach_2094_closed_2012
Lefebure, Lance_Lefebure for Iowa House_2099_closed_2012
Lefebure, Lance_Lefebure for Iowa Senate_2170_closed_2014
Leffler, Thomas_Leffler for Iowa House_2205_closed_2016
Lensing, Vicki_Lensing for House District #78_1260
Lensing, Vicki_Lensing for House District #85_1260
Leo, Peter_People for Peter Leo_2417
Leopold, Rich_Leopold for Iowa_5166
Leopold, Richard_Leopold for Iowa_5166
LeRette, Daniel_LeRette for Iowa_2100_closed_2014
LeRette, Mark_LeRette for State House_2119_closed_2014
Lesle, Larry_Citizens for Lesle_1916_closed_2010
Libbie, Michael_Libbie for Iowa_2557
Liegois, Laura_Laura Liegois for Iowa House_2398_closed_2019
Linden, Ralph_Hank Linden for Iowa_2487
Link, Lucas_Link for Iowa House_2370_closed_2018
Litterer, Dennis_Litterer for Statehouse_2108_closed_2014
Littzen,Michael_ Elect Littzen_1817_closed_2009
Lochman, Jonathan_Lochman for Senate_2211_closed_2015
Lofgren, Emily_Emily Lofgren for State House_2121_closed_2014
Lofgren, Mark_Team LOFGREN_1844_closed_2013
Lofgren, Mark_Team Lofgren_2224
Logan, Cate__1698__closed__2009.pdf 36.5 KB
Lohse, Brian_Friends For Brian Lohse_2497
Lorenzen, Albert_Team Lorenzen_1716_closed_2010
Lorenzen, Austin_Lorenzen for Iowa's Future_1704_closed_2012
Lorenzen, Dave_Lorenzen for Iowa House_2542
Lozier, Kaye Lozier for State Senate_1384_closed_2009
Lukan, Steven_Committee to Elect Steve Lukan_1428_closed_2012
Lundby, Daniel_Lundby for Iowa House_1969
Lundby, Mary__952__closed 2009.pdf 34.1 KB
Lundgren, Shannon_Lundgren for House_2294
Lykam, Jim_Friends of Jim Lykam_1397
Lynn, Trevor_Trevor Lynn for State House_2430
Malloy, Ed_Committee to Elect Ed Malloy_2400_closed_2019
Malone, Gregory_Greg Malone for IA Dist. 33_2498
Malone, Gregory_The committee to elect Gregory T Malone to the Iowa House of_2498
Malone, Jesse_Jesse Malone for Iowa_2507
Manternach, Gene_People for Gene Manternach_1208_closed_2011
Marckmann, Sandy_Marckmann for Iowa House_2432_closed_2020
Mardesen, Matthew_www.mardesenforsenate.com_2053_closed_2012
Marek, Larry_Marek for State Repesentative_1707
Marek, Larry_Marek for State Representative_1707_closed_2016
Marlar, Priscilla_Priscilla Marlar for Iowa House_2074_closed_2012
Marquardt, Ryan_Citizens for Marquardt_2361
Marsh, Brandon_Supporters For Marsh_1837_closed_2010
Martin, Rhonda_Friends of Rhonda Martin_2504
Marttila, Joan_Joan Marttila for Iowa House_2403_closed_2019
Mascher, Mary_Committee to Elect Mascher_863
Mason, Jacob_Committee To Elect Jacob Mason_2080_closed_2014
Massie, Glen_MASSIE IOWA HOUSE_1869
Matel, Mark__SFA.pdf 64.4 KB
Mathahs, Dennis_Dennis Mathahs For Senate_2284_closed_2017
Mathahs, Dennis_Dennis Mathahs For State Rep_2284
Matheney, Sheila_Citizens for Matheney_2467
Matheson, Regina_Regina Matheson for Iowa House_2544
Mathis, Liz_Mathis for State Senate_1979
Matson, Heather_Heather Matson for Iowa House_2225
Mauro, Edward_Mauro Campaign Team_2247
Mauro, Michael A__5114__amended 3-04-2010.pdf 81.7 KB
Mauro, Michael_Committee to Elect Michael A. Mauro_5114_closed_2017
May, William (Mike)_May for Iowa House_1509_closed_2011
McCargar, Steve_Steve McCargar for Iowa House 55_2311_closed_2016
McCarthy, Kevin_McCarthy for State Representative-McCarthy for Iowa_1385_closed_2019
McClimon, Tim_Tim McClimon for House District 97_2464
McClintock, Clinton_McClintock for Iowa_2581
McClure, Rich_1825_closed_2009
McConkey, Charlie_Charlie McConkey for State Representataive_2134
McCormally, John_Vote McCormally_1971_closed_2015
McCoy McDeid, Reyma_Reyma for Iowa_2391
McCoy McDeid, Reyma_Reyma McCoy McDeid for Iowa_2391
McCoy, Matt_Committee to Elect Matt McCoy_703
McCoy, Steve_McCoy For House 26_2057_closed_2015
McDanel, Susan_Susan McDanel for State Representative_2393_closed_2019
Mcdermott, Travis_McDermott for Iowa House_2040_closed_2012
McDowell, Andrew_Andrew McDowell for Iowa_1877_closed_2011
McGonegle, Christopher_Friends Of Chris McGonegle_1833_closed_2011
McGuire, Andrea 'Andy'_McGuire For Governor_5169
McGuire, Andy_McGuire For Governor_5169_closed_2019
McHugh, Mark_McHugh For Iowa_2524
McKean, Andy_McKean For Iowa House_2280
McKibben, Larry__965__Closed__2009.pdf 35.4 KB
McKibben, Larry_McKibben for Senate_2022_closed_2012
McKinley, Paul_McKinley for Iowa_1856_closed_2012
McLaughlin, Iowans for Dave Mclaughlin_1778_closed_2008
McRae, Mike_McRae For Iowa House_2045_closed_2012
McRoberts, Pete__1621__closed_2008.pdf 32.3 KB
Meisterling, Mary__1499__closed__2010.pdf 38.5 KB
Melchert Jr, David_David Melchert Jr For Good Government_2336
Mennig, The People For Mennig_1803_closed_2009
Mertes, Kenneth_Mertes for Iowa_2189_closed_2017
Mertz, Dolores_Mertz for Representative_527_closed_2011
Metcalf, Janet_- Committee To Elect Metcalf -dissolved_189_closed_2003
Meyer, Ann_Ann Meyer for Statehouse_2352
Meyer, Brian_Citizens For Brian Meyer_2124
Meyer, Kurt_Meyer for State House_1867_closed_2012
MEYER, TERESA_Teresa Meyer for State Representative District 63_2167_closed_2017
Miller, Andrew_Committee to Elect Andrew Miller_2160_closed_2014
Miller, Carol_miller4iowahouse30_2058_closed_2012
Miller, Helen_Committee to Re-Elect Helen Miller_1445_closed_2019
Miller, Linda_Concerned Citizens for Miller_1611_closed_2018
Miller, Nicholas_Miller for Iowa_2503
Miller, Phillip_Phil Miller for Iowa House_2365
Miller, Scott_Scott Miller for House_2333_closed_2017
Miller, Tom_Iowans For Miller_5064
Miller-Meeks, Mariannette_Friends for Miller-Meeks_2474
Mills, James_James Mills for Senate_1912_closed_2013
Mineart, John__1681__closed 2010.pdf 39.9 KB
Mitchell, Joseph_Taxpayers for Mitchell_2453
Moats, Jason_Citizens for Jason Moats_2380_closed_2019
Moeller, Chris__1829__closed__2008.pdf 34.7 KB
Mohr, Gary_Gary Mohr for State House_2252
mohs, tim_Mohs For Iowa House_2309_closed_2016
Mokricky, Victor_1792_closed_2009
Mommsen, Norlin_Citizens for Mommsen_2194
Montgomery, Maureen (Reenie)_Reenie for Iowa_2249_closed_2016
Montross, Chris__1687__closed__2009.pdf 45.7 KB
Moore, Brian_Brian Moore for State Representative_1905_closed_2016
Moore, Michael_Moore for Senate_2118_closed_2015
Moore, Tom_Moore for State Representative_2244
Morawitz, Bob_Committee to elect Bob Morawitz_2004
Morawitz, Robert_Committee to elect Bob Morawitz_2411
Moreland, Tom_Moreland for Iowa_2390
Morris, Maridith_Maridith Morris for Iowa House_2259
Moses, Edward_Moses for Governor_5100_closed_2002
Mosiman, Jeffrey_1783_closed 2009
Mosiman, Mary_Mosiman for State Auditor_5154_closed_2019
Mowrer, James_Jim Mowrer for Iowa_5181
Muhlbauer, Daniel_Muhlbauer for State Representative_1942_closed_2015
Mulder, Dave__1496__closed__2009.pdf 38.2 KB
Mullen, Jeffrey_Mullen For Senate_1977_closed_2013
Mullin, Rick_Mullin for Iowa Senate_1850_closed_2011
Murphy, Bernard_Murphy for Iowa House_2007_closed_2014
Murphy, Jon_Murphy for Iowa_5149_closed_2012
Murphy, Patrick_Murphy for State Representative_564_closed_2014
Murphy, Susan_1799_closed_2008
Myers, Kenneth_Myers for House_2341
Naeve, Andrew_Naeve for State Senate_1896_closed_2013
Naig, Mike_Mike Naig for Iowa Agriculture_5191
Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Governor_5159
Narcisse, Jonathan_Narcisse for Iowa_5144
Nealson, Dane_Elect Nealson_2023_closed_2016
Neiderbach, Jon_Neiderbach for Governor_5167_closed_2019
Neiderbach, Jonathan_Neiderbach for Iowa House_2230_closed_2016
Neiderbach, Jonathan_Neiderbach for Iowa_5001_closed_2020
Nelson, Chris_Chris Nelson Campaign Fund_1762_closed_2010
Nelson, David_Mark Nelson For Iowa_2067_closed_2015
Nemecek, Emma Nemecek 08_1760_closed_2009
Nepstad, Greg_NEPSTAD FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE_2095_closed_2013
Nerenstone, Marti_Marti Nerenstone for Iowa_2178_closed_2017
Nessa, Marshall_Elect Nessa for State House_2090
Nessa, Marshall_Elect Nessa for State House_2090_closed_2012
Nieland, Dan_Dan Nieland for Iowa_2358_closed_2020
Nieland, Daniel_Nieland for State Representative_1950_closed_2012
Nielsen, Amy_Amy Nielsen for Iowa_2271
Noble, Dustin_Noble for House_2044
Noble, Larry_Noble for Senate_1626_closed 2011
Noble, Larry_Noble for Senate_1626_closed_2019
Norris, John_Norris for Iowa_5175
Norris, John_Norris for the People_5175_closed_2019
Northey, William_Northey for Iowa Agriculture_5123
Nunn, Zach_Friends for Zach Nunn_2151
Nussle, Jim__5112__closed 2008.pdf 71.1 KB
Obadal, Todd_Obadal for Iowa_2339
OBrien, Denise_OBrien For Iowa_2438_closed_2019
O'Brien, Denise_O'Brien for Secretary of Agriculture_5119_closed 2009
O'Brien, Dorothy_Dorothy O'Brien for State Senate_2008_closed_2012
O'Brien, John_Families for O'Brien_2454_closed_2019
Oclon, Joseph_Joe Oclon for House_2489
Oclon, Joseph_Joe Oclon_2489
Odekirk, Odekirk for Iowa House Committee_1574_closed_2008
Odor, Ryan_Odor for Iowa House_2431
Ofenbakh, Julia_Ofenbakh for Secretary of State_5189
Oldson, Jo_Oldson for State Representative_1326
Oleson, Clara__1650__closed__2008.pdf 36.7 KB
Olive, Richard_Olive for House_1645_closed_2011
Olmsted for Iowa_SFA
Olmsted, George_Olmsted for Iowa_2488
Olson, Dennis_Dennis Olson for Representative_1920_closed_2012
Olson, Donovan_Olson for State Representative Committee, Donovan Olson, Can_1392_closed_2016
Olson, Rick_Committee to Elect Rick Olson To House of Representatives_1560
Olson, Steve_Steve Olson for State Representative_1387_closed_2014
Olson, Tyler_Committee to Elect Tyler Olson_1602
Olson, Tyler_Olson for Iowa_5155_closed_2014
O'Neill, Edward_Ed O'Neill for Iowa Senate_1852_closed_2010
Orr, Greg__1630__closed_2008.pdf 39.7 KB
Osmundson, Anne_Osmundson for Iowa_2494
Oswald, Lou_closed_2010
Ourth, Scott_Scott Ourth for State Representative_1831
Owen, Michael_1353_closed_2010
Owens, Sharon__1674__Closed__2009.pdf 34.2 KB
Paladino, Matthew_Paladino For Iowa_2265_closed_2016
Palmer, Eric_Palmer for State Representative_1545_closed_2011
Parbs, Shelley_Parbs for IA Senate_2063
Parker, James_1743_closed
Paschen, Cynthia_Paschen For Senate_2146_closed_2016
Pate, Paul_Citizens for Pate_5143_closed 2010
Pate, Paul_Pate for Iowa_5158
Paulsen, Kraig_Paulsen for State House Committee_1318_closed_2017
Paustian, Ross_Paustian for State House_1708
Pawletzki, Joel_joel pawletzki For State Representative_1879_closed_2012
Payne, Ron_1781_closed_2008
Payton, Patrick_Payton for Iowa, Inc._2141
Payton, Patrick_Payton for Iowa_2141_closed_2017
Payton, Patrick_Payton For State Senate, Inc_2141
Pearson, Kim_Kim Pearson Iowa House_1894_closed_2017
Pederson, Eric_Friends of Eric Pederson_2168
Pellant, Jennifer_Pellant for Iowa House_2523
Pendroy for Statehouse_SFA
Pendroy, Zachary_Pendroy for Statehouse_2458_closed_2019
Perez, James_Perez for house_2480_closed_2020
Perkovich, Becky_Iowans for Perkovich_2097
Peters, Christopher_Iowans for Peters_1945_closed_2010
Petersen, Clinton_CJ Petersen for Iowa_2569
Petersen, Janet_Petersen for State Senate_1206
Petersen, Mike_Petersen4IowaHouse_1888_closed_2010
Peterson, Scott_Scott Peterson for Iowa Senate_2302_closed_2017
Pettengill, Dawn_Pettengill for Iowans_1507
Pfaltzgraf, Matt__1739.pdf 80.8 KB
Phelps, Friends of Lauren Phelps_1676_closed_2007
Phillips, Andrea_Andrea Phillips for Iowa_2278
Phillips, Royce_Friends of Royce Phillips_2131
Phoenix, John_1315_closed_2010
Phoenix, John_John Phoenix for House_2015_closed_2019
Pierce, Ronald_Pierce for Iowa House_2077_closed_2014
Pierce, Timothy_TWPierce for State Representative_1943_closed_2012
Pirillo, Joe_Pirillo for Senate_1933_closed_2011
Podgorniak, Jane_Jane Podgorniak for Iowa House District 51_2587
Porter, Jake_Committee To Elect Jake Porter_5148_closed_2012
Porter, Jake_Committee To Elect Jake Porter_5156
Pottebaum, Marty_Marty Pottebaum for State Senate_1907_closed_2012
Potts, People for Potts_1734_closed_2009
Price, Brad_Brad Price for Iowa Senate_2459_closed_2018
Price, Connie_Price for Iowa House_2421_closed_2019
Prichard, Todd_Iowans For Prichard_2109
Prichard, Todd_Todd Prichard for Governor_5168_closed_2019
Pulkrabek, Lonny_Lonny Pulkrabek for House_2560
Puntenney, Keith_Keith.Puntenney4iasenatedistrict24_2324_closed_2018
Putney, John_Putney for Senate_1319_closed_2011
Quirk, Brian_Brian Quirk for State Representative_1255_closed_2013
Quirmbach, Herman_Quirmbach for Senate_1356
Quist, Stephen_Quist for House_2041
Radke, Susan_Vote Radke_1640
Raecker, Scott_Raecker for State Representative Committee_1123_closed_2013
Ragan, Amanda_Amanda Ragan for Iowa Senate_1336
Rainer, Committee to elect Rainer State Representative_1795_closed_2009
Ralston for Senate_SFA
Ramaker, Committee to elect Gary Ramaker_1813_closed_2008
Ramsey, Sara_Ramsey Committee_2478
Randall, Brian_Brian Randall For Iowa House_1940_closed_2014
Randleman, Ruth_Citizens for Randleman_2049_closed_2012
Rants, Christopher_5133_closed_2010
Rants, Christopher_Iowans for Rants_5133_closed_2010
Rasmussen, Andrew_Andrew Rasmussen for Iowa House District 37_2460
Rasmussen, Dan_Friends of Rasmussen for Iowa House_1329_closed_2013
Rasmussen, Todd_Rasmussen for Iowa_2547
Ray, Randy_Ray4iowa_2422_closed_2020
Ray, Steven_Committee to Elect Steven Ray Governor of Iowa_5182_closed_2018
Rayhons, Henry_Rayhons for Representative_968_closed_2015
Reasoner, Michael_Reasoner for State Representative_1343_closed_2011
Reed, Scott_Scott Reed for Iowa_2305
Reed, Tony_Tony Reed for Iowa House_2564
Reedy, Tyler_1730_closed_2008
Reger, Willard__1653__closed_2007.pdf 9.9 KB
Reichert, Nathan_Committee to Elect Nathan Reichert_1553
Reichman, Jeffrey_Reichman for Lee County_2490
Reichman, Jeffrey_Reichman for Senate_2563
Reisetter, Matt_Matt Reisetter for Iowa_1631
Reynolds, Kim_Kim Reynolds for Iowa_5173
Reynolds, Kim_Kim Reynolds for Lieutenant Governor_40009
Rhodes, Ryan_Committee to Elect Rhodes_1801_closed_2010
Richard H. Keilig Jr. for State Representative DIstrict 80_SFA
Richards, Stephen_Citizens for Richards_1728_closed_2010
Riding, Joe_Citizens for Joe Riding 2012_1990
Riding, Joe_Citizens for Joe Riding_1990
Rielly, Tom__1516__amended 04-28-08.pdf 98.4 KB
Riley, Bill_Friends for Riley_2342
Riley, Mark_Committe to Elect Mark J. Riley_1898_closed_2012
Ringgenberg, Albert_Patriots for Col Al Ringgenberg_1966
Ringgenberg, Albert_Patriots for Col Al Ringgenberg_2254
Rinker, Matthew_Matt Rinker for State Senate_2558
Riordan, Bobby_Riordan for HD2_1935_closed_2010
Ritter, Patrick_Ritter for Iowa_2250
Ritz, Patrick_Pat Ritz for State House_2343_closed_2019
Rizer, Ken_Rizer for House_2114_closed_2019
Roberts, Kristin__1774.pdf 96.1 KB
Roberts, Rod_Rod Roberts for Governor_5136_closed_2020
Roberts, Rod_Rod Roberts for Iowa House_1110
Robidoux, Jim_Jim Robidoux for Iowa House_2000_closed_2012
Robinson, Kim_Robinson for Representative_2185_closed_2015
Robinson, Patricia_Patricia B Robinson Campaign_2493
Robinson, Robinson for Iowa 35_1788_closed_2009
Rock, William_Citizens for Rock_1959_closed_2019
Roe, Steve_Steve Roe for Iowa Committee_2184
Rogers, Luis_Rogers for House_2526
Rogers, Stacey_Rogers for Iowa_1965_closed_2012
Rogers, Walt_Walt Rogers for Iowa_1751
Rooff, John_John Rooff for Iowa House_1936_closed_2016
Roorda, Lance_Roorda for Iowa_2531
Rose, David_Rose for Iowa House_1914_closed_2016
Rose, John_Committee To Elect John Rose_2072_closed_2013
Roske, Brent_Roske For Governor_5170_closed_2018
Rosmann, Ron 1729.pdf 87.8 KB
Ross, Mark_Ross for Iowa_2208
Routh, Katie_Routh for Representative_2046_closed_2013
Rozenboom, Kenneth_Rozenboom for Senate_2003
Rubel, Tom_Tom Rubel for Iowa Senate_2147_closed_2015
Rudison, Clair_Rudison for Iowa Campaign_1939
Ruff, Patti_RUFF for IOWA HOUSE DIST. 56_2042_closed_2018
Rulapaugh, Darin_Rulapaugh for House_1859_closed_2011
Rundquist, Maria_Rundquist For Senate_2190_closed_2015
Running-Marquardt, Kirsten_Iowans for Kirsten Running-Marquardt_1847
Russell, Kathryn__1328__closed_2008.pdf 51.8 KB
Ryan, Connie_Connie Ryan for Iowa_2410_closed_2019
Ryan, Heather_Citizens for Heather Ryan_2483
Ryan, Nicholas_Iowans for Nick Ryan_2419_closed_2020
Sachs, John_Sachs for Iowa House_1903_closed_2013
Sadler, Bonnie_Bonnie Sadler for State Senate_2246_closed_2017
Salmon, Sandy_Friends of Sandy Salmon_1878
Sand, Rob_Rob Sand for Iowa_5185
Sands, Thomas_Sands for State House_1467_closed_2017
Sanger, Chris_Elect Chris Sanger, He Will Vote The Way People Want_5146_closed_2010
Satern, Debra_Committee to Elect Debra Satern for State House_1756
Savage, Sharon_Savage for Senate Committee_1714_closed_2013
Sawtelle, Wayne_Sawtelle for Senate_1523_closed_2008
Saxon, Jay_Jay Saxon for Iowa House_2154
Schickel, Bill_Citizens for Bill Schickel_1408_closed_2014
Schissel, Randal 1721.pdf 127.7 KB
Schissel, Randal_Schissel for Iowa House_1721_closed_2013
Schmidt, Brian_Brian Schmidt For State Senate_2199_closed_2016
Schmidt, Susan_1808_closed_2008
Schmitz, Rebecca_Schmitz for Senate_1606_closed_2012
Schneider, Charles_Schneider for State Senate_2107
Schoenjahn, Brian_Citizens for Schoenjahn_1534_closed_2017
Schondelmeyer, Scott_Schondelmeyer For Senate_1911_closed_2015
Schrad, Dick_Dick Schrad for Senate_2029_closed_2012
Schulte, Renee_Concerned Taxpayers for Schulte_1713_closed_2013
Schultz, Jason_Friends of Jason Schultz_1715
Schultz, Matt_Friends of Matt Schultz_5137_closed_2015
Schulz, Zach_Schulz For House_2337_closed_2019
Schuster, Ivy_Ivy Schuster for Iowa_2532
SCHWAB, DICK_Schwab for House_2039_closed_2012
Schweers, Adam_Schweers for Senate_2048_closed_2012
Scott Miller For House_SFA
Scott, Tamara_Scott for State Representative_1222_closed_2008
Sedlacek, Sara_Committee to Elect Sara Sedlacek_1976_closed_2014
Segebart, Mark_Mark Segebart for Senate_2056
Seidl, Mark_Seidl for State Representative_1873_closed_2017
Seliquini, Anthony_Tony Seliquini - Liberty Advocate_2020_closed_2012
Selmon, David_Dave Selmon for State Rep_1947_closed_2015
Seng, Joe_Committee to Elect Joe Seng_1282_closed_2016
Sevde, Karin_Karin Sevde for Representative_1895_closed_2013
Sewell, Aaron_Sewell for Iowa_2584
Sexton, Mike_Citizens for Sexton_2155
Seymour, James_Seymour for Senate_1411_closed_2013
Shannon, Randi_Shannon For Senate_2018_closed_2014
Shatzer, Don_Citizens for Don Shatzer_1750_closed_2008
Shaw, Tom_Committee to Elect Tom Shaw_1832_closed_2016
Shay, Tim_Shay For Senate_2476_closed_2018
Sheets, Larry_Sheets For Iowa House_1974_closed_2019
Sherman, Stephen_Sherman In The House_2016_closed_2014
Sherrod, Christine_Sherrod for Iowa_2210
Shipley, Jeff_Shipley for Iowa_2161_closed_2018
Shipley, Jeffrey_Jeff Shipley's Committee for Peace and Prosperity_2496
Shipley, Tom_Tom Shipley for Iowa_2196
SHOMSHOR, PAUL_Shomshor for Iowa House_1490_closed_2013
Short, Caleb_Caleb Short for Iowa Rep_2577
Short, Ijeoma_Friends of Joma Short_2529
Shoultz, Committee to Re-elect Don Shoultz_119_closed_2008
Sibert, Citizens for Sibert_1786_closed_2009
Sieck, David_Citizens for Sieck_2223
Siegel, Steven_Siegel for Senate_2128
Siegwarth, Gary_Committee to elect Gary Siegwarth as Governor of Iowa_5180_closed_2019
Sievers, Sievers For State House_1224_closed_2008
Simmmons, People for the Election of Jamie Simmons_1693_closed_2008
Simpson, Greg_Simpson for Iowa_2112
Simpson, Jean_Jean Simpson for Iowa_2440_closed_2019
Sinclair, Amy_Sinclair for Iowa_2002
Sinclair, Victoria_Friends of Victoria Sinclair_2477_closed_2018
Small, Joseph_Joseph Small_2482
Smith, Bennett_Bennett Smith for Iowa House_2543
Smith, Blake_Smith for Iowa House_2024_closed_2014
Smith, Bryce_Bryce Smith 4 Iowa_2228
Smith, Doug_Doug Smith for House of Representatives_1772_closed_2011
Smith, Jaclyn_Jackie Smith for Iowa senate_2401
Smith, Jeff_Jeff Smith for Iowa House_1853_closed_2016
Smith, Jennifer_Jennifer Smith for Iowa_2514
Smith, Mark_Mark Smith for Iowa House_1247
Smith, RasTafari_Ras Smith State Representative_2306
Smith, Roby_Smith for Senate_1647
Smith, Ruth_Ruth Smith for Iowa House_1738
Smith, Ruth_Ruth Smith for Senate_1738_closed_2017
Smith, Sarah_Sarah Smith for HD76_2549
Smith, Steven E__1823.pdf 86.4 KB
Snodgrass, Rebel_Rebel For Iowa_2290_closed_2016
Snodgrass, Rebel_Rebel Snodgrass for Iowa_2291_closed_2018
Sodders, Steven 1702.pdf 15.1 KB
Sodders, Steven_Citizens For Sodders_1702
Sodders, Steven_Sodders for State Senate_1702
Soderberg, Charles_Soderberg for House_1492_closed_2015
Sokolowski, Sokolowski for State Representative Committee_1771_closed_2009
Sooter, Tom_1669_clsoed_2007
Sorensen, Albert__1749.pdf 94.1 KB
Sorensen, Ray_Sorensen For Iowa_2408
Sorensen, Sorensen for Senate Committee_1749_closed_2009
Sorenson, Kent_Sorenson for Statehouse_1794_closed_2015
South, Eric_Eric South For Iowa House_2281_closed_2017
Speer, Drew_Speer for State Representative_2308
spencer, selden_spencer for iowa house_1861
Srinivas, Megan_Megan Srinivas for Iowa_2406
Staed, Art_Committee to Elect Art Staed_1586
Stanerson, Quentin_Stanerson For State House_1992
Stecher, Tom_Stecher for Iowa House_2287_closed_2017
Steckman, Citizens for Steckman_1634_closed_2008
Steckman, Sharon_Citizens for Sharon Steckman_1747
Steele, Larry_Elect Steele_2037_closed_2013
Steenhoek, Chad_Steenhoek for House_1860_closed_2014
Steffen, James_Steffen for House_2084_closed_2015
Stellmach, John_Committee To Elect John Stellmach For House District 30_1902_closed_2010
Stevens, Ray_Ray Stevens for Iowa House_2360_closed_2019
Stewart Roger_Citizens for Stewart_1363_closed_2011.pdf 48.3 KB
Stewart, Mary_Stewart for Senate_2372_closed_2019
Stewart, Roger_Citizens for Stewart_1363_closed_2019
Stogdill, Vicki_Iowans for Stogdill_1949_closed_2014
Stokes, Stacie_Stacie Stokes for Iowa_2283_closed_2017
Stokes, Steven_Steven Stokes for State Senate_2472
Stone, Henry_Stone for House_2534
Stotts, Shelly_Stotts 4 House 47_2578
Stotts, Shelly_Stotts for House 47_2578
STOTTS, SHELLY_Stotts for Senate_2069_closed_2014
Stromberg, Eric_Eric Stromberg for Iowa House_2258
Strosahl, Strosahl for Senate_1787_closed_2010
Struyk, Doug_Citizens for Struyk_1416_closed_2011
Sturgis, Joseph_1775_closed_2009
Stutsman, Sally_Stutsman for State House_1994_closed_2018
Suesakul, Corey_Corey Suesakul for Iowa_2505
Suhr, Megan_Friends of Megan Suhr for Iowa_1989_closed_2016
Sullivan, Sullivan for State Representative_1745_closed_2009
Summers, Jason_iowans for Summers_2021_closed_2012
Sunde, Kristin_Kristin Sunde for Iowa House_2396
Svejda, Steve Svejda 08_1791_closed_2009
Swaim, Kurt_Swaim for House_1357_closed_2012
Swaim, R_Swaim for House_1357
Swan, Sonya_Empower Iowa with Sonya Swan_2571
Swan, Spnya_Empower Iowa with Sonya Swan_2571
Swanson, Steve_Steve Swanson Campaign Committee_1479
Sweeney, Annette_Sweeney 4 Senate_1776
Sweeney, Annette_Sweeney for Senate_1776
Sweeney, Annette_Sweeney for State House_1776
SWERSIE, GABRIEL_Swersie Campaign Fund_1901_closed_2017
Tackett, Lyn_Tackett Together_2065
Tackett, Lyn_Tackett4Rep_1917_closed_2010
Taha, Sherrie_Sherrie Taha for Iowans_2323
Taha, Sherrie_Sherrie Taha for Iowans_5157
Taiber, Nicholas_Taiber for Iowa House_2297_closed_2016
Tapscott, Matt_Tapscott for Iowa Senate_2517
Taylor, Dick Taylor for State Representative_1217_closed_2009
Taylor, Jeff_Jeff Taylor for State Senate_2541
Taylor, Jeremy_Taylor for Iowa House_1701_closed_2012
Taylor, Richard_Dick Taylor for State Representative_1217
Taylor, Richard_Rich Taylor Campaign Fund_2001
Taylor, Robert_Iowans for Taylor_1968
Taylor, Todd_Taylor for Representative_957
Taylor, Todd_Todd Taylor for State Senate_957
Team Vander Plaats__DR1__08172010.pdf 122.5 KB
Temere, Susan__1752.pdf 108.9 KB
Templeton, T.J._1793_closed_2009
Thede, Dave_Familes for Thede_1876_closed_2010
Thede, Phyllis_Thede for Iowa_1688
Thelen, Paul_Paul Thelen for Iowa_2172_closed_2015
Thicke, Francis_Thicke for Agriculture_5132_closed_2013
Thomas, Roger_People for Roger Thomas_1046_closed_2018
Thompson, Doug 1710.pdf 128.3 KB
Thompson, Doug_Thompson for State Senate_1710_closed_2012
Thompson, Jake_Thompson for Iowa House_2445
Thompson, John_John Thompson for Iowa_5162
Thompson, Phil_Phil Thompson for Iowa_2448
Thomsen, Jackie_1830_closed_2008
Thorup, Jonathan_Thorup for Iowa_2484
Thurston, Joshua_Iowans for Josh Thurston_1848_closed_2014
Tidball, Derek_Tidball For Iowa House_2248_closed_2019
Tierney, Colleen_Colleen Tierney for Iowa_2550
Tjepkes, David_David Tjepkes for Iowa House Committee_1355_closed_2012
Tomenga, Walt__1596__closed__2010.pdf 33.1 KB
Tornholm, Jacob_Tornholm for Iowa House_2253_closed_2018
Tornquist, Scott_Citizens for Tornquist_1727_closed_2016
Tripp, Timothy_Tripp4Senate.org_2081_closed_2013
Trone Garriott, Sarah_Sarah Trone Garriott for Iowa_2508
Troute, Rex_Citizens for Rex Troute_2513
Tymeson, Jodi_Tymeson for House_1211_closed_2010
Uhlenkamp, James_Uhlenkamp for Iowa_2394
Ung, Matthew_Iowans for Ung_2032
Upmeyer, Linda_Upmeyer for House_1400
Van Brederode, Tara__1528__closed_2008.pdf 35.2 KB
Van Bruggen, Voters for Van Bruggen_1742_closed_2009
Van De Krol, Taylor_Van De Krol For Senate_2495_closed_2018
Van Engelenhoven, Jim_Jim Van Engelenhoven Election for State Representative Commi_1099
Van Engelenhoven, Jim_Jim Van Engelenhoven Election for State Representative Commi_1099_closed_2013
Van Fleet, Steven_VanfleetforIowaHousedistrict70_2316_closed_2019
Van Fossen, James_Iowans for Van Fossen_851_closed_2012
Van Otterloo, Kevin_Van Otterloo for Iowa_2288
Van Otterloo, Kevin_Van Otterloo for State House_2288_closed_2016
Van Patten, Nick__1632__closed_2007.pdf 36.7 KB
Van Roekel, Jonathan__1811.pdf 94.9 KB
Van Scoyoc, Jim_1806_closed_2010
Van Wyk For Iowa
Van Wyk For Iowa_SFA
Van Wyk, Jon_Van Wyk For Iowa_2152
Van Zante, Pat_Pat Van Zante Campaign Committee_1761_closed_2011
Vance, Tracy_1763_closed_2008
Vandall, Adam_Vandall for Iowa House_1666
Vander Mey, Richard__1809.pdf 91.1 KB
Vander Plaats, Robert_Team Vander Plaats_5131_closed_2012
Vander Plaats, Robert_Team Vander Plaats_5131_closed_2013
VanDerWerff, Jeff_Team VanDerWerff_2295_closed_2018
Varley, Warren_Varley for Iowa_2407
Vaske, Ken Vaske Campaign_1812_closed_2009
Vaske, Ken_Ken Vaske Campaign_1812_closed_2009
Vaudt, David_Vaudt for State Auditor_5104_closed_2014
Venable-Ridley, Carlos_Carlos Venable-Ridley Candidate for Iowa State Representativ_1796
Vondran, Mike_Iowans for Mike Vondran_2510
Waechter, Gary_Waechter for Iowa_2321
Wagner, Nick_Nick Wagner for State House_1619_closed_2013
Wahls, Zacharia_Committee to Elect Zach Wahls_2386
Walters, Jeremy__SFA.pdf 75.5 KB
Ward, Pat_Ward for Senate_1500_closed_2014
Warner II, Aaron_Warner for House_1906_closed_2011
Warth, Kevin_Warth for Iowa_2522
Waterman, Steve__1508__Closed__2009.pdf 37.0 KB
Watkins, Seth_Citizens to Elect Watkins_2218_closed_2016
Watts, Ralph_Watts for House_1334_closed_2019
Wearmouth, Rebecca Wearmouth for Iowa Senate_1797_closed_2009
Weaver, David_David Weaver for Iowa_2397
Weiner, Janice_Janice Weiner for Senate_2388_closed_2019
Weipert, Abbie_Abbie Weipert for Iowa House_2322_closed_2016
Weipert, Travis_Citizens for Travis Weipert_1960_closed_2012
Welch, Jason_Elect Welch_2158
Weller, Jeremy_Weller for State Representative_2257_closed_2017
Wells for Governor 2018_SFA
Wells, Gary_Wells for Governor 2018_5183_closed_2018
Welper, Ron_Welper for Iowa State Senate_1597_closed_2011
Wendt, Roger_Committee to Elect Roger Wendt State Representative_1369_closed_2010
Wendt, Todd_Committee to Elect Todd Wendt State Seneate_2376
Wendt, Todd_Committee to Elect Todd Wendt, State Senate_2376_closed_2018
Wenthe, Andrew_Citizens to Elect Andrew Wenthe_1613_closed_2016
Wessel-Kroeschell, Beth_Citizens for Wessel-Kroeschell_1526
Westphal, Benjamin_Westphal For House District 72_2200
Westrich, Cherielynn_Westrich for Iowa_2451_closed_2019
Westrich, Cherielynn_Westrich for Iowa_2533
Whalen, Kurt_Citizens for Whalen_2318
Wheeler, Skyler_Wheeler for Representative_2262
Whisler, Theodore_Ted Whisler for District 97_2098_closed_2013
Whitaker, Committee to Elect John Whitaker_1434_closed_2009
White, Darren_White For State Rep. Dist.28_1754
Whitead, Wes_Committee to Elect Wes Whitead_1444_closed_2014
Whitehead, Richard_Whitehead for State House_2269_closed_2016
Whiting, Zach_Whiting for Iowa Senate_2338
Whiting, Zachary_Whiting for Iowa House_1857_closed_2010
Whiting, Zachary_Whiting for Iowa Senate_2338
Whitver, Jack_Friends of Whitver_1953
Wieck, Ron_Wieck for Iowa Senate_1439_closed_2011
Wieland, Wieland for State House_1622_closed_2008
Wiencek, Tami_Citizens for Wiencek_1661_closed_2013
Wiese, Phil_Phil Wiese for Iowa Committee_2273_closed_2017
Wiese, Phil_Phil Wiese for Iowa_2273
Wilburn, Ross_Iowans for Ross Wilburn_2509
Wilburn, Ross_Iowans for Ross Wilburn_5177
Wilhelm, Mary Jo_Wilhelm for Iowa Senate_1717_closed_2018
Willems, Nate_Citizens for Willems_1753_closed_2014
Williams, Craig_Williams for Iowa_2537
Williams, David_Williams for Iowa House_2425
Williams, Terrance_Citizens For Williams_2102
Wills, John_Wills for Iowa_2165
Wilson, Larry_committee to elect larry wilson_2076_closed_2012
Wilson, Lawrence_wilson 2010 campaign_1870
Winckler, Cindy_Winckler for State House_1229
Windschitl, Matt_Win With Windschitl_1639
Winter, Timothy_Tim Winter for Iowa House #48_2384
Wise, Philip__315__Closed__2008.pdf 40.9 KB
Wittneben, John_Wittneben for State Representative_1910_closed_2014
Wolf, Jeff_Jeff Wolf for State Representative_2335_closed_2017
Wolfe, Jesse_Wolfe for Iowa Senate_2441
Wolfe, Mary_Mary Wolfe Campaign_1866
Wolfswinkel, Kevin_Wolfswinkel for House_2035
Wood, Frank_Frank Wood for Senate_1563_closed_2010
Wood, Frank_Wood for State House_1970_closed_2016
Worthan, Gary_Worthan for Iowa House_1697
Wrage, Nathan_Wrage for State Representative_2059_closed_2018
Wronkiewicz, Patrick_Wronkiewicz for Senate_2444_closed_2019
Wynn, Kevin_Win with Wynn Senate Committee_1744_closed_2008
Yackle, Mark__5124__closed__2009.pdf 39.4 KB
Young, Michael_Friends for Michael Young_2125
Youngblut, Harold_Youngblut for Iowa Inc_2530
Zaun, Brad_Zaun for Iowa Senate_1521
Zieman, Mark_Mark Zieman for Senate Committee_1243_closed_2012
Zirkelbach, Ray_Citizens for Zirkelbach_1535_closed_2011
Zumbach, Dan_Dan Zumbach for Agriculture_5193_closed_2018
Zumbach, Dan_Zumbach for Agriculture_5192
Zumbach, Daniel_Dan Zumbach for Senate_1972
Zumbach, Louis_Zumbach for Iowa House_2251_closed_2020