IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Citizens Acting for Responsible Education_closed_2009
Committee for Educational Excellence at Southwestern Community College_closed_2007
Committee for Kids_closed_2009
Committee for Renewal of LC Levy_closed_2006
Concerned Citizens for Underwood Schools_closed_2005
Concerned Citizens for Underwood Schools_closed_2006
Concerned Taxpayers
East Pottawattamie Referendum Committee_closed_2006
Forward CB dba Support CBPD_closed_2016
Four F Farms_closed_2011
Friends of Extension_closed_2006
Friends of Extension_closed_2015
Friends of Extension_closed_2016
KIDS Committee_closed_2004
Plan 3_closed_2019
Progress Pottawattamie_closed_2004
Progress Pottawattamie_closed_2010
Riverside Pride_closed_2014
There Is A Better Way_closed_2006
Vote Yes for Iowa Western_closed_2004
Walnut Secure Energy Committee_closed_2004