IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
21 Makes Sense_closed_2010
21 Makes Sense_closed_2014
Ax The Tax_closed_2010
Citizens for Alternatives to the New Jail_closed_2004
Citizens for Our Land, Water, and Future_closed_2009
Citizens for Public Power_closed_2006
Citizens for the Future of CCA_closed_2009
Citizens for the Future of Iowa City_closed_2006
Coalition to Preserve Safe and Reliable Energy_closed_2006
Committee for Healthy Choices_closed_2007
Committee for MidAmerican Energy_closed_2006
Committee for North Liberty Progress_closed_2008
Coralville Library Vision Committee_closed_2006
CREAM Political Action Committee_closed_2014
Flip No Coalition_closed_2009
Iowa City Safety Committee_closed_2010
Keep Improving District Schools_closed_2007
Kids First_closed_2006
Norm Bickford for Fiscal Responsibility_SFA
Not The Right Time PAC_closed_2008
One Community - One Bond_closed_2017
One District Yes_closed_2013
People for All_closed_2013
Say No To Wards_closed_2007
Student Health Initiative Task Force_closed_2009
University Heights Citizens for Maintaining_DR-SFA2009
VOTE NO ON NEW JAIL_closed_2015
Vote NO September 12_closed_2017
Vote Yes for University Heights Parkland and Greenspace_SFA
Yes For All_closed_2010
Yes for Justice_closed_2013
Yes for Kids_closed_2003
Young Adults for Equality and Safety_closed_2014