IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Ameica Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_18.37.46.pdf 106.8 KB
Amer_OIE_2012_10_19_18.31.36.pdf 106.8 KB
America Vote_OIE_2012_10_29_16.17.28.pdf 106.8 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_18.25.25.pdf 4.3 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_18.31.36.pdf 4.3 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_18.37.46.pdf 4.4 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_18.43.48.pdf 4.3 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_18.8.47.pdf 4.4 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_9.27.17.pdf 4.4 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_9.49.45.pdf 4.3 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_19_9.55.56.pdf 4.4 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.11.30.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.15.11.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.17.45.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.2.55.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.20.4.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.23.10.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.6.12.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_15.8.59.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.17.28.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.20.58.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.23.10.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.25.46.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.29.46.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.32.39.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.34.58.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_10_29_16.42.1.pdf 5.2 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_14.24.30.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_14.33.55.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_14.36.6.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_14.46.9.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_14.6.6.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_16.14.56.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_16.17.56.pdf 5.1 KB
America Votes Action Fund_OIE_2012_11_2_16.20.40.pdf 5.1 KB
Americans for Tax Reform_OIE_2012_11_1_10.16.44.pdf 5.4 KB
Human Rights Campaign_OIE_2012_11_2_10.41.11.pdf 5.1 KB
Human Rights Campaign_OIE_2012_11_2_10.47.59.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowa Credit Union League_OIE_2012_10_10_13.12.45.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowa Credit Union League_OIE_2012_10_10_13.7.1.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowa Credit Union League_OIE_2012_10_10_14.34.17.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowa Credit Union League_OIE_2012_10_10_14.37.48.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowa Credit Union League_OIE_2012_5_17_15.32.1.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_1_17.19.53.pdf 5.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_2_17.41.14.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_23_12.52.25.pdf 92.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_24_16.17.22.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_24_16.29.41.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_25_15.16.52.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_25_16.40.53.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_25_16.58.3.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_29_12.3.4.pdf 5.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_3_16.1.42.pdf 4.5 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_30_12.52.53.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_10_30_14.2.49.pdf 5.1 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_8_30_15.21.27.pdf 4.6 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_8_9_14.20.32.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_14_17.57.4.pdf 5.2 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_20_17.0.6.pdf 5.2 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_21_0.26.45.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_21_17.10.35.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_21_17.20.27.pdf 4.3 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_24_16.48.59.pdf 5.4 KB
Iowans for Freedom_OIE_2012_9_4_17.23.32.pdf 6.0 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_10_10_10.5.5.pdf 17.6 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_10_19_15.20.13.pdf 23.3 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_10_2_10.20.50.pdf 4.5 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_10_23_15.48.8.pdf 5.4 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_10_31_10.10.46.pdf 6.9 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_10_9_16.25.0.pdf 4.3 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_11_2_13.46.45.pdf 17.3 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_11_3_11.0.50.pdf 8.9 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_11_5_14.36.22.pdf 5.1 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_11_6_14.24.12.pdf 5.4 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_11_6_14.31.23.pdf 5.1 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_9_17_16.19.20.pdf 5.4 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_9_24_14.0.0.pdf 10.4 KB
Justice Not Politics Action_OIE_2012_9_28_17.23.17.pdf 5.4 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2012_10_2_12.8.56.pdf 4.3 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2012_10_24_9.52.46.pdf 5.1 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2012_11_2_21.43.56.pdf 5.1 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2012_9_26_12.21.40.pdf 4.3 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2012_9_26_14.48.3.pdf 4.3 KB
Progress Iowa_OIE_2012_10_9_9.56.15.pdf 4.4 KB
Progress Iowa_OIE_2012_10_9_9.58.48.pdf 4.3 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_19_21.28.47.pdf 4.3 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_22.34.16.pdf 5.2 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_22.38.26.pdf 5.2 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_22.42.57.pdf 5.1 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_22.47.39.pdf 5.1 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_22.51.37.pdf 5.1 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_22.56.16.pdf 5.1 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_23.0.47.pdf 5.1 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_23.12.4.pdf 5.2 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_23.15.28.pdf 5.2 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_23.4.0.pdf 5.1 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_10_22_23.8.27.pdf 5.2 KB
Students First_OIE_2012_5_24_18.17.34.pdf 4.3 KB
StudentsFirst_OIE_2012_10_19_21.28.47.pdf 106.8 KB
StudentsFirst_OIE_2012_5_24_18.17.34.pdf 106.8 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_15_17.56.22.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_15_18.15.33.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_15_18.22.28.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_15_18.29.49.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_15_18.38.19.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_15_18.6.48.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_17.24.39.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_17.30.23.pdf 4.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_17.49.47.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_17.55.25.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.1.24.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.12.8.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.16.45.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.21.59.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.26.48.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.31.10.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.37.22.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.50.31.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.55.7.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.59.51.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_18.7.14.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_19_19.4.44.pdf 4.5 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_22_11.31.22.pdf 5.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_22_12.10.11.pdf 5.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_22_12.22.15.pdf 5.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_22_12.3.4.pdf 5.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_22_12.36.30.pdf 5.3 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_25_14.21.8.pdf 5.4 KB
The Family Leader_OIE_2012_10_25_14.37.32.pdf 5.4 KB
The Iowa State Bar Association_OIE_2012_10_22_10.8.24.pdf 4.2 KB
The Iowa State Bar Association_OIE_2012_9_20_16.6.44.pdf 4.2 KB
The Iowa State Bar Association_OIE_2012_9_24_19.29.57.pdf 4.2 KB
The Iowa State Bar Association_OIE_2012_9_25_14.36.25.pdf 4.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_23_13.6.13.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.12.46.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.20.44.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.30.55.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.37.23.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.43.39.pdf 5.1 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.50.4.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_16.56.8.pdf 5.1 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_17.1.7.pdf 5.1 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_17.11.14.pdf 5.2 KB
The Progress Project_OIE_2012_10_30_17.17.51.pdf 5.1 KB