IECDB State/Local Campaign Disclosure Reports
Campaign for Working Familes PAC_OIE_2010_10_19_12.47.38.pdf 2.1 KB
Citizens United Political Victory Fund_OIE_2010_10_29_13.24.45.pdf 2.2 KB
Fair Courts for Us Comm._OIE_2010_9_29_16.1.21.pdf 5.2 KB
Fair Courts for Us Comm_OIE_2010_10_6_10.49.27.pdf 2.6 KB
Fair Courts for US Committee_OIE_2010_10_14_13.47.55.pdf 3.6 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_10_19_16.12.22.pdf 7.1 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_10_26_14.51.43.pdf 4.1 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_10_28_14.47.49.pdf 7.3 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_11_12_14.28.58.pdf 2.2 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_11_5_15.41.40.pdf 4.2 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_11_9_17.55.8.pdf 2.5 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_12_10_15.51.23.pdf 2.3 KB
Fair Courts for Us Committee_OIE_2010_12_29_18.13.10.pdf 2.1 KB
Fair Courts for Us_OIE_2010_10_21_14.55.1.pdf 11.5 KB
Fair Courts for Us_OIE_2010_10_22_15.22.41.pdf 3.4 KB
Family Research Council Action_OIE_2010_10_13_7.30.18.pdf 2.1 KB
Family Research Council Action_OIE_2010_10_26_10.28.45.pdf 2.1 KB
Family Research Council Action_OIE_2010_10_29_14.46.1.pdf 2.3 KB
FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL_OIE_2010_10_22_15.6.46.pdf 2.1 KB
Greiner,Matt_IIE_2010_4_3_13.50.6.pdf 1.9 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_18_13.10.15.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_21_14.12.5.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_21_17.0.25.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_21_17.16.59.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_21_17.29.43.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_21_17.51.6.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_22_10.0.56.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_22_10.29.42.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_22_10.45.43.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_22_10.59.43.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_22_9.15.43.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_22_9.40.51.pdf 2.3 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_25_15.10.52.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_25_15.27.9.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_25_15.37.28.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_25_18.53.17.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_25_19.19.26.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_25_19.9.12.pdf 2.1 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_26_13.55.44.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_26_18.18.42.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_27_18.25.25.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_28_18.35.2.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_29_18.47.25.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_29_18.55.53.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_29_19.11.44.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_10_29_19.4.7.pdf 2.2 KB
IFPC Action_OIE_2010_11_1_12.10.54.pdf 2.2 KB
Imhoff,William_IIE_2010_10_27_11.15.59.pdf 1.9 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.30.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.34.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.39.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.42.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.45.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.49.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.52.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.55.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.26.58.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.27.1.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.27.14.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_10_8_16.27.5.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.39.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.42.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.44.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.49.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.51.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.52.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.55.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.57.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.48.59.pdf 2.1 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.12.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.13.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.16.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.19.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.2.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.42.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.49.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.5.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.54.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_2_16.49.8.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.31.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.36.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.41.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.45.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.49.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.52.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.55.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_11_29_16.56.59.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa for Freedom_OIE_2010_8_31_11.25.7.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_8_31_9.43.32.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_8_31_9.43.41.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_8_31_9.43.50.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_8_31_9.44.3.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.29.35.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.29.43.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.29.50.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.29.57.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.30.12.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.30.18.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.30.2.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.30.24.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_10_11.30.8.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_30_18.34.17.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_30_18.34.21.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_30_18.34.25.pdf 2.1 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_30_18.34.28.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_30_18.34.32.pdf 2.2 KB
Iowa For Freedom_OIE_2010_9_30_18.34.36.pdf 2.2 KB
McGahan,Nick_IIE_2010_9_8_16.37.46.pdf 1.9 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2010_10_19_7.1.1.pdf 2.2 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2010_10_24_22.27.30.pdf 2.2 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2010_10_28_15.22.10.pdf 2.1 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2010_10_28_23.21.34.pdf 2.2 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2010_10_29_15.22.9.pdf 2.2 KB
National Organization for Marriage_OIE_2010_9_13_14.42.38.pdf 2.2 KB
NOM_OIE_2010_10_24_22.35.45.pdf 2.2 KB
NOM_OIE_2010_10_24_23.2.58.pdf 2.1 KB
NOM_OIE_2010_10_29_17.49.25.pdf 2.2 KB
Phillips,Alan_IIE_2010_6_5_15.31.12.pdf 2.0 KB
Phillips,Alan_IIE_2010_9_12_15.27.54.pdf 2.0 KB