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STATEMENT OF AFFIRMATION: By filing this document the committee affirms the following:

  • The committee and all persons connected with the committee understand that they are subject to the laws in Iowa Code chapters 68A and 68B and the administrative rules in Chapter 351 of the Iowa Administrative Code.
  • That Iowa Code section 68A.405 and rules 351—4.38 through 4.43 require the placement of the words “paid for by” and the name of the committee on all political materials except for those items exempted by statute or rule.
  • That Iowa Code section 68A.503 and rules 351—4.44 through 4.52 prohibit the receipt of corporate contributions by all committees except for statewide and local ballot issue PACs.
  • That if the committee exceeds $1000 in campaign activity, a DR-1 Statement of Organization must be filed within 10 days and the committee is required to file campaign disclosure reports.
  • That this form is filed prior to the distribution or posting of political material requiring the “paid for by” attribution.
  • A new form or amended form is required to be filed for each subsequent election that I am involved.

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